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Posted in: Japan seeks more visitors despite overtourism problems See in context

His or her “pointless opinions” are often supported by links to reputable reporting, such as Nikkei, PBS, and CNN.

Including these?

That's sounds like Japanese logic, want but don't want.

In Japan, it's not first time. Will happen more and more in the future.

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Posted in: Japan ranked worst country in world for helping strangers See in context

Refreshing to see that many of the people who normally complain about Japan have mostly positive things to say.

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Posted in: Japan tells U.S. that Biden's 'xenophobia' comment is regrettable See in context

Stick to the point, people. There are many things being written about crime, etc but the president was talking about xenophobia. On that point, he is no doubt correct.

That's not the point of his speech.

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Posted in: Japan's imperial family debuts on Instagram See in context

Instagram is free, but who set it all up and is running it?

Meta, the company that owns it.

Exactly. They will have at least one social media manager, if not multiple. Then an editor who will clean up the images and crop them to the right dimensions and image quality for Instagram. There will also be people who will determine the types of images to be posted, and evaluate images based on that criteria to determine candidates for posting.

You don't know that. Even if that's true, the cost is probably negligible.

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Posted in: Japan's imperial family debuts on Instagram See in context

I’d prefer my taxes not spent this way.

Instagram is free.

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Posted in: State visit to Britain being planned for emperor, empress in June See in context

You're right about people sometimes just focusing on headlines.

There's nothing inherently wrong with expressing a negative opinion about Japan, or any other country, though, is there? Everyone is entitled to their own viewpoint, positive or negative.

That does not apply to people who obsessively make multiple accounts just to spam inflammatory comments about Japan and diminishing other people's opinions.

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Posted in: Man arrested for attempted bank robbery in Tokyo See in context

The article doesn't elaborate on what kind of toy gun it was. It's possible it was an airsoft gun, which is easy to get in Japan and can pass as a real gun at first glance.

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Posted in: Japan's Space One Kairos rocket explodes right after lift-off See in context

A symbol of Japan's decline. Even North Korea can do a better job of launching rockets.

Someone has never heard of Hayabusa2.

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Posted in: More Japanese women buying Valentine's Day chocolates for themselves See in context

So many people here complaining about people just eating chocolate.

She is buying chocolates for herself, with his salary.

How do you know they don't have their own income?

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Posted in: Is Japan’s custom of slurping noodles irritating, and why do people do it? See in context

I don't like the sound of slurping, but it's not that big of a deal.

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Posted in: Japan becomes 5th country to land spacecraft on moon See in context

So many petty people who hate hearing anything positive about Japan. Also, don't forget JAXA was the first to put a spacecraft on an asteroid.

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Posted in: Coming-of-Age Day ceremonies held across Japan See in context

As usual, Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySea were popular spots for young adults to celebrate the day after their ceremonies.

They've just become Adults, yet go to hangouts designed for children. Ironic.

Tell that to any quarterback who won the Super Bowl.

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Posted in: Inflation, weak yen hit appetite for holiday spending in Japan See in context

A middle class home in Japan would be considered a low income shack in the US. 

The best selling car in Japan is the Toyota Yaris which sells for less than half the price of the best selling Ford F-Series pickup truck in the US.

Homes in the U.S. are absurdly overpriced, especially in cities like LA and NYC. Cars are also overpriced, and prices don't reflect quality. People in the U.S. are also becoming poorer, and those in their 20s and 30s have frugal lifestyles. Your metrics are flawed.

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Posted in: Ohtani gives a Porsche to Joe Kelly's wife for his No. 17 with Dodgers See in context

So many people here who don't like positivity.

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Posted in: Changing of the guard See in context

Discipline, obedience, and respect for authority.

Exactly, it's just like Boy Scouts and military school in other countries. I don't see why everyone is so confused.

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Posted in: S Korean court orders Japan to compensate former 'comfort women' See in context

Talk about a broken record.

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Posted in: S Koreans sit for key exam as flights halted to limit distraction See in context

Why is testing still so popular in South Korea and Japan but almost extinct in many Western nations?

Someone has never heard of the SAT, ACT, or GMAT.

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Posted in: Tokyo Game Show kicks off with record 787 exhibitors from 44 regions See in context

What a sad sight the photo depicts, a room full people choosing to spend their limited, precious time on Earth mindlessly bashing buttons and fondling joysticks.

Yes, I can't believe someone would be playing video games when they can be making fun of people on JT.

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Posted in: Japan says seawater radioactivity below detectable limits near Fukushima See in context

There are many users from far-right/netizen oriented websites in Japan that frequently lurk here and discuss "overseas reactions" to domestic affairs on their respective platforms. They are probably the ones bombarding comments with pluses/minuses. They don't comment here, likely due to poor English proficiency, but obviously they can translate what we post via Google/DeepL.

Are you sure it's not because the people being downvotes are ranting like lunatics or just not contributing anything useful?

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Posted in: Portrayals of duality: 'Hafu' in the media and popular culture See in context

Hafu is an ugly word. It's a form of discrimination.

Lots of people use the word without being discriminatory.

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Posted in: Kishida vows safety over Fukushima water release during on-site visit See in context

The people nitpicking the work uniforms have no real argument.

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Posted in: Kishida marks 78th anniversary of World War II end without mentioning Japan's wartime aggression See in context

He should have offered a sincere apology for the actions of Imperial Japan.

Japan has apologized multiple times. It is just South Korea and China that perpetuate the myth that they never have.

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Posted in: Good sports See in context

No, because most people don't leave rubbish on the ground for others to pick up.

Why do Japanese leave their rubbish on the ground in the first place - take your own rubbish with you!

That's right, people in every other country leave trash with the intention of coming back to pick it up later.

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Posted in: Good sports See in context

Cleaning up your own garbage is commendable but it's overkill to clean up others' garbage when people get paid to do it.

No it's not. That's one of the dumbest excuses I have ever heard.

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Posted in: Smithsonian museum plans to show photos of A-bomb aftermath in Japan See in context

Anyone who justified the actions of the Japanese Imperial Army and their atrocities against civilians, (including the actions of Unit 731) old men, women and children, against 2 A-bombs to end this is short on intellectual capability.

Nobody's doing that. Your attempt at whataboutism is sad.

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Posted in: Fans celebrate Japanese figure skating star Hanyu's marriage See in context

So many prejudiced people in the comments.

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Posted in: Toyota's profit rises 78% to ¥1.3 trillion in April-June as parts crunch eases See in context

They are currently (2023 1H) the largest-selling car brand in the world. 

What makes them "not relevant" in your...ummm...mind?

I believe he's making a reference to the anti-Japan commenters that frequently claim that Japan is irrelevant.

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Posted in: 17-year-old sent to family court over ‘sushi terrorism’ See in context

I have never seen staff wash their hands.

Why would they wash their hands where you can see them?

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Posted in: Toyota's profit rises 78% to ¥1.3 trillion in April-June as parts crunch eases See in context

So many people making assumptions in the comments.

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Posted in: Japanese pop star Shinjiro Atae says he's gay See in context

Good for him.

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