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Marilyn Marie Lee comments

Posted in: Japan envoy in Jordan hopeful about release of hostage, pilot See in context

Let's pray for a miracle that Mr Goto San and the Jordanian pilot will be released. Miracles do happen.

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Posted in: 17-year-old boy arrested over death of grandfather See in context

Maybe if he performed national service he might not turn out to be like this. I feel so sorry for the grandfather.

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Posted in: In Japan's fading hinterland, skeptics doubt 'Abenomics' will help economy See in context

Abenomics would be more successful if only the Japanese products are not of such high quality and long lasting forcing the customers to replace them more frequently. My Toshiba fridge is working so perfectly even though it is 20 years old.

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Posted in: Chinese island project in disputed waters justifiable: general See in context

This part of the ocean should be declared a non military zone: no warplanes, no warships, no intervention by outside super powers, let the neighbouring countries enjoy small scale fishing. Please let the super powers in these region realize the importance of peace and harmony here. I do pray for these.

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Posted in: China mourns death of Japanese actor Takakura See in context

So sad makes me want to cry.

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Posted in: One Japanese man tells why he wanted to fight in Syria See in context

Maybe he should try the American Boot Camp in Malaysia.

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Posted in: Man says he killed his wife because she wanted to die See in context

If the husband had been truly compassionate, the outcome wouldn't have been like this.

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Posted in: Super typhoon on course for Japan See in context

Stock up on plenty of drinking water, maybe 2 weeks supply, toilet paper and food. Stay safe.

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Posted in: Arrest warrant issued for former GM of Grand Hyatt Tokyo over sexual assault See in context

There are guys who are very arrogant and think that they can get away with it. Now they will learn to restrain themselves.

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Posted in: Abe says horrors of war must never be repeated See in context

Why is it that Russia can be China's ally but Japan cannot? A lot of work is needed here but nothing is impossible.

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Posted in: Crime declines for 12th consecutive year; monetary fraud up See in context

Safe n honest Japan. At Macdonald today, the 13th July 2014, my Japanese friend sent a photo he took, showing a group of young Japanese men leaving their iPhones and car key on the table and disappearing to the cashier counter to place their orders. Returning to their table later where everything stays where they were left. I thought that was amazing.

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Posted in: Composer Ryuichi Sakamoto diagnosed with throat cancer See in context

Mr Sakamoto San, be strong. I have a friend who had throat cancer, he had smoked like a chimney and drank like a fish. He went to Australia and had treatment there but 5 years later the cancer came back. He went for further treatment now he is leading a busy and active life. Take care, best wishes and good luck.

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Posted in: 13-year-old boy on bike dies after being hit by truck driven by 83-year-old man See in context

How did he managed to get his driving licence renewed?

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Posted in: Body found in Kumamoto believed to be that of missing girl See in context

Poor thing. May she rest in peace.

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Posted in: Japan says Chinese ships in disputed waters See in context

Japan has been good 4 China likewise China has been good 4 Japan. They need to cooperate and care 4 each other. Be at one n not hurt each other.

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Posted in: Let Japan help defend America - and itself See in context

There is a saying: "History repeats itself". China has never in history attacked and occupied America. China has never attacked and occupied Japan. But America and Japan have attacked and occupied China. Like what Singapore thinks it is good that China prospers economically because we all can benefit from it. Let us appreciate this period of peace and prosperity. It is far better than war.

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Posted in: Woman arrested for murder of 22-year-old son 'saw no hope for his future' See in context

So tragic. So sad. Someone should have advised the mother to have some time away from her son, like time out from one another. Some counselling for both parties have been so desperately needed before tragedy like this happened.

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