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So many bitter people here who lack self-control.

Still, asking for silence on a subway train, a noisy subway train. Don't make me laugh.

Apparently you’ve never taken a train in any other country.

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Posted in: LA critics pick Japanese film ‘Drive My Car’ as year’s best See in context

So, don't be upset and jealous Japan has NEVER, EVER produced anything more mainstream than is as popular as the current wave of Korean products

Someone has never heard of Pokemon.

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Posted in: JR East, West to cut commuter services next year amid pandemic See in context

If that were true, the logical conclusion would be to have to no trains at all for the most benefit to their business.

Someone has never heard of diminishing marginal returns.

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So many people complaining about illumination when in the West, people spend hours decorating their houses in Christmas lights and light-up reindeers/Santas/elves.

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Posted in: Famous maid cafe will open its biggest flagship in Akihabara See in context

It seems everyone here knows nothing about maid cafes and is just making their own biased opinions. Maid cafes are like girl bars; regular customers go there just to talk to girls, except here, the target customers are of the otaku variety, and touching is strictly prohibited. The moe/kawaii schtick is targeted toward tourists who visit once, take a polaroid, and probably never come back.

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Posted in: Japan apology needed to solve wartime labor issue: S Korean presidential candidate See in context

It wouldn’t be a Korean election without some kind of anti-Japan propaganda.

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Posted in: Comiket will require proof of coronavirus vaccination or PCR test results for admission See in context

Good move. The performers should also provide proof of humour before selling tickets. Most of these routines aren't in the leat bit funny.

You should watch the performers before you judge them.

For that matter, you should know what Comiket is before you comment on it.

Hint: There are no performers.

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Posted in: What do you think about the way Halloween is celebrated in Japan? See in context

In Japan, people should know, at least, that Halloween is also known as All Saints’ Eve, the day before All Saints’ Day, and two days before All Souls’ Day.

A lot of people in the U.S. don’t know that either.

Why should an American festival be celebrated in Japan?

Halloween originated in Europe. Should the U.S. not celebrate it? For that matter, should they get rid of Santa Claus, who is based on the Dutch figure Sinterklaas?

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Posted in: Tokyo Disneyland holds first Halloween event in 2 years; admits more visitors See in context

So many people complaining about adults going to Disneyland when the winners of the Super Bowl go to Disney World almost every year.

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Posted in: Do you think it is a good idea to include patriotism in school curricula? See in context


Interesting how only Fascist and Communist states insist on teaching patriotism! China and NK being perfect examples...

You obviously have bever been to the U.S. or have spent too much time there.

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Posted in: Do you think it is a good idea to include patriotism in school curricula? See in context


Interesting how only Fascist and Communist states insist on teaching patriotism! China and NK being perfect examples...

You obviously have never been to the U.S. or have spent too much time there.

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Posted in: U.S. lifts post-Fukushima import restrictions on Japanese farm products See in context

If one of the Korean Olympic athletes can eat it, anyone can.

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Posted in: California law seeks 'gender neutral' toy aisles See in context

If a store wants to make a gender neutral toy aisle, good for them. But trying to enforce them by law is just intrusive.

"We need to stop stigmatizing kids and putting them in a box by dictating what they should like based on outdated gender stereotypes," Low told AFP.

They’re just toys. They don’t limit your freedom unless you let them. This is how you know when people are too obsessed with woke culture.

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Posted in: 2 injured in acid attack in Tokyo subway station; suspect at large See in context

How original... pretending to be gaijin now, been reading about the Japanese dude who said " I'm Vietnamese while robbing the combini...ey?

How original, assuming someone is Japanese because they’re defending Japan and don’t use correct grammar. Yay for profiling.

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Parents should be more concerned about children’s mental health and social skills. The internet is full of trolls and cesspools. Just look at the comments on this site.

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Posted in: S Korea marks 30 years since 1st public testimony by ex-comfort women See in context

The simplest way to solve this problem once and for all would be for Japan to apologise. Apologise means "sorry" and not statements of "regret".

It doesn't matter how many times Japan apologizes as long as South Korea continues its anti-Japan practices and silences any professor who tries to argue. Thinking everything will be solved if Japan apologizes is just naive.

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Posted in: S Korea marks 30 years since 1st public testimony by ex-comfort women See in context

Professor An Byeong-Jik of Seoul National University questioned 50 former Comfort Women and he concluded that their testimony was "not credible".

He was prosecuted by South Korea.

There’s also Park Yu-Ha, who was indicted after publishing her book which had evidence that some Koreans became comfort women willingly or helped recruit other comfort women.

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Posted in: S Korea marks 30 years since 1st public testimony by ex-comfort women See in context

No country uses grudges over past wars to fuel nationalism more than the Koreas and China.

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Posted in: Freighter splits in two after running aground at port in Aomori Pref See in context

One word. "Made In Japan"(2008)

Made In Japan today isn't what it used to be like.

Tell that to the passengers of the Golden Ray, Samsung No. 1, and Sewol.

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Posted in: Japan concerned over S Korea's Olympic food site See in context

All the lengths the Korean team went to are petty and pointless. One of the athletes even shared a picture of himself eating in the Olympic village with the message “It’s delicious.”

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Posted in: South Korean president to skip Olympics See in context

Who wanted him to come, anyway? I doubt even he wanted to.

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Posted in: S Korea summons Japan envoy over lewd remark about Moon See in context


However nothing can be solved by posting this flag. It violated the rules the athletes agreed to and was disrespectful.

Well said, but I think you have the wrong article.

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Posted in: Ex-cop Chauvin gets 22 1/2 years in prison for George Floyd's death See in context

Good riddance. There is hope yet for police accountability in America.

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Posted in: Suga upholds Japan's apologies for wartime aggression, comfort women See in context

“Tokyo’s apologies have been perceived as too little, too late. 

Japan needs to official apologize in terms of international standards.

South Korea, North Korea, and China perceive Japan’s apologies as insufficient, but other countries that were victims, such as Taiwan, don’t seem to have grievances. Perhaps part of the problem lies within the aforementioned countries themselves.

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Posted in: Japan, S Korea divided over wartime history, Fukushima water release See in context

The fact is that Japan has never admitted any wrongdoing in Korea during the WWII.

That's just blatantly false. As long as South Korea gives into its hatred and keeps blaming Japan, there's no chance of improving ties.

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Posted in: S Korean court rejects appeal from ex-comfort women on Japan assets See in context

Unlike the conforming Japanese, Korean judges show diverse opinions and verdicts, which is not so bad in a democratic society.

Someone has either not spent enough time in South Korea or spent too much time there.

You’re comparing a few deaths to over a million deaths and rape. Further, the things that happened over 70 years ago wasn’t one off. More like hundreds of times in the past millennium. Any nation would remember that for generations.

Past grudges should never take priority over present threats, especially if said present threats involve nuclear weapons.

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Posted in: Uber Eats deliverer arrested for exposing himself inside convenience store See in context

I have respect for all the deliverers working in the heat and rain, but not for the fools who pull stunts like this.

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Posted in: When you hear the expression "Japan's kawaii culture," what do you associate it with? See in context


Immaturity, childishness, refusal to grow up, idiocy, warped perceptions of attractiveness, all of those


Incidentally all things I associate with comments on this site.

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Posted in: Facebook suspends Trump for 2 years See in context

You don't deserve a platform if you use it to spread lies and hate.

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Posted in: Japan rejects South Korean protest over Olympics map See in context

Children in Korea draw pictures of the islands with a Korean flag on it and Japan being nuked. I have no sympathy for a country that is so obsessed with two tiny rocks that it uses them as a tool to indoctrinate its children to hate.

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