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WOW. Some people are really tight and have no clue about marijuana. Maybe you should try it first before talking about it--especially referring to it as a drug and then as a gateway drug. That gateway thinking has been around since the 60s and has been disproven for the most part. The fact is that people dont jump to another drug because of marijuana but because of curiosity or being in that place where drugs are available. Yes if you smoke marijuana you may come across more people in that domain and will be more likely to try something else. In terms of gateway drug we could say it this way but that is so weak. Alcohol would be a gaetway drug too in that sense since many of the bars and clubs serve only alcohol and then there are drugs being sold to these drunk people--true but weak. If marijuana did not exist more people would take cocaine and crack and speed etc. In this sense marijuana is the 'drug' to prevent others from taking other drugs--it is the gateway away from all those bad drugs. Marijuana is a herb and a medicine and is only a drug if it becomes abused and is used for just pleasure. In ancient Indian teachings we say one should not do Bhoga without Yoga--bhoga is the pleasure activities and yoga is like the training of the mind and body. For those who just smoke marijuana and do not respect it and engage in criminal activities then they are causing disjustice to the rest of the 'good' smokers. There are many screwed up drunks and many more than what you would see if people smoked marijane instead.

People should not depend on marijuana or whatever but the fact is that people have so many variables in life to deal with and it is not so easy to just say go and become a nutty puritan. I should tell you to wake up early in the morning and make sure you go to the bathroom to clean your stools from your body, otherwise the gases will build up and you will never become healthy. How many people wake up late? Lazy many things and then those same people tell us not to smoke and be good. hypocrites.

I have smoke for many years--since high school and i have become successful. Maybe i would have been more successful if i didnt smoke and that is likely because smoking pot has one problem and that is that it makes most people lazy and drives away the capitalism feeling or job related feelings. Maybe that is fine if you do not want to become a power hungry money making machine.

In India many saints smoke pot. Pot grows everywhere in the countryside. It is a religion and the herb of Shiva. Very holy.

On that subject--I am going to grow about 15 plants or whatever the limit is here in California. Pot is legal in Calif.--especially for medical use. They are talking about taxing it here. I love the smell of the plants and the beauty of it. If you grow up in Japan which is intolerable to drugs then your mind/brain gets conditioned to think the way the society thinks.

everyone in Japan should smoke a joint once in a while--except it is not needed by women for the most part since pot makes you more feminine and men need that.

there are those who are in the know and those who just need to wake up and smell the plants.

ps. I am not addicted to pot--when i come to japan i never have withdrawal symptoms. i just like to smoke so i end up smoking more tobacco. now that is a very bad addiction--i have tried to stop so many times--it is not as bad as heroin but it is just as addictive--actually more addictive than heroin but that is mainly because tobacco is such a light drug.

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