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@Addfwyn I pay for a cafe where other (Japanese) customers have paid so much for their coffee or are so into gram photo taking that they don't care about me. I don't live near a major city, so sometimes I want my coffee without a side of being stared at.

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They need to figure something out. A Japanese friend of mine (who is fully vaccinated thanks to living somewhere with a full vaccine rollout months ago) just came to visit his parents and was on "quarantine light," that is, he can leave his hotel for walks in the evening or to go to the conbini. I asked if that was because he's vaccinated and he said it was not. Great job Japan.

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Slightly off topic, but is ‘ex’ used in a positive/neutral way in the UK and is that where Japan has taken the usage from? I see it used a lot on (English) Japanese news sites (even had a Japanese (English teacher) coworker using it). In American English we only use it for someone with whom we parted ways badly.

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It's sad to see here and in other comment forums that the sentiment from detractors is overarchingly similar: mental health/stability v. success/professionalism are an either/or dichotomy. If you need to take care of your mental health you shouldn't have signed up for X job, etc. I've also encountered this crap in the cavern of toxicity, that is, the japanlife subreddit board: if you suffer from anxiety you shouldn't be working overseas. It's a very close-minded and uncreative mentality to think that only one type of person should do a certain type of job. If we're talking neurosurgeons, pilots, military commanders, or a job where people's lives are on the line, I think it's a different conversation, but trying to balance/take care of your mental health and being in a demanding/spotlight/non-traditional job are not mutually exclusive. Lastly, Osaka was aware that she would be fined if she didn't follow through with the interviews. Why are so many people getting their panties in a twist that she weighed the pros and cons and decided not to do the interview? It's one thing to think that depression and anxiety don't exist because it hasn't happened to you, but grace and empathy cost you nothing. If Osaka's tennis career stops here and her mental health greatly improves, what's the issue?

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It's all well and good to do more for mental health care, but if the only example of mental health that the students see is teachers being worked to death and/or working in a toxic environment, why should they have any hope? Our teachers' labor union rep used to always message "Everyone please use 5 vacation days in the year!" because no one could/would take time off unless the school was locked/closed. My coteacher would go home at 9pm and never saw his kids. Japan is always so reactionary in regard to healthcare instead of trying to be holistic and make small changes that have positive effects for the long term.

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I wonder why they want to do this when so many suicides happen during or after mental health "treatment."

Care to elaborate?

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