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@Hiro We could have been like India and other countries. Stay neutral. But no, we had to go along with the west. Over a hundred countries are staying out of this whole thing but our government has to be the bigger man. In the end is our little guys here that suffer from these decisions. Getting ready for ridiculous fuel and energy prices.

Excuse me but you sound incredibly selfish... What if Russia was attacking Japan? Wouldn't you be happy that other countries helps you against them? Poutine is a selfish monster who is killing innocent people, just for his own greediness and self-esteem. As much as possible, he must not receive any money that could help him to ruin other countries.

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I am surprised that nobody noticed that the man on the poster is the famous actor Yutaka Matsushige.

I won't comment on the effectiveness/cleverness of the poster but I think it's interesting that they choose this guy, out of anybody else, to be displayed here.

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I guess you mustn't have children to say something like this...

Our kindergarten is close this week due to coronavirus, my daughter is 1 year and 3 months old. I am a freelance, so I usually work from home. But with my daughter around, it is simply impossible to work as she is not old enough to play alone, and it would be dangerous to let her alone. I also need to prepare her meals (that she would have taken at the kindergarten otherwise), and get her out to play.

So this just became a lost week for me, trying to catch up as much as possible during nap and after 6:30pm when she's sleeping.

So yes, having kindergarten close is a huge headache, being a working at home person or not.

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The article is misleading in my opinion, highlighting only the "this is an historic/traditional asset of Asakusa" side of the story. While I agree that these shops are a part of Asakusa "charm", I don’t think it is normal that they don’t pay a rent. They are taking advantage having been here "illegally" from decades, making huge benefits while selling cheap stuff for most of them, while the other shops in the same area pay high rental fees.

I don’t think they should disappear, but it would be fair that they pay a rent like anyone else.

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