Posted in: Would you support airlines refusing to admit passengers unless they have proof of COVID-19 vaccination or immunity, as a condition for international travel? See in context

Nop. Because some people with current sickness as cancer, blood alterations, history of anaphylaxis, etc need to be better evaluated in order to get the vaccine. Not everyone is fit enough to take it. It will be pure and simple discrimination. Airlines could continue to ask for PCR.

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Posted in: For Ivanka-brand goods, Nordstrom's loss is Japan's gain See in context

I don't see anything wrong in Ivanka's collection. They must look great in most of Japanese. Good for Ivanka , good for those who like that style ¡

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Posted in: Japanese parents afraid of stranger danger ban on saying hello in their condos See in context

Unstable people everywhere...

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Posted in: Fukushima chief says no textbook for cleanup See in context

I would be more concerned about food safety . As the rain picks up radiation from the plant, and clouds are not static then only some parts of Japan are producing safe vegetables.

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Posted in: Barrage of complaints force Miss Universe Japan to change costume design for finals See in context

Make it a little bit longer, change the pink stockings for bare tan skin... and you will have the same kimono, a beautiful lady with very nice legs, and if not a Miss Universe, a finalist. Honestly what I dont like is the sight of panties and suspenders for a Miss Universe. I am Japanese, and even I appreciate kimono is time for change, and maybe to throw the kimono in the night dress arena for everbody not only for Japanese. Why not? This one is in black leather... I like it.

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Posted in: Proposed resident registry card for foreigners creates Big Brother concerns See in context

What is the fuzz about? I wonder if any of you have been a foreigner in your own countries. Do you know how the US, UK and other European countries track foreigners or what the requierements are for a visa extension? To much crying for something that applies in many countries. Any country in the world, like or not, has the right to know who enters, what that person is doing, and when that person is leaving. I am not Japanese, but because of my work I have lived in USA, Europe, and a country in South America, all of them have rules and their own system to control. To much crying for something that the Japanese government is entitled to do.

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