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If fishers’ boats, which whole crew are used to work in harsh conditions are coming back to port, there is no reason a leisure boat transporting people not used to the sea should still be at sea..

I wonder if the crew took this decision or if the higher up in the company are the pushy kind

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Posted in: Teenage girl injured after man hits her in suicide leap from high-rise in Tokyo See in context

Lots of people will probably be traumatized. This is a sad way to end one’s life..

The reason is maybe that women have plenty of options to find help, while men have nowhere to go to talk openly about their problems and if they try they will be belittled, irgnored or face scornful remarks.

I think this is closely linked with gender stereotypes. Women talk to their friends. Men talk way less as being talkative is seen as a feminine attribute. Even more so in Japan where gender stereotypes are still so strong. My partner - a Japanese man - is a little (a lot) talkative and very often when he starts talking a lot, his friends jokingly call him by the feminine counterpart to his name (***ko). This is unfortunate

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Posted in: Tokyo lawyers to collect info on police stopping foreigners for questioning See in context

I feel like men get this way more than women, and moreso men of color.

As a white women, I got stopped once to show my proof of residency when I was a student back in 2012 in a major station around 4am.

I have been working and living in Japan for 5 ~ 6 years now and never got stopped in that span. My (jp) boyfriend and I had three encounters with the police - asked for help because a guy seems dead on the pavement, and the other two times were car related incidents, there was never anything wrong with the way I was treated those times.

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