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@movieguy, I've also liked always liked Jackie Chan, and he is certainly entitled to his opinion, but I find it amusing when people like him make their fortune in the US, and turn around and make such sweeping negative generalizations. They do this but they certainly don't have any problem reaping the benefits from the country they so loathe.

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Wearing long scarves around your neck during the summer.

Also, I agree that wearing UGG boots in the summer time is silly, but what's wrong with UGGs in the winter time when it's snowing?

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there has been a sharp increase of diabetes in japan, coinciding with more consumption of western diets. Americans don't eat much white rice (at least not like Japanese do), yet have high rates of diabetes.

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You could see all the funny parts of this movie in its 30 second preview. I think Seth macfarlane is usually brilliantly funny, but this movie is unwatchable. "jackass" is the only movie I can think of that's worse.

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Wow. That's unexpected. Interesting.

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There was a Wall Street Journal investigative series about online privacy (or lack thereof) a couple years ago. One of the recommended blockers is Ghostery, which You can download at to block trackers. It also shows you the trackers on any page you are viewing, which I noticed is often as high as 10 or more. This is for any mainstream page like, not just sketchy ones. It also blocks most ads from cluttering the page.

Also research the topic of "reidentification" for a real eye-opener.

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Stereotype much? She picks a small city in the American Midwest, and a blue-collar industrial town in the UK to illustrate her point. I can play that game, too. Way to feed into her own stereotype of a liberal, or "progressive" or whatever they like to be called these days. I can just see her nose up in the air.

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Obama has a good game going. Like his preacher Mr. Wright said, "He was raised by a single mom..." That is extremely misleading. No doubt that is meant to conjure up an image of a single mom struggling to raise a son in the inner city. In reality, although he was raised by a single mom, Obama was raised with the help of his grandparents and traveled the world. His grandmother was a vice president of a bank at a time when that was even more uncommon than it is now for a woman to be a vice president of a bank. His father went to Harvard. Obama and his wife both went to Harvard Law (Columbia and Princeton for undergrad, respectively). Obama went to elite private schools as a child (like Punahou in Hawaii). His wife enjoyed a $300,000+/year salary before she quit her job (it's also worth reading up on how she got that job). To deny that he is part of the elite is laughable.

While McCain's wife is indeed an heiress, McCain is less out of touch with middle America than Obama. Furthermore, McCain's son is an enlisted Marine. There is no doubt his son could have secured a place at the Naval Academy and become an officer like his dad and grandfather, but instead he chose to enlist as a 17 or 18 year old and is now an Iraq war veteran. Meanwhile, Obama chose as his mentor, who in his "sermons" said, "God bless America? No, no, no! God Damn America!" and teaches his followers to blame society for their ills. It's no wonder his wife Michelle Obama was never proud to be an American until the moment she realized her husband is a contender for President of the U.S., despite the fact that the Obamas have led a very privileged life. His disparaging remarks about small-town people is no surprise. He was addressing rich folks at an invitation-only fund raiser in San Francisco. Google this topic; when you read his remarks in context, there is no doubt he meant it the way it sounded.

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First of all, any "automatic" seal of approval is suspect. No one should get any "automatic" seal of approval. I have no idea what you are referring to. What I am referring to is the data provided by Consumer Reports based on years of consumer use and long-term repair records (reliability), as reported by consumers. Ford scored well in JD Power & Associates 2007 initial quality study, but this is based on new cars--consumers' INITIAL impressions of new cars. This speaks nothing to the long-term reliability. As far as long-term satisfaction, Japanese cars consistently score at the top. There is a reason why Toyota sales surpassed GM's last year. Plus, while Japanese manufacturers continue to open new manufacturing plants in the US, American car manufacturers close their American plants and move them to Mexico. If you're confident in Mexican-made so-called "American" cars (Ford & GM included), well...more power to ya!

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Here in the US,everyone knows that Japanese cars are the most reliable. European brands are running off of the momentum of their prestige. Initially, the top European models deliver the best performance and handling, but the newest models have poor reliability records. I know this from personal experience, and it's backed up by sources such as Consumer Reports. My husband and I both drive German cars. I love the performance of mine, but both of our cars have undergone major repairs. My husband swears he will go back to Japanese next time.

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