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Posted in: Japan willing to accept Ukrainian refugees: Kishida See in context

i wonder why nobody accept refugees from Syrian, Iraq, Libya, etc. They are human too..

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Posted in: Japan aims to conclude talks on cost-sharing for U.S. troops soon See in context

@Desert Tortoise

i can tell you like to talk about the old days and my family contribute this and that to the war. If you want to talk about war, please go and visit those who have scar in their life ( not only on the skin ) like Lemay burning, my lai massacres, i hope you have no friends participate in that cruel and animal massacres.

Yeah more allied POW died during Japan war time, but i can assure you more CIVILIANS and innocent CHILDRENS die during American invasion. Since you like to talk about your glorious time during war, i pray and i hope you never shoot a civilians or any unarmed kids during your days.

Anyway we need not to talk about history now, the whole world know Japan repent and after WWII, they never have a single war. If you want to compared it with American, maybe you can tell better than me after WWII how many so called liberation war American get involved in.

yeah, before i forgot, you want to talk about war prisoners nowadays? please go check the scandals the allied army did in iraq or middle east nations, Guantanamo prison ? i hope you have good memory to remember all this before you indulge yourself with the Hollywood war movies.

yeah, you want to talk about trust, maybe we can discuss it with Kurds.

i believe after WWII, Japan did far far far more better and they respect human life more than any other countries. The fact speak louder

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Posted in: 3 police officers shot dead after responding to domestic violence call in France See in context

France is the last place in the world i will ever travel to, everyday have new weird stories over there

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Posted in: Japan to tighten entry from Britain over new coronavirus strain See in context

absolutely, please ban them from entering Japan.

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Posted in: Japan aims to conclude talks on cost-sharing for U.S. troops soon See in context

Desert Tortoise, i am sorry to hear your uncle suffered on Guadalcanal. Anyway please bear in mind also that how many Japan CIVILIANS died during nuclear bombing? Lemay burning of Tokyo? not to say from WWII until now modern days, how many tax-payers hard-earned money goes into American military base? The money supposed to be spent on Japanese welfare. Lastly, we both know, the whole world know, after WWII, Japan already have no intention to use her military force to conquer any other countries. It is a very very lame excuse that America presence can prevent Japan to re-arm. Dont forget that largest weapon seller to Japan is America, please dont forget that

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Posted in: Ex-farm minister Yoshikawa resigns as lawmaker in wake of scandal See in context

revolution shall be brought inside the Japanese political culture, person like this cannot be let escaped without any solid law punishment. The whole world know he commit bribery or not

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Posted in: World closes borders to Britain as new coronavirus strain breeds panic See in context

when the expert asking for wearing a mask and a complete lockdown, people are crying it is our FREEDOM to wear a mask or not, it is our FREEDOM to party, it is our borne HUMAN RIGHT to move around as we it doesnt take a genius to predict what will happen next

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Posted in: World closes borders to Britain as new coronavirus strain breeds panic See in context

Britain is so arrogance in Brexit, and now they seek EU for helps..The British always forgot they are already a past tense, nobody need their help, but instead they need the assistance from the whole world

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Posted in: Japan aims to conclude talks on cost-sharing for U.S. troops soon See in context

American is so kind to provide nuclear umbrella to Japan, American is an angel. Let us all ask the first question, anyone ask you to come here and provide the umbrella? or it is you who come without invitation and threaten people to accept the umbrella? Nuclear threat from whom? did you know that how many countries neighboring with China and N.Korea live a happy peaceful life without the so called "umbrella" from America?? Did China/NK threaten Japan with any nuclear weapon? the answer is NO. the fairy tales exist just to collect protection money, exactly the same style like Yakuza

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Posted in: Japan aims to conclude talks on cost-sharing for U.S. troops soon See in context

i always wonder if Japan say no to the cost sharing, what will happen? after all it is tax-payers hard-earned money, it shall be used for social benefits like education, medical, infrastructure, disaster relief etc. The last thing on earth the money shall be spent is on some fantasy protection fees. yeah Japan need not US protection, thank you and you can all leave in peace if you didnt get the money

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Posted in: S Korea reports record daily coronavirus deaths, prompting police raids See in context

south korea is doing badly, australia new zealand europe america is doing so good and heavenly perfect.

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Posted in: 密 chosen as kanji character best representing 2020 See in context

密, good word to describe 2020. i hope we will all have a brand new year at 2021 ! too many bad things happen at 2020

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Posted in: South Korea orders schools to shut as COVID-19 cases spike See in context shall close during pandemic period. i cant imagine some selfish parents insist on sending their kids to school, they are risking their own children life just because the parents want an easy path.

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Posted in: SDF nurses sent to Osaka as virus surge overwhelms facilities See in context

thank you SDF! Japan stay strong forever!

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Posted in: Japan to buy 10,500 freezers for coronavirus vaccines See in context

thanks Japan, Japan is the only country in the world which truly care for its citizens..Japan government is the best no matter under what circumstances. So many netizen are jealous their country cant even protect their own people by pretending nothing happen and do nothing.

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Posted in: Japan pledges support to vaccinate Tokyo Olympic athletes See in context

yes, it must be mandatory also for the people from America to get vaccinated before entering Japan, their stubbornness in not wearing a mask will endanger all the Japan people

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Posted in: Japan's economy grows 22.9% in 3rd quarter, bouncing back from COVID See in context

Japan is always the best and no.1, after this nothing can beat Japan strong economy foundation.

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Posted in: Support for Suga's cabinet falls to 50% amid virus resurgence: poll See in context

Suga will do better and better, need not to care about the polls. nobody can satisfy everyone

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Posted in: Declaring 'America is back,' Biden introduces nominees See in context

trump era is the darkest period in human history and a burden/tumor to the world. it is great relief to see America have new leader with competitive and superb team.

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Posted in: Koike says Japan can host Olympics despite virus spike See in context

With Japan highly efficient hygience protocols and guidance, it is believed Japan will host the Olympic successfully. Not only that, Japan will be the first country in the world with such ability to hold world-class event during pandemic period. Japan is the best, thank you Japan

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Posted in: China, Japan to cooperate in reviving virus-hit economies See in context

Together China and Japan will stay strong. Thanks for the ever-lasting friendship

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Posted in: Japan's economy rebounds by 21.4% in 3rd quarter as pandemic pain eases See in context

oh i can see so many crying babies grumbling about Japan economy rebound, jealousy will keep blinding people logical thinking. Maybe they can start with the Step 1, wear a mask. it is as simple as 1+1 =2, my three years old can do the exactly same calculation

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Posted in: 15 Asia-Pacific countries form world's largest free trade bloc in boost for China See in context

congratulations on all the RCEP members, the world will be better place without the MAGA. Now we can say it loudly, American didnt join it, but who cares!!

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Posted in: Biden takes Arizona; Trump refuses to concede See in context

it is a great shame in America election history! a true loser!

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Posted in: Refusing to concede, Trump blocks cooperation on transition See in context

what a shame for trump for not respecting the election result. It is fortunate we only need to endure all these nonsense until January only. After that, brand new excellent four years ahead!

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Posted in: Republicans seeking to raise at least $60 mil to fund Trump legal challenges See in context

Republicans seriously destroy the meaning of democracy and election. it makes America election a laughing stock and great joke to the world. Shame on its supporters

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Posted in: Trump claims election being 'stolen' from him See in context

yes dont worry, after all we will have to wait until 2030 only then we can get the 2020 election result. means trump still have 10 years time of being president while Nevada/Penn/NC/GA are calculating the votes.

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Posted in: World waits nervously, impatiently for U.S. election result See in context

Thank you Americans, this time you all are the heroes of the world. Thank you for choosing a good president - President Biden to lead the Americans and also the world. i believe the world will be better place under President Biden's guidance. You all save the world and give us a 4 peaceful years ahead. Thanks!

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Posted in: Trump wins Florida; locked in other tight races with Biden See in context

it looked like Trump will win, heart-broken but it is a fact. Another 4 more suffering years....what happen with American !!???

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Posted in: Anxious nation awaits Election Day See in context

judging on the comments like and dislike, you can tell who can win the election today. Biden supporters rock!!!

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