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Posted in: Yoshinoya's dilemma: Whether to lower prices or not See in context

Keep the price the way it is but offer a complimentary sallad/misosoup/whatever, for the time being, to attract customers from the competition.

When time comes, and the economy picks up, Yoshinoya could simply stop that "campaign" and thus wouldn't have to resort to raise their prices (back up).

The perceived quality by the higher price is there, the offer to customers there, and no risk in changing prices up and down (and the backlash that would follow with it).

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Posted in: City girls hit rice paddies, in style See in context

many farms have closed as their owners have aged and their children have run off to the cities

This is how Japan plans to bring teen-boys back into agriculture? I know boys here aren't the brightest, but I'm sure they'll figure out that this publicity stunt is just that; a publicity stunt.

Put more money in Agriculture, show that living outside the big cities is more comfortable than the shoebox alternative, and don't try to fool people with these tales of gyals that have left Shibuya for muddier pastures.

Speaking of action of the ministry of agriculture...Hey MAFF, please don't insult us silly westerners in your infomercials:

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Posted in: Tokyo Lightopia 2009 See in context

What a great way to conserve the environment; 600 painted lanterns lit up for days.

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Posted in: Do it at home See in context

Will they greet bonenkai'ers at the stations in the same manners, and with the same placards, as they did with the Halloween train? All the ill-fitting suits here do count as cosplay in my book.

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Posted in: Tough man Terence Lee loses street fight in Kanagawa See in context

I wish I were famous. The things I would do, and get away with...

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Posted in: Blue Ocean See in context

Same as last year. Asked myself the same thing then: what does water (not snow) and the color blue have to do with Christmas? Sure, pretty, but I think the idea of Christmas is a bit lost here.

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Posted in: Yamato shorts See in context

Boys will be boys forever here. What better way to celebrate Japans sinking birthrate than by putting a pic of a submarine on their junk?

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Posted in: American Airlines, Delta continue tug-of-war over JAL See in context

But...but...Americans could never understand the uniqueness of Japan and its flying customs and culture. How to, say, make a traditional dialing motion of knobs that brings up the cabin temperature to 27c. 27,2 is too high. And Celsius, that's just too complicated for non Japanese to understand.

I'd say this deal is doomed.

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Posted in: Welcome from NoriP See in context

I say use her behind!

I can get behind that statement.

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Posted in: Wine bath See in context

Misleading caption. There's wine spill in it from the glasses, and the 1 or 2 bottle poured for show. The rest is the same color they've got on there for the rest of the year. It's a themed onsen/sentou with other novelty baths too.

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Posted in: Cop arrested for breaking into female cop’s apartment in Chiba See in context

How many cops were apprehended in total of last month? I can think of a few articles on here. But just imagine the dark figures; who'd report the police when the police are the perpetrators? Really makes you loose that last few ounces of faith one might have had in the keystones here.

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Posted in: Erika Sawajiri gives up studying for Spanish nightlife See in context

Gives up studies not because it's hard, time-consuming and difficult, but "to party"? Once. You'd have to look hard for a more sensationalistic headline.

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Posted in: 19-year-old arrested for rape after threatening victim on cell phone See in context

Aah, such a virile young man. 19 year old who cannot be named, you are credit to glorious Japan and an inspiration for those who are not yet greasing her birthing machines. I have nothing but admiration and high hopes of progress upon your release from the pretense incarceration.

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Posted in: Security tightened in Tokyo for Obama's visit See in context

Sorry for getting into Godwin territory here but considering how a lot of people toot around placards of Obama with Adolfs mustache I don't find it strange they'd ID us. Sad, but not strange.

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Posted in: Dividing up Ichihashi reward money worthy of its own investigation See in context

Now that's encouragement. Reward receivers trialed, reward split & divided then taxed. Can't be much, if any, in the end.

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Posted in: Quarter Pounder back for seconds See in context

Bacon & BBQ, an American-style burger

And here I thought a plain burger was American style.

Ah well...down the same way "Curry" went in Japan, I guess...

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Posted in: Self-centered zombies running rampant through Japanese society See in context

“Actually once when I was on stage giving a performance, my own phone rang,” Tatekawa admits.

Thinking quickly, he made it part of his act. “I had the character I was portraying say, ‘Hey, your phone is ringing,’

That sounds like some impressive acting. He must have a lot of talento.

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Posted in: Two 15-yr-old boys sent to family court for assaulting 8-yr-old boy See in context

Japan is peaceful country.

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Posted in: Cop's handcuffs stolen while he's investigating adult entertainment business See in context

This just in: cops box of condoms stolen, open & used while investigating adult entertainment business hostess.

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Posted in: Year-end gift-giving season See in context

Happy Easter, Smartacus!

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Posted in: Shibuya rice See in context

Farm girls want to go to Tokyo and see the bright lights. No wonder these types of campaigns would hatch & spring to life ;)

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Posted in: Woman dies one month after being stabbed by stalker See in context

From the 4 people I know that have been stalked here the police do very little. 3 of my friends said they wouldn't go to the police office to report it, since by default nothing will be done. After some convincing on my end they went, but the police did practically nothing. They even wanted to question me, and what I worked with, instead of taking the notes of my friend.

The times I didn't go with in support (for that reason) the police didn't even bother filing a report.

I assume this is a great way to falsely present Japan as near free of crime. But articles like these makes me wonder how many more brutal murders of stalked girls (and in cases like this, other family members) there's going to take before something about this is done. Stalking seem more common here than elsewhere.

I suppose I can ignore the false claim of a low crime rate in Japan, if this image helps nurture nihonjinron or whatever the reason police don't file these cases, just as long as something is done to prevent these incidents from happening.

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Posted in: Say cheese See in context

Apsara: You're spot on. Miss Japan vertical Stripe Happiness Promoting Lady contest is next week.

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Posted in: Musician arrested for flashing high school student in Saitama See in context

I'm happily surprised the keystones actually did something. Friends of mine that have been flashed (sadly, most not by me) have gotten nothing but dismissal when reporting it to the police.

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Posted in: Say cheese See in context

Is this this years annual Miss Japan vertical Stripe Happiness Promoting Lady contest? I missed last years.

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Posted in: Bullying blamed after two 13-yr-old girls jump to their deaths See in context

Parents complain that the teachers shouldn't correct their kids, even if they're behaving bad. After all "we're paying their salary, so we decide".

Then after an event like this parents complain that the teachers didn't do anything. Missing the part about teaching ones own kid(s) about bullying.

Who ever said irony isn't around in Japan?

Now where's that politician who garbled bullying makes Japan strong?

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Posted in: Norika Fujiwara to play saucy singer in musical 'Cabaret' See in context

Still pretty. But you'll know from every single tv-show & drama she have appeared in that her acting is close horrible, close to unwatchable.

Still...pretty. But then again, acting is awful.

But still...

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Posted in: Internet campaigning arrives cautiously in Japan See in context

Japan is one of the world’s most Internet-savvy nations

Hilarious, right up there with Japan being the only country with 4 seasons, etc.

Taiko666 and many else got it down: still many years behind here.

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Posted in: Woman murdered after argument with man over feeding stray cats See in context

ISNinJapan, as asked by others; what social and public health problems are you referring to?

Would that be that these cats chase down vermin, rats, etc; animals that unlike cats are more filthy and may even carry diseases humans can catch?

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Posted in: Mr James See in context

Complaining against this is...well...for people who prefers to have things the way they are. Complimentary phrases on chopsticks skills, foreigners viewed as clowns, ad infinitum...

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