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Posted in: Japan's summer holiday exodus gets into full swing See in context


How I wished I have someone to spend those unstoppable ten days vacation with a simple Japanese man....

''Have a safe trip everyone'.

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Posted in: 2 teachers arrested over alleged indecent sexual acts See in context

jeeeee horny much or just a plain sex maniac abuser....

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Posted in: Man missing after his mother, sister found dead in Nishinomiya home See in context


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Posted in: Unfriendly relations See in context

After all those years that passed, their hearts still remain ''unforgiving''.

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Posted in: Man arrested for trying to kill woman with poisoned shoes See in context

My ghost! The chemical he was using can dissolve much more the toes, soft toes of a woman.

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Posted in: 71-yr-old man arrested for beating 32-yr-old son to death See in context

My Ghost!!! Maybe he beats his son too much or his son was badly hit in some parts of the in the balls...... That leads his sons untimely death. Tragic.

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Posted in: What do you think of the new Japan Today design? See in context

** Well, it's a lot bolder this time. but I still have to familiarize with this new design.

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Posted in: Mother arrested for selling porn images of 4-year-old daughter See in context

I wished she(the 4 year old girl

I wished she(the 4 year old girl) wasn't born with this kind of mother.

wasn't born with this kind of mother.

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Posted in: Salarymen (and women) reveal their most embarrassing moments while drunk See in context

Say it all. When alcohol is at the top your head, you get drunk,you forget everything became out of control, the next thing you will know is you have headache.Instead of doing the drinking and get drunk why not go home eat and sleep or watch t.v. listen to music.As simple as that.Why make life so complicated.

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Posted in: Girl slashed while riding bicycle in Yamagata See in context

I wonder why he is using a knife instead of a gun.Maybe he wants to cut or slash anybody when he goes wild and temperate.

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Posted in: Iwate police officer beats girlfriend after drunken birthday celebration See in context

Maybe his girlfriend forget to kiss him,hug him,cuddle him or make love to him on the day of his birthday.Maybe he expect too much from his girlfriend that's why he stored too much alcohol or malt on his head and gone wild and beat her.By the way who cares?Maybe by this time they are on each others arms again apologyze each other for the crazyness they have done.

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Posted in: Elderly man arrested for allegedly killing sick wife in Hachioji See in context

Well I think he loves his wife so much that he did grant her request to kill her and thinking that killing her will put her to rest. We might never know if this man will follow next to his wife.

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Posted in: Photographer charged over nude photos at cemetery See in context

NOT a nice place to take pictures in nude really, maybe the dead ones will rise up and say" Hey!I'm gonna whip your butt! we are at rest in peace here".

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Posted in: 4-year-old boy dies after 12-story fall from Chiba apartment See in context

This four year old little angel would live long if his mother clung him or hold him at least with her to the dept. store and after a while went home together.Four years old children should not be left home alone because this is the stage where they easily feel afraid of anything and they are so curiosity in discovering things around them without thinking that it will do them harm.

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Posted in: Japanese porn makers demand cash from Taiwanese See in context

Yeah.I had watched Japanese porns honestly but compared to other foreign porns all I can say is "JAPANESE PORNS IS THE BEST".There are lots and lots of young girls teen agers below eighteen years of age.Their skin tone? "flawless" as ever.I just keep on wondering maybe they wanted to show their skin and flesh on camera because they knew that they are so young and beautiful and one who has the chance to see them will surely appreciate their boldness.Correct me if I'm wrong in saying that, some of them are in their high school years.Having fun.

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Posted in: Why do people give? See in context

They give because they have a good heart, they wanted to make others feel they are important.

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Posted in: Some wives wish their husbands would hurry up and drop dead. See in context

Sometimes pay checks and food isn'nt just enough for us women.We need hug, kisses,rumbling and rolling upside down in bed with our man.What is so weary to think of is a man who comes home always dead tired and off to sleep and when he wakes up he is ready for work.What percentage are we women in a mans heart?

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Posted in: Love among the blossoms See in context

Good shot. A newly wed couple on their back with a cherry blossom in the middle of busy people and sticks around. I wish I was their in that cherry tree climbing or swinging.

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Posted in: Man arrested over headless body in suitcase admits killing foreigner See in context

MeanRingo.Hello buddy.Maybe what he mean by the sensation is that he cant sleep well thingking how he feels about the woman making sex with him while shes alive.

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Posted in: Man arrested over headless body in suitcase admits killing foreigner See in context

Yeah. The killer was botherd by his concience that made him turn himself in to the police and surrender.

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Posted in: What can be done to stem the suicide rate in Japan, which surpasses 30,000 each year? See in context

Show T.V adds or RADIO commercials on how important life is.In everything there is hope.

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Posted in: What are the pros and cons of living together with someone before you marry that person? See in context

Living together before marriage is a good thing for me.I will have all the time to think if this is the right man to be with or not for the rest of my life. It's a sad thing to carry a burden of making the wrong decision and being regretfull in the long run.

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Posted in: Noriko Sakai angry at estranged husband's behavior See in context

Just let me sing. I always like to sing in the kitchen where no one can hear. But let me sing for the two them this time."there are people who don't want to say where they are" baby sometimes love just ain't enough".

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Posted in: Mitsubishi Motors to triple electric car output See in context

Since I was a teenage girl I've been wishing until now to have one, just one of their cars.Maybe I have to work double time for me to have one of your cars MITSUBISHI.

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Posted in: Headless body of woman found in suitcase in Kanazawa mountains See in context

The one who did a thing like this kind of killing was surely being possessed by evil spirit. May his concience pushed him to surrender and accept his punishment.

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Posted in: Ohashi Junction expected to ease traffic congestion in Tokyo See in context

Hopefully it will ease the traffic.

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Posted in: Modest civil servant transforms into Miss Universe Japan 2010 See in context

Well, in a beauty contest either one who is so elegant wins or one who is so simple.Her lucky and blessfull day comes.I wish her more on good luck and GOD BLESS HER in everything she does.

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