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Number 7 applies in Indonesia as well...

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FPI is such a group of hypocrites, man. They banned Gaga's concert but let local Dangdut stars singing and dancing with inviting moves. Pathetic. And what's worse is the government, for letting such organization ruling and telling people what to do and not. Grrrr....

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This is a history! Indonesia has always go to the finals, but now it lost the chance after Kenichi Tago beaten up Taufik Hidayat! It's time to replace Hidayat with someone more skilled and disciplined!

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As an Indonesian, I am very very much disappointed about this news. Here in Jakarta, the police seem to be afraid of Front Pembela Islam (FPI a.k.a Islam Defendant Front), the religious group that shouted the loudest about banning this concert. It is ridiculous to give in and meet their demands as Indonesia is not an Islamic country and they have, by the way, no rights to cancel the concert.

I can accept protests from many people of different backgrounds or religions about Lady Gaga's and her influence to the youth.. But come on! Some religious group stopping her from the biggest ball in Asia we could ever have because of that? That's not fair! Who are they to judge about Lady Gaga's and youth's moral corruption? Like they think they're going to heaven whatsoever because of this concert cancellation? Blaaaahh!!

Even those devoted Christians in Korea only protested and issued their concerns loudly.. They could not cancel the concert.. Why on earth is the police and Jakarta's government giving space to those freakin' religious group!?

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Posted in: Why does the existence of AKB48 bother so many readers of Japan Today (judging from the comments on the discussion board)? See in context

I'm Indonesian currently learning Japanese. I'm also new to reading JT (starting since 4 months ago). This is my opinion about AKB48.

I don't hate AKB48, in fact I'm listening to their hits like "Aitakata", "Heavy Rotation", "Kimi no koto ga suki dakara", and many more. It helps me learning Japanese as well and although their songs are sometimes too sweet for me, I find it cheerful and mood boosting.

However, if you want an honest opinion, I find it hard not reading AKB48's articles on JT. It seems like this site always post articles about them. You even got bothered with the readers' bad comments on them which led you to make this "Have Your Say". I was kind of wondering why, is AKB48 that important? I mean there are more important issues to be discussed in "Have Your Say", for example, resistance towards Noda's consumption tax rising plan, etc, etc. It is okay to post articles about AKB48. However, JT is supposed to be news media, not another AKB48 fan channel, so readers, in my opinion, are expecting this site to be more neutral and objective.

That's just my opinion. Thank you for reading anyway :)

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