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Posted in: Naomi Osaka pulls out of French Open, citing mental health issues See in context

Her job is to be an excellent tennis player not for the media. So give her a break. It’s her life and it’s her own decision.

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Posted in: Osaka fined $15,000 for skipping French Open news conference; could face disqualification See in context

Her net worth is $55.2 million...$15,000 is not a big deal for her!

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Posted in: 2 male police officers, one female officer reprimanded after sex in koban, station See in context

Insanely hilarious!

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Posted in: Defiant Ghosn pins hopes on French probes to clear his name See in context

Gone Carlos Gone!

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Posted in: U.S. warns its citizens against travel to Japan due to COVID surge See in context

Suga’s June summit with Biden didn’t work after all...what a laughingstock!!!!

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Posted in: IOC offers medical help for Tokyo Olympics See in context

Without a doubt the main reason why the IOC wants this to proceed is precisely about MONEY, MONEY, MONEY!!! And this will not benefit the athletes but this is mainly for the organizers who manage, broadcast and sponsor the Games! As simple as it is!!!

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Posted in: Suga repeats determination to hold Olympics as he expands state of emergency See in context

With an approval rating of 32.2%....give me a break!!!

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Posted in: Suga says he has never put Olympics first and that IOC has final say See in context

Nice try but that is so lame!!!

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Posted in: Pfizer and BioNTech to donate vaccines for Olympic athletes See in context

what a disgrace! these are taxpayers money. you prioritize these athletes instead of the Japanese people?

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Posted in: Suga says plenty of nurses available to work Olympics since 'many are taking time off now' See in context

The stupidity of this man is beyond disbelief!

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Posted in: Do you think vaccination will be the silver bullet against the coronavirus? See in context

Vaccines offer hope but we still don't know if it will prevent people from becoming infected with the virus. Although the vaccine is very promising, no vaccine is 100% effective.

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Posted in: 84% of Americans view Japan positively: U.S. poll See in context

84% approves Japan not Suga’s administration. That’s a lot of difference!

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Posted in: White House mum on whether Biden plans to attend Tokyo Olympics See in context

I cannot see any relevance of this summit in the middle of the pandemic. Instead of promoting the Olympics, Suga must come back to Japan ASAP and deal with the variant resurgence!!!!

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Posted in: Japan considers prioritizing Olympic athletes for COVID-19 vaccination See in context

this is beyond disbelief!

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Posted in: 59-year-old 'eternal idol' Seiko Matsuda amazes fans with hasn’t-aged-a-day self-cover See in context

Just like the Kardashians...tons of plastic surgeries, Botox, name it! The fear of aging!!!

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Posted in: 23 health ministry employees party until midnight despite virus restrictions See in context

Well, there’s no cure for stupidity!

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic creative chief quits over derogatory remark about Naomi Watanabe See in context

What’s wrong with these people? What a shame!!!

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Posted in: Popularity of Harry and Meghan plummets in UK after Oprah interview, poll says See in context

I don’t know much about the royals but the reality is that racism is a rife and that’s undeniable!

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Posted in: Suga to decide state of emergency extension for Tokyo region on Friday See in context

Will 2 weeks extension make a difference? I doubt it....

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Posted in: 2 arrested in Philippines over killing of 82-year-old Japanese woman See in context

This is heartbreaking. What a disgrace for the Philippines!

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Posted in: Osaka beats Williams to reach Australian Open final See in context

Serena Williams is now 39 years old. No offense maybe it's time for her to think about retiring.....

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Posted in: Should I stay or should I go? Here are the relationship factors people ponder when deciding whether to break up See in context

Why stay in a relationship if it doesn't make you happy. It's better to be alone than with a wrong person.

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Posted in: 21-year-old woman arrested for sending hundreds of nude selfies to woman in her 70s See in context

I have no words.....

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Posted in: Biden says decision on Tokyo Olympics has to be based on science See in context

This is very tragic for Japan but science wins. Face reality as it is and see things what they are. Expecting for a herd immunity by June is beyond impossible.

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Posted in: Tooth or consequences: Even during a pandemic avoiding the dentist can be bad for your oral health See in context

I visit my dentist on my regular check up and it's fairly safe....

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Posted in: Suga tells Davos forum Olympics will be symbol of human victory over virus See in context

Insanely hilarious! Wake up and smell the coffee!!!

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Posted in: Japan scrambles to deny reports that Olympics cancelation possible See in context

Wake up and smell the coffee. It's not going to happen!

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Posted in: Australia unlikely to fully reopen borders in 2021 See in context

Japan must be doing the same thing.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 2,392 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 7,882 See in context

I'm afraid one month of state emergency is enough for this.

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