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Posted in: Ultraconservative elected president in Iran See in context

Nice to know that Iran is a functioning DEMOCRASY unlike the rest of the middle east were Kings and Dictators rule till they rust and die.

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Posted in: Hawaii driver gets 30 years after his truck kills 3, injures 4 See in context

A 29 years old with an open bottle!? Obviously this man #1 Does NOT care, #2 has NO regard to the law, #3 thinks he can get away with things .

3 lives lost, pain and suffering to the families of the victims, and as in most cases he will most likely get out and do it again.

65 years behind bars is justice it will serve him well and keep the streets safe.

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Posted in: Man arrested over murder of Osaka karaoke parlor owner See in context

This thug took the life of a motivated hard working woman who wanted to build a future for herself and those around her, she will RIP and be in a better place that what this killer intended to send her to.

I hope he gets the rope with a very very long drop.

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Posted in: Number of officials from overseas at Tokyo Olympics could be cut by another 25,000 See in context

I wonder how the how the the athletes feel knowing they are competing in a country were they are NOT so welcomed, must be a terrible if not down right miserable feelings.

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Posted in: Man arrested after 32-hour hostage standoff at internet cafe in Saitama See in context

Was the food the police provided mixed with sleeping pills does? probably. great maneuver, glad the lady was safe too.

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Posted in: Former justice minister Kawai gets 3 years for vote-buying See in context

It looks like he didn't have the right connections with the LDP leadership.

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Posted in: Gov't to begin issuing vaccine passports in July See in context

Vote me Down please, but it is going as simple as getting your Inkan Shomesho, or any other document from city office. so there you have it.

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Posted in: Man arrested for sexually assaulting, strangling woman he met online See in context

A simple advice, before you go to meet you online date, how about having few Video chats and see what he or she looks like and then decide.

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Posted in: Man arrested for sexually assaulting, strangling woman he met online See in context

These days all the CREEPS are online since they have NO LUCK in the real world. Online they lie about their age, upload fake photos, possibly not theirs, and they put together a very attractive profile.

This poor girl probably thought she was meeting a man around her age, handsome, and interesting until she got in the car and saw his CREEPY face.

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Posted in: Female worker being held hostage at internet cafe in Saitama See in context

Hope the lady is safe, I am sure the police is on top it and may have possibly apprehended this idiot. One thing about Japan is there are NOT many guns in the hands of the general public.

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Posted in: Japan starts vaccinating people aged 18 or older at large-scale centers See in context

Booked mine, straight forward, NO problem, I hope you all do the same so we can all get back to normal, and hopefully have a normal Christmas.

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Posted in: Bear shot dead after rampaging through Sapporo See in context

Why KILL?? he is just doing what any of us will do when hungry, searching for food, and if some people were in his way and panic he would panic too.

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Posted in: Health experts warn of Olympic COVID-19 threat; prefer no spectators See in context

Sorry : THING

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Posted in: Health experts warn of Olympic COVID-19 threat; prefer no spectators See in context

One this I learned in Japan is that NOTHING CHANGES without an act of GOD.

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Posted in: Suga calls on public to watch Olympics on TV as Japan eases state of emergency See in context

The SADDEST part is NO BODY watches BOARING TV anymore.

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Posted in: Child welfare worker fined for indecent behavior with junior high school girl See in context

500,000JPY fine and fired???

What about JAIL time?

why isn't he locked up?

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Posted in: High court judge faces impeachment for inappropriate tweets See in context

Not so sure if what he tweeted really effects anything!? Jus as confused as when i first glanced at the title???

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Posted in: Apple Daily editors arrested under Hong Kong security law See in context

If anyone has any doubt about what China intentions in it's future COLONIES in Africa, South America, South East Asia, and more, Hong Kong should be a good example and a sobering reminder of what is coming.

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Posted in: Man on trial for murder of wife and 5 kids says he has no memory of it See in context


Have him join the rest of the murderer, rapist, drug addict, and more. almost all are mentally ill or claim to be, It's easy to join the crowd, psychologists will be more than happy to take him in and keep him. LOL.

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Posted in: Japan should have scrapped domestic COVID vaccine trials: Kono See in context

""Japan's requirement of domestic clinical trials for COVID-19 vaccines cost it precious time""

AMEN. I rest my case.

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Posted in: S Korea holds drills around disputed islets amid row over canceled Japan talks See in context

Grow up boys and girls, China would love to see the two of you tangled up.

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Posted in: Japan to provide greater COVID vaccine support to foreign residents See in context

My Canadian body was able to book his appointment online after scanning the city office QR code and joining the city office line application, he said it was straight forward using some common sense and google translate, so stop the winning and go get vaccinated.

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Posted in: Japan to provide greater COVID vaccine support to foreign residents See in context

IT IS SIMPLE, use google translate Camera option to read the titles, do not go into the details, join your city line application and you can translate to English using line translator app. make reservation at the nearest hospital online, most hospitals are listed.

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Posted in: Japan eyes vaccinating people under 65 at state-run mass centers from Thursday See in context

I wish they will stop putting age limits and vaccinate who ever wants to, isn't that more efficient??

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Posted in: Dentist arrested over possession of 3 modified model guns See in context

He may have been using them it the treatment of a root canal, useful tools!!

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Posted in: Police officer arrested for sexually molesting high school girl See in context

I hope the girl is doing well and getting the support she needs, this idiot should be fired and locked away for a while.

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Posted in: Biden promises to lay down 'red lines' to Putin; NATO addresses China challenge See in context

What is needed is a "SPTO" South Pacific Treaty Organization to counter China. LOL

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Posted in: American father and son plead guilty to helping Ghosn flee Japan See in context

""Suspects in Japan are interrogated without their lawyers present and are often denied bail before trial. Japan's conviction rate is 99%.""

99% conviction rate because suspects are interrogated, tortured, threatened, possibly beaten before their lawyers assistance, suspects don't stand a chance , the investigators will record all the hours long and the suspects lawyer has NO access to these tapes to prepare for trial.

This goes against all the norms of having a fair trial, and guarantees conviction.

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Posted in: Ghosn pledges lengthy fight to clear his name See in context

After reading about Toshiba and how they use government agencies to threaten foreign investors, i have NO DOUBT that Mr. Ghosn was FRAMED to free Nissan from it's contract with Renault.

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Posted in: Ghosn pledges lengthy fight to clear his name See in context


I guess he could be called "fugitive" but you are NOT when you runaway from injustice. lets not forget We are all INOCENT till proven guilty

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