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Posted in: 2 arrested in Philippines over killing of 82-year-old Japanese woman See in context

This is heartbreaking. What a disgrace for the Philippines!

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Posted in: Osaka beats Williams to reach Australian Open final See in context

Serena Williams is now 39 years old. No offense maybe it's time for her to think about retiring.....

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Posted in: Should I stay or should I go? Here are the relationship factors people ponder when deciding whether to break up See in context

Why stay in a relationship if it doesn't make you happy. It's better to be alone than with a wrong person.

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Posted in: 21-year-old woman arrested for sending hundreds of nude selfies to woman in her 70s See in context

I have no words.....

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Posted in: Biden says decision on Tokyo Olympics has to be based on science See in context

This is very tragic for Japan but science wins. Face reality as it is and see things what they are. Expecting for a herd immunity by June is beyond impossible.

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Posted in: Tooth or consequences: Even during a pandemic avoiding the dentist can be bad for your oral health See in context

I visit my dentist on my regular check up and it's fairly safe....

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Posted in: Suga tells Davos forum Olympics will be symbol of human victory over virus See in context

Insanely hilarious! Wake up and smell the coffee!!!

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Posted in: Japan scrambles to deny reports that Olympics cancelation possible See in context

Wake up and smell the coffee. It's not going to happen!

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Posted in: Australia unlikely to fully reopen borders in 2021 See in context

Japan must be doing the same thing.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 2,392 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 7,882 See in context

I'm afraid one month of state emergency is enough for this.

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Posted in: Suga pledges to improve coronavirus situation in 1 month See in context

COVID doesn't discriminate and no time restrictions. Just because shops are closed by 8:00pm doesn't necessarily mean the you won't be infected. Considering that convenience stores are open 24/7!

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Posted in: Welcome 2021: The year of the postponed Tokyo 2020 Olympics See in context

I doubt if there's 2021 Olympic!

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Posted in: Japan greets new year with crowds despite pleas from leaders to stay home See in context

They are literally helping to spread the virus! Selfishness!!!

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Posted in: Virus outbreaks, scandals sap public support for Suga See in context

Honeymoon is over for Suga!

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Posted in: Hello Work, Go To Travel, My Number Card; the English used for government programs is strange and doesn't make sense to native speakers. See in context

French fries - フライドポテト

Written examination - ペーパーテスト

Downsizing - リストラ

To name a few......

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Posted in: Japanese Trump supporters See in context


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Posted in: Biden says his unity can save country; Trump hits Midwest See in context


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Posted in: Trump, Suga discuss 'free and open Indo-Pacific' See in context

OMG average age 70 above.....term limit!!!

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Posted in: Handheld mask for dinner use See in context

Wow! I have no words for this. Best solution...let's eat at home!!!

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Posted in: Trump calls Abe 'greatest prime minister in Japan's history' See in context

Can't trust Trump's knowledge about Japanese history.

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Posted in: Biden selects Kamala Harris as running mate; Trump says he's 'a little surprised' See in context

Bring it on!!! Dream Team for 2020. Can’t wait for BLUE TSUNAMI!!!!

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Posted in: Why choice of running mate matters more than usual this year See in context

I'm not really a Biden fun...but with all the ongoing issues in the US...corruption, incompetence of 45, deaths to name a few, American is in dire need for REAL leadership. And considering Biden's age, he should pick a VP who is capable and can take over right away in case something happens....

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Posted in: Trump ushered out of press conference after shots fired near White House See in context

Bunker inspection again???? LOL

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 266 new cases of coronavirus See in context

Here we go again....

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Posted in: Need for speed: Japan supercomputer is world's fastest See in context

If doesn’t run Windows then it’s useless lolz!!

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Posted in: Kimono maker creates face mask for hostesses See in context

I don’t consider this a mask...a fashion for hostesses maybe but that doesn’t take the virus issue!!! hygiene and social distancing!!!!

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Posted in: Who's in charge at Nissan? COO's allies push to give him shared CEO role See in context

Next target after Ghosn....good luck!!!

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Posted in: Who are Antifa, the 'boogaloo' movement and others blamed in U.S. protest violence? See in context

America is so divided. I miss President Obama. I miss his decency, his intelligence, his eloquence, his empathy and compassion....

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