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Anthony Lee: Do you want to be as cruel as the criminals were with their victims? I supposse your answer is no, so please don't say that kind of things.

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CrisGerSan: If we are at the top of all living things, isn't our job to protect them from extinction and control hunting? Animals are not just food, they are the reason we can exist, and we must be grateful to them. Every existing creature is an earth treasure and we must value them.

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choiwaruoyaji By the way, going to Disney is a little sacrifice in order to have a relationship. If you don't want to make little sacrificies in order to make her happy (as we try to do also), why would you even try to get a serious relationship and get a wife?

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Yes, to hide about your children must be awful. It means he abandoned them and that means he doesn't care about anyone.

About money, both partners must have and save something of their incomes. It's everyone's responsability to prepare for hard times, even the children must help.

My brother spents a lot on those figurines (most unnapropiate to show outside), and he gives the impression than doesn't cares about getting poor because of them. Also, I think he also wants every woman to look like an exuberant model and that's not fair for us.

Domestic Violence is so common here that you have to check out all the signals he could show, not only when drinking.

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Posted in: What Japanese women discreetly check out when on a hunt for a husband See in context

choiwaruoyaji, good women wouldn't do those things, and good men neither. If you feel everybody is the same you're are going to be someone difficult to please.

And I don't need any men's income, I got mine, thank you.

And trying to be nice with friends and relatives is for anyone, is a normal thing. Or do you want your wife only for yourself and isolate her?

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I heard that in Japan the adoption is difficult even for its citizens, and you kind of become a property of the goverment until you become an adult, when you have to take care of yourself, missing the chance of getting lovely parents. I feel sorry for her, but it's better to have a difficult future than nothing. Wish her luck.

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Akemi, even the whales can be delicious, the hunting must be regulated. They are not only food: as many of animals around the world they help stabilize the environment. If they become much less that will afect the whole planet, and that's it's more important than culinary culture.

Besides, saying the whale hunting is for scientific research in order to get their meat is lying to every nation who wants to support Japan. I love Japan, but I can't be agree with this.

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I feel bad about my country. Crime is getting worse and worse in so many places, not only Mexico. People is getting cold and cruel and caring more about money than the life of their brothers and sisters. I wish the drugs and weapons would never exist, but the only thing we can do is to promote peace and take care of out own humanity.

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I think parents should tell their children not to trust every adult they know and talk more about sex and how important is to value their own bodies, that is something you can't offer for money. And I think most of you make fun of these articles even they are serious, so you should stop posting or be more considerate.

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I feel most of you guys make comments of critisism instead of suggestions or ideas that could help Japan to progress. Even is just a prefecture every step against pedophiles is a big deal in Japan. Anyway, I thing japanese parents need to be more open and talk to their children about this just in case these laws aren't working properly.

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I have read so many articles here and seen your comments and I can't believe how insensitive you can be against japanese people. Kidnapping and not being able to see your family members is as important as dealing with the actual issues of the country. But people like you who haven't suffered such things won't never understand. You're so insensitive and thoughless.

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