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Marilita Fabie-Fujisawa comments

Posted in: Chicago flight to China diverted to Narita due to 'unruly passenger' See in context

Then, in my opinion, it's a waste of time, ink, effort to be printing such article when really there's no news on it.

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Posted in: A mother leaves Japan so that her teen son can stay See in context

i totally agree entering a country with purposeful documents and following the rules. For the ones that don't, the ones that do pay the price, destroys the image of their own country and we the honest ones have to pay the price all the time. It's unfair that they only think of themselves.

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Posted in: Giant sinkhole appears in Hakata street See in context

Yes what about Saitama? Careful what you wish for..

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Posted in: Japanese director Kitano awarded France's Legion of Honour See in context


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Posted in: Japan wary over Philippine leader's policy, manners in front of emperor See in context

Without reading this article I wrote my comment ahead about his chewing gum which I find so rude! One of the many bad habits that he has.

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Posted in: 'Iketara iku:' A simple Japanese phrase that people in Tokyo and Osaka take completely differently See in context

I'm not speaking in behalf of foreigners, but as one myself, "iketara iku" would feel on the negative side. I would understand it as "I'll try my best but don't expect me".

After years of living here I should have been able to adapt with this, but sadly I'm completely the opposite and continue being blunt and straightforward when speaking to everybody. Except I guess to people I truly care about. LOL!

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Posted in: Mother arrested after 4 children found dead in home See in context

I don't understand why almost all are saying 'the poor father'! At the moment I'm trying to counsel a mother around her age who seems to go be going crazy because her husband doesn't help her in anything around the house and yet expect to be served like as if she didn't have three little ones to look after. Not even setting the table for dinner. She starts to eat at 9:00pm rushing to be able to bathe the kids while the hubby sits in front of of the Telly laughing at and watching lousy variety shows! There are one of the many thousand reasons why woman do this! Don't judge right away and most esp stop pitying the men!

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Posted in: Anybody want to live rent-free in a house in a Japanese beach town for two years? See in context

WwBut whee are the windows? I consider them holes. So that's the catch?

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Posted in: Teen couple arrested for burying newborn baby in park See in context

It made me cry! At the same time wonder about their oarents..how come they never noticed the changes in their daughter? Etc...,

If there's anyone out there that feels like doing the same thing please don't hesitate to contact me I have all the time and the capacity to help you!

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Posted in: Endless entertainment on Enoshima: 20 recommended things to do See in context

me and hubby are there every single Sunday of summer! It's the place to go, near and easy access plus the beach has become clean compared to like 20 years ago. Highly recommended..much much better than yuigahama or any other beaches nearby! Try it!

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Posted in: The key to loving Japanese TV if you're a foreigner See in context

im sorry but I beg to disagree with you here Corey. It's funny how you start your article about 'common knowledge for expats,etc", well I hate to burst your bubble because I'm not an expat, I've been living here for more than 30 years and the longer it got the more my viewing J tv has lessened. It's riduculous and vulgar! Same faces all the time, Takeshi's weird costumes, and what bothers me the most is that when this talents laugh at their own jokes they start to clap as well. Does it look familiar? They seem to be the only ones that can understand their own pathetic jokes! I can only count on my fingers as to how many good programs there are, and mind you they don't fall under the category of comedy,.

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Posted in: 41-year-old man arrested for sexually molesting 8-year-old girl See in context

Do you still question after 60 similar incidences? Wheat proof do they still want?

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Posted in: TV presenter Mao Kobayashi battling breast cancer See in context

I don't know them nor interested about them being in show business. But still I couldn't help but shed a tear when I heard and saw the father on tv last night. I felt so sorry for him and his young growing family and most especially for his wife who is longing to get well and be with her children. My prayers go out for them that our dear lord will spare them from this ordeal,

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Posted in: Uber finally makes inroads in aging Japan See in context

I doubt if this will really click in this country, first of all. The taxi drivers here are the most reliable drivers in the entire world putting all our trust and responsibilities to them. Does and will U we taxis have that to offer? Second,y, it's easy to hail a cab by dialing over the phone. So what's the use of Uber, really.

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Posted in: Missing Hokkaido boy found alive in SDF hut in forest after 6 days See in context

We cannot judge. Another lesson learned! Thank God for his safety. So happy for his him and his family!

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Posted in: Missing 7-year-old boy left in mountains by parents as punishment See in context

Disillusioned, I feel exactly the same about your comment.

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Posted in: 4 killed in car-motorbike collision in Gunma See in context

As some of us may have had a beautiful Sunday enjoying with family and friends, or what not..someone out there related to this tragic accident may be grieving more than we can ever imagine. Let us all join in prayers for the poor souls of the ones lost and strength for the families that have to deal with this sadness and grief.

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Posted in: Retirement can create multiple tensions at home See in context

Everyday I tell my husband "how I wished he'd retire soon", I can't wait to do things together , simple things like strolling in the park, going to the beach, eating in quaint French cafes in Tokyo, gardening, and even doing some de cluttering at home regularly and beautifying surroundings which can bring relaxation mode in our life. Not to mention playing with our grandchild, and doing all sorts of stuff together, theme parks, pool, and if strong enough even travel in nearby towns....there's just so much to do in our twilight years, and if we don't hurry how to spend all these, we will miss just about the beauty of having a partner. It's not that I don't tell him to put the toilet cover down when he oee's,etc...that's an everyday petty thing that we don't sweat about!

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Posted in: Almost half of Japanese people hide when doorbell rings: survey See in context

Moonraker: I also hide when the telephone rings!!! hahaha..so funny!! On the serious side now, it's true that avoiding getting into the door has always been my doing as far as I can remember. For one, if it were a visitor, they will never come unannounced. So it's mostly religious groups that you can tell just by the way they dress and walk when you see them approaching

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Posted in: Cold rice balls, no flush toilets at quake-hit shelter See in context

Are we living in the third world?

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Posted in: Charlotte Kate Fox relishing new challenges on TV or stage See in context

Me and my hubby adored her in Mas San, the NHK drama series. Her upcoming drama come Sunday's will be something to look forward to. The little girl, Mana chan is another of our fan, she left a mark in our hearts after watching her in Hotaru no Ohaka something .

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Posted in: 3 reasons Japanese movies today suck, according to distributor and producer Adam Torel See in context

I'd like to take the opportunity to add that not only Japanese movies suck, even the English movies that come in. The good ones get banned, and the ones selected for showing are sometimes not heard of abroad. Why is it that as well? I really don't understand. As for Japanese movies, there's just too much anime, too much noise, and too violently boring. Cinemas are always bare..another thing I've noticed is that they show one movie Japanese or foreigne for such a long time before they put on new showings. Two, three movies at the same time in one cinema mall and for weeks...isn't that a waste of just about everything?

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Posted in: 1-year-old girl dies after being hit by car driven by father See in context


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Posted in: 10 things foreigners in Japan notice about Japanese phone culture See in context

What does "Siri" mean?

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Posted in: Couple arrested for locking up 6-year-old boy in bathroom See in context

Praise the neighbors for finally making a difference..now..police and or authorities concerned...it's your turn.

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Posted in: 14-year-old boy found dead in apparent suicide at home See in context

Let's have an 'hogo shakai" and try to solve the problem which obviously is rampant and nothing is still being done inspite of this 'hogo shakai".....

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Posted in: Becky loses sponsors, regular TV appearances over affair scandal See in context

Now this is a very good and transparent example of clear bullying! Poor girl. I hope she makes it through.

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Posted in: Blanchett promotes Oscar-nominated 'Carol' in Japan See in context

Thank God that this will show here. That's the problem here in Japan, so many Hollywood stars coming over to promote their movies and yet almost all are not shown, or not shown in all theaters. Sometimes we have to drive an hour for one darn movie! When are they going to show "Unbroken", a film directed by Angelina Jolie. It was said in the news last year that they were going to show it this year if not mistaken around February?

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Posted in: Burger chain Shake Shack to open second store in Japan this spring See in context

I do not want an hour for junk food either!

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