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I'm sick of those guys here writing about things they CAN NOT understand!!! How many of you here are female?? How many actually have kids?? A post natal depression can happen to ANY mother! Some mothers throw their kids out of the window! They ARE NOT themselves!!! If it happens to you or your girlfriend... THEN you will understand it!

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Even if you don't believe it; some people are skinny by nature! Me, too! That doesn't mean we don't gain any weight at all. But it takes some time for us. But getting muscles is difficult, too... But having Japanese AND western genes ain't the worest to create a nice body shape, anyway! ;-) There are lots of good examples!

I'm German, my husband is Japanese. I hope our kids will become as pretty and happy as LIZA in the future. ;-) But if they go after my height (188cm!!!), then they might at least have pretty long leggs! ;-)

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Genmai and nuts. You can survive on that for quite a while. But its more important to have a knife with you than any food. You can cut wild vegetables and - if you really have to - kill an animal like a rabbit. You don't even need a pan to heat that. Or you can protect yourself with a knife.

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Damn, WMD! Don't you get that's the too-easy-way! My mom did "that" 2 years ago and she has left a mess of a family and a broken left behind husband - my father. If anybody here is smart enough to understand all those circumstances, then better stick to your lifes. Remember what happened after the last big recession; we've had a world war! You can loose your life easier than you think and at a time when you definitely want to keep it. So don't post comments like that.

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I think it once has been a luck to the Japanese country and society that things that appear and establish gradually are just being tolerated. The only way to survive in a country with so hard living conditions and complicated politics in the past. But it has become a bane since times have changed completely and things appear to be tolerated that are completely unnecessary to the survival of the country but to cause its own destruction. Like the number of kids and adults committing suicide. In a society were things are generally being tolerated changes are almost impossible. So if nothing serious is going to happen that puts families back together to what they are really made for- protect your own kind- then everything will just stay as it is and simply become a part of the large number of Japanese traditions.

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What's wrong with Japanese guys in their 30s?

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This woman is absolutely amazing!

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Why a spoon? :))

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