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Posted in: Amazon yanks Japanese rape simulation computer game See in context

Outside pressure (gaiatsu) is a time-honored method of social change here.

That certainly doesn't apply when it comes to the contraversial 'scientific' whaling Japan conducts ...

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Posted in: Amazon yanks Japanese rape simulation computer game See in context

Thoughts are very important and precede action. This game is perpetuating the reality of man as a violent species. We need wholesome entertainment that brings out our best qualities - like love and compassion, kindness, generosity, respect, consideration for others - and less that bring out our lower nature of greed, violence, heartlessness, seeing other people as objects to satisfy our lust. This kind of game is making the world a darker place. To those people playing this game I say you will find happiness only by bringing others happiness. Consider spending your precious human life being of service to others instead of degrading yourself and others with this trash.

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Posted in: Whalers blast activists with water cannons in Antarctic Ocean See in context

Japanese whalers are using military weapons not permitted for civilian use. LRAD was beamed to Sea Shepherd by three harpoon boats and the Nisshin Maru factory ship. Not only was their ship beamed but also their helicopter. The pilot and photography crew both began to feel dizzy and nauseated. Had they not escaped they would have crashed into the ocean and died.

Zodiac boats used to intercept the whalers and whales were also beamed by LRAD as they approached to stop a minke whale being loaded (along with water cannons and steel balls).

This kind of tactic is totally illegally. Last year Captain Paul Watson was shot by an illegal bullet, according to the Geneva Convention, and flash grenades were thrown at the crew, yet wimpy Australian investigation showed no cause to prosecute in spite off the fact that there was video footage, a mangled badge which covered his heart, and the bullet lodged in his vest to prove it.

Japan is killing endangered whales in a whale sanctuary, in Australian waters in contravention to the IWC moratorium on commercial whaling, CITES, an Australian Federal High Court Order, the Antarctic Treaty, the U.S. Dept. of Commerce. Sea Shepherd is the only one with the courage to enforce the laws Japan is breaking.

Let’s be clear who the violent ones are. Sea Shepherd have never used military-grade ammunition like the whalers are using. Throwing bottles of butyric acid on the whalers' ships (which is less acidic than orange juice and has never harmed a single person) is only a deterrant and not a weapon. No paint was hurled. Japan Today is the only one making this accusation. The ramming happened as a result of the Steve Irwin being chased into the Nisshin Maru and was not intentional.

Sea Shepherd's tactics are an attempt to interfere in the profits of the illegal whaling ships owned by the Japanese government and they are highly successful since Japan has been unable to meet their quota for years.

For those who don’t care about whales being killed, all I can say is not only are you without compassion but also ignorant of the incredibly important role whales play in the marine ecosystem. And for those who justify Japan’s violence and threat to human life you are traitors not only to your own species but to the whole planet, which needs whales a heck of a lot more than it needs people.

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Posted in: Japan rejects IWC proposal to halt research whaling See in context

Japan has no right to kill whales - period. There is a moratorium on commercial whaling which Japan is flouting. They are also flouting CITES by killing endangered whales. Australia has already clearly shown that the so-called scientific information Japan has collected over the last 20 years (i.e. they have proven that whales eat fish, nothing more) can be collected by DNA samples from skin floating on the surface. No whales need to die and certainly should never.

After 200 + years of commercial whaling, not one species of whale has come close to recovering, despite the propaganda put out by Japan, which no other countries agree with. Whales are down to about 1% of former numbers. As an integral part of the marine ecosystem, by driving whales to extinction (which killing endangered whales does), Japan itself is contributing to the demise of the ocean, and with it, us.

Learn why whales are important to all live on this planet at www.fisherycrisis.com

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