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Posted in: Japanese explorer to attempt solo trek to North Pole See in context

sugoi! I hope he doesn't turn into kakigori

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Posted in: Passenger dies after falling out of taxi; driver arrested See in context

how come the driver didn't see the guy falling from the wing mirror and/or notice the cold wind coming from the open door? or did the guy close the door after he fell out???

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Posted in: Tokyo police form first ever stalker investigative squad See in context

In cases where an individual contacts police to report a stalker-related crime

So they will wait until it's a crime?? I've read a lot of stalker-related stories about girls receiving hundreds of mails from their stalkers, and police tells them "sorry, we can't do anything about it, sending mails is not a crime etc...", and eventually these girls get assaulted. good initiative though.

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Posted in: Japan seeks ASEAN backing on China with $20 bil pledge See in context

So Abe is not only wasting the country's money inspite of the actual economic situation, he 's also kind of bribing ASEAN...

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Posted in: Abe talks up bullet train to Malaysian PM See in context

not the best pic the journalist could have chosen LOL

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Posted in: Man arrested for cutting schoolgirl's skirt in train car See in context

thank god I don't wear miniskirts... lol

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Posted in: Japan to pledge $20 bil aid to ASEAN See in context

so the fukushima homeless refugees thing is resolved and everything is going well??????

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Posted in: Biden assures Abe that U.S. doesn't recognize China air zone See in context

I can't help but imagine this scene: Abe (desperate... in tears, overwhelmed): "Please, Biden-san, I'm begging you... tell me that you're here for me... that I'm not alone... don't leave me alone...." Biden (patting him on the shoulder with a slight smile on his face): don't worry my dear, I am here for you. I don't recognize China's ADIZ

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Posted in: Burglar stole Y18.5 mil worth of items during year to feed 120 cats See in context

so sweet... I could totally forgive him

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Posted in: Chiba policeman arrested for stalking ex-girlfriend See in context

@Pandabelle: according to wikipedia : "In 2000, Japan enacted a national law to combat this behaviour, after the murder of Shiori Ino.[41] Acts of stalking can be viewed as "interfering [with] the tranquility of others' lives" and are prohibited under petty offence laws." didn't know that. I've been hearing a lot about women murdered by their stalkers lately (ex-bf, husband etc..) after police told them they couldn't do anything about the stalkers.

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Posted in: 307 cases of food mislabeling found among 23 industry groups See in context

307 (for now) is not a small number anymore! Do they realize that this mislabeling thing is doing a lot of harm to many customers??? Punishing them would be the best "countermeasure. and how are "housewives" supposed to distinguish between fake ingredients and real ones? Experts are needed here.

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Posted in: Tokyo Gov Inose to forego salary for one year See in context

why doesn't he just resign?

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Posted in: Newborn boy left in front of orphanage with money and 'Onegaishimasu' letter See in context

sounds like a mexican drama...

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Posted in: Kanagawa man arrested for breaking, entering and assault See in context

2,500yen??? not worth the effort at all big boy!

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Posted in: Condolence call See in context

R.I.P Madiba!

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Posted in: How much would the world miss Japan if it suddenly disappeared? See in context

this article is very... hmmm..... shallow. And so are the items the book is listing. instant ramen? seriously?

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Posted in: Happy 50th birthday See in context

Happy birthday Masako-sama.

I find this picture very "bland" and inexpressive, compared to this http://t0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQ8CAEryey1tfJA35cbUz1vxRlaGbeURGp0FWRRy4LpAMGNSOF3

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Posted in: People power See in context

Also, way to go Yamamoto-san!

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Posted in: 10-year-old girl in coma after being hit by car See in context

There are no traffic lights at the intersection.

In my experience, J drivers never have the courtesy to stop for whomsoever at such places.

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Posted in: Instructional video promotes public baths to foreign visitors See in context

@Farmboy: the only thing I'm assuming is that at 99,9% of foreign visitors speak English better than Japanese.

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Posted in: People power See in context

unless mass protests happen across the country, Abe and co. won't listen to the people, and nothing is going to change. Nice pic though

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Posted in: Japan's whaling ships leave for Antarctic hunt See in context


oldman_13: If the whalers were operating in Japanese territorial waters I might agree, but they are travelling half way around the world to waters that do not belong to Japan to kill whales that do not belong to Japan.

I say they have no right to do this and their actions can in no way be described as "Japanese culture" (unless you consider depletion of fish stocks Japanese culture). Pig-headed arrogance is what I call it and I hope that Sea Shepherd stop them and cause them to make a loss (again).

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Posted in: Fukushima water tanks: leaky and built with illegal labor See in context

TEPCO and co. never fails to disappoint me. And this kind of news is actually what Abe wants to keep secret from the public.

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Posted in: Instructional video promotes public baths to foreign visitors See in context

an "instructional" video about sento for foreigners by gaijins speaking in japanese... nonesense.

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Posted in: Simple & light Bluetooth 4.0 apt-X headset See in context

Good morning brain cancer!

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Posted in: Woman arrested for calling police over 15,000 times in six months See in context

Woman calling police 15000+ times. Cops visit her 60+ times. Don't these people have smething better in their lives to do?

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Posted in: Hong Kong residents dislike mainland Chinese more than Japanese: poll See in context

what a useless poll. Just enhancing hatred between people

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Posted in: Japanese cuisine added to world heritage list See in context

@Spender: Sorry but I don't eat junk food. I come from a Mediterranean country where everything has a taste. Vegetables taste better, fish tastes better and spices taste better! I find Japanese food really overrated.

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Posted in: Japanese cuisine added to world heritage list See in context

To me (at least), what they call "Japanese cuisine" is totally tasteless. It might look good, but it has no flavor.

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Posted in: Osaka police find 80 reptiles in one-room apartment See in context

neighbor sees snake so he calls the cops... lol

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