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Posted in: Suicide jumpers disrupt train services at Gotanda, Shinjuku See in context

I wonder if there is a more practical and economical way of saving suicidal people instead of building barriers.

I'm certain if JR wanted to fund research into it there is a way to at least save some people. For example, some kind of radar that could detect a collision and then generate a large blast of compressed air that would deflect a jumper out of the way, potentially back onto the platform. Or instead of gates what about some kind of low cost high strength wire curtain that lowers and raises when the train has stopped.

Just a few ideas. I'm sure it is not impossible to save lives without spending more than the cost of damage done by 1000s of suicides.

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Posted in: Minister's suicide precedes magazine story on rumored affair See in context

At 73 years old, there isn't many more years to live with a life expectancy for men being 80 in Japan. As well, an affair at that age? Most likely it was a loveless relationship in more ways than one.

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Posted in: Samsung to contest U.S. verdict in favor of Apple See in context

By the way Apple isn't innovating on anything, their laptops / phones are made from the same components from 3rd party manufacturers that other companies use, such as Intel. At one time Apple mostly definitely had Samsung as a supplier too, since they are the world's largest maker of LCDs.

Wake-up people

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Posted in: Samsung to contest U.S. verdict in favor of Apple See in context

If anyone hasn't noticed Apple is suing every~one, not just Samsung. Why? Because they have $100s of billion in free cash that they don't know what to do with. Some lawyers managed to get their hands into the biggest cash cow in the world. Why is Apple popular? Sheepeople. def. brainless people who act like sheep following each other without thinking for themselves.

The court case barely had any significant technological infringement. It mostly aesthetic complaints, as many have heard Apple has patented the rounded rectangle...

Apple is ... well a Bad Apple full of narcissists that sell products for narcissists.

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Posted in: Chinese mob ravages Japanese restaurant during protest; later finds out it is Chinese-owned See in context

What would be hilarious is if Japan just stopped policing any of these disputed "rocks". Activists come, look around, wait for some reaction.... nothing happens, "okay this is boring lets go home".

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Posted in: Apple's next iPhone to feature slimmer screen See in context

Galaxy S14 has

a touch rollable LCD 10'' wide screen can drive your car for you send birthday / holiday greetings automatically interface with your brian directly uploading anything you want to learn in minutes encode and decode optic nerve signals so that you see reality as augmented

iPhone can

play angry birds in space

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Posted in: Syrian defense minister killed in suicide blast See in context

Governments that use military force on children get what they asked for.

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Posted in: Google chief declares war on international criminals See in context

I think the point was counterfeit products are more likely to be made with slave labour, but both brand and counterfeit alike, such as Apple's suicidal foxconn. I think they can do a lot more than verify goods.

Technology is a double edged sword. It makes life better, but also will continue to eliminate massive amount of jobs with every break through. For example, if artificial intelligent translation comes to fruition you can say good bye to every translator's job on the planet in a few short months. Upside, everyone can communicate freely.

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Posted in: 'Non-existent children' fall through cracks because they've never been registered See in context

Maybe some day in the future, everyone will be traceable. If a child isn't attending the proper educational institute then an organization can locate and address the issues that are causing that. A lot of grief can be prevented. In a way, it is beneficial for the government to protect children up to a certain age by preforming some kind of tracking. They are the future citizens that will either make or break the country as a whole, so why not protect them. In no way am I saying "punish those who break the rules".

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Posted in: 17 dead as record heavy rain pounds Oita, Kumamoto See in context

Due to the surface temperatures of the planet rising 0.5% from the green house effect a record number of floods have occurred in the past few years. Notable floods include Australia, Pakistan, China, South Korea, and floods near the Mississippi in USA. These floods were all never before recorded in those areas. This doesn't even includes floods in 2011, 2012...

Why? Because the extra 5% moisture in the atmosphere is swept up and accumulates as a weather system moves across the ocean. This increases the amount of precipitation in some areas, while in others the moisture is being sucked out of the earth causing barren wastelands.

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Posted in: 10 things foreign guys do that make Japanese girls fall head over heels See in context

From experience, most Japanese women are easier to impress with romantic gestures and a general show of affection. I think that a lot of Japanese women (women in general maybe) become materialistic from an early age and the only thing they believe shows love is dinners, brand name stuff and vacations etc. As if they are saying "if you believe I'm worth it then prove it", but of course you can also make a materialistic person happy with creativity and expressing your feelings. I have also found relationships with Japanese to be a one way street. Take, take, take and an overly high expectation for a man to work until he is dead. This is probably feeding a stereotype, but for at least 50% it is true.

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Posted in: Mixed reality See in context

@Fadamor it plugs into the matrix. There is no spoon.

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Posted in: American father wins custody of child after divorce from Japanese woman See in context

It sounds like the wife was very self centered and immature in deciding what is best for the child. You have to choose what is best for the child, not just think what you want. With the amount of money spent on legal fees, she could have flown to the US hundreds of times to visit.

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Posted in: Man cooks, serves own genitals to 5 paying diners See in context

How does him being an artist make this any less crazy? Or is it implying that being an artist means you could be insane like Van Gogh...

Not sure what is more insane the surgery part or the part where several others participated in surgery, cooking, organizing and eating?! Who the hell pays to eat human?? Ofcourse there are horrible situations where people have to cannibalize or die, but in this case they had a choice. This is promoting something that can be taken in a horrible direction. What next?

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Posted in: Japan bets on overseas 'Japantowns' to boost economy See in context

Japan, you can buy some of the crappy provinces of Canada and turn it into Japanada. Seriously. Let the negotiations begin :p

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Posted in: Softbank tests balloon as emergency cell phone base See in context

Its great a company would go this far to ensure communications are available in a disaster. It would surely save lives.

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Posted in: Would-be robber sustains broken leg jumping between high-rise buildings See in context

He forgot to put on his suit from GANTZ that morning...

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Posted in: Tokyo Sky Tree elevators halted due to strong winds on opening day See in context

I wonder what elevator design could be created to operate in a flexing shaft. Its not impossible for sure to have elevators that operate in those conditions.

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Posted in: 3-yr-old boy, left home alone, falls to death from 11th-floor balcony See in context

With every problem in the world, there is a solution. If every commenter on this forum posted one idea and collaborated upon those ideas together then you may just save a life.

At 3 years old, even though we are programmed to fear heights by instinct, we are still mindless nulls. We don't register danger the same way as someone who is older and who has been in minor accidents. I have no doubt that many parenting brochures etc neglect to mention or are not even provided to new parents. If every parent was told after birth "X amount of children die every year from X,Y,Z" I'm certain lives could be saved.

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Posted in: 9 Hokkaido students hospitalized with alcohol poisoning See in context

People need only know their limits. The problem with alcohol is the more drunk you become the more your IQ slides, which leads to more drinking beyond your limit.

No one can force you to drink without physically shoving a tube or funnel down your throat.

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Posted in: Nuclear-free Japan braces for summer power shortages See in context

Why would you shutdown nuclear before having enough back-up power generation in other forms?!?

Sorry to say, but without nuclear the environment will be worse with coal. Renewables are not efficient enough to be cheaper than nuclear either. Japan has become one big energy experiment.

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Posted in: Tokyo raises Y76 mil in donations to buy disputed islands See in context

How small are these islands? 76,000,000.00 JPY = 945,486.61 USD thats not much money. Thats a four bedroom house in most cities.... not a couple of islands.

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Posted in: Korean idol enrages Japanese netizens by eating instant noodles from the pot See in context

If you get angry over this then you must be living under a digital rock. There is 7,003,409,346,923 other things on the internet to actually justify becoming angry.

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Posted in: Minivan hits group of children, killing 6-year-old boy in Chiba See in context

25 meters... how fast was he going?! Sounds like he was sleeping behind the wheel, not just distracted.

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Posted in: AKB48 candy ad criticized for encouraging homosexuality See in context

Girls kissing each other on video, isn't that common in Japan?

If you really want to see complaints have guys passing candies to guys then complaints would hit 50K+ :p

Double standards abound.

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Posted in: Ishihara says Tokyo plans to buy disputed Senkaku islands See in context

I think they should sink the island with more global warming then no one can have them :p

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Posted in: If you want a child, do it before you're 30, says leading obstetrician See in context

Conceiving kids from many points of view is a very personal topic. Some don't want kids. Some can't live without kids. Of course having kids over 30 is not a bad thing. There are many benefits to waiting at least until 30. For one, waiting just five years gives you a chance to be financially stable or even to say "maybe I can't afford more than one child or any children at all, without sacrificing a lot". Also, delaying the increase of the population is not a bad thing if people are living longer and longer. If people lived forever then you say with 100% certainty we'd already be out of space and resources. As people have increased their life spans by 20-30 years in most countries that means more people should choose have less children. Otherwise, it is only a few more exponential increases until the quality of life for your kids and their kids is so @#%$ that they will say "Wish I were never born ... how stupid my parent's generation must have been to screw like rabbits."

When he says "people should now the risks of having kids over 30", he should really say "you should know the risks of having kids period". I know of at least three friends or family members who had children before 30 that were unwell.

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Posted in: Mind-controlled cat ears hitting shelves in Japan See in context

Coming to a neko maid cafe near you...

I think that there are a lot more useful applications for extending the human body's capabilities than this.

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Posted in: U.S. Marines will not be transferred from Okinawa to Iwakuni See in context

USA should really consider leaving Okinawa.

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Posted in: Retailers report surging demand for disaster and emergency goods See in context

Fire extinguisher. Crescent and pipe wrenches to turn off gas and water pipes. Utility knife. Matches. Flashlights Portable radio with extra batteries. Non-electric, hand-held can opener. Camp stove or barbecue to cook outdoors Waterproof, heavy-duty plastic bags, a shovel and toilet paper. Also, bring disinfectant and hand sanitizer. Nylon rope and duct tape.

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