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Posted in: 3 Japanese lawmakers give up and return home from Seoul See in context

Its like Lord of the Rings, "You Shall Not pass!"

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Posted in: 3 Japanese lawmakers give up and return home from Seoul See in context

lucabrasi- Maybe. Except no one ever, ever happily hold hands and sings kumbaya in political disputes.

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I dont understand why SKorea refused 3 Japanese politicians to visit Ulleung island. If they are some kind of extremists, rejection is understandable. They are just another politicians. It is a surprise that SKorea refuses the entry if it don't like any persons. I thought SKorea is free country.

America is a free country too. Yet, it refuses travel, implies no-fly lists, and proscibes entry for people from Iran, Iraq, North Korea, and certain other countries without exceptional permission from Homeland security. Japan does the same thing too, and Korea is not an exception.

This is all a political game. Japan boycotted Korean Airlines for flying over the Liancourt Islands(which stirred anger over the Korean politicians), and this is just a political retaliation from the Lee Administration. Remember that the current President, Lee Myung bak, is VERY conservative and right-wing about these issues, and he's more than eager to play this political game.

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Japanese Government should focus on more important issues like the endangered public health due to radioactive food, or improvisions on its economy in case of an imminent crisis.

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Posted in: 4 Japanese lawmakers to be banned from visiting island near Dokdo See in context

Nice way for the government to distract the Japanese Public from the real problem: public health and radioactive foods

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This 'threat' to Japanese lawmakers could provoke a Japan vs S.Korea's INTERNATIONAL TRIAL and you, as SKorean, know what could happen... since Takeshima is obviously a JAPANESES TERRITORY (stolen by South Korea).NOTE 1: The worst thing is, you can't accept the bad interpretation of old korean maps (which is even worse). Anyway, I believe you know how wrong you are, it's like how you guys promote korean products trying to damage the Japanese makers' image around the Internet (blogs, youtube, etc.).NOTE 2: And you (vank) should stop writing emails to the whole world about the Japan Sea, making a WRONG relation between the 'war' and the name of the JAPAN SEA, so, stop naming that since you don't even know your culture (sad to see a non-asian guy who knows more than you about your own country). Beautiful groups against your lies are being created and I love them (I support them)You know why SKorea doesn't want any International Trial related to Takeshima and the Sea of Japan, so as you probably know, this 'threat' can be and I HOPE SO a really dangerous issue for your country (I really hope/except to see how people discover the real SKorean face indeed (no all of you)).n addition, and before talking nonsense (like 'this is a provocation', crying in front of the world to stab them after all), think about the money spent by VANK and the SOUTH KOREAN government (vank is a south korea gov-organization and totally supported by the South Korean government) to publish rubbish in the New York Times every year, videos in middle of the Times Square, etc.Are you sure what Japanese lawmakers are doing IS A PROVOCATION? I don't think so my man.

Cool story bro. But guess what? Koreans can go to the Islands whenever they want while Japanese cant. Thats a fact.

This is all a political game. Because the Japanese government boycotted Korean Airlines for flying their first Airbus over the islands, the Korean government decided, back at ya. Despite what you may think, the Japanese government is using this issue as a poitical tool despite knowing that they wil never get the islands. The Korean government also selfishly uses this as a "patriotic" political propaganda of defending thier territory, except they know that they hold total control over the islands.

Its silly and childish how the Korean and Japanese government are playing political games with this just to get more votes or supporters, but thats how politics work. No matter how many maps or proof either side tries to use to convince each other, the persistent fact is this: no other country, especially the US, is taking sides, and as long as this happens, Korea has total admistrative control(both military and financial control) over the islands.

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Japan cannot take S.Korea to ICJ to claim dispute over Takeshima without S.Korea's approval which they have refused constantly since 1954 with US recommendation that it should be solved at ICJ.

Korea's rejected it twice in 1954 and 1962, but that has not even been under US recommendation. Even in 1951 1952 and 1954, the US state department and security advisors refused to be involved in the dispute and ambiguously left very "vague" notes on whether or not it was Japanese territory. The simple message was, "Sorry Japan, but we can't help you there,"

Had the Japanese gained more support from the US or any other country(an influencial one), they could have kept proposing ROK to stand before the ICJ. But the Japanese government simply stopped( for 50years?), knowing that the US wouldn't change its stance.

But thats 50 years ago. Even to this day, the US stands neutral in this issue. So as long as that happens, Japan will never gain enough support to convince that the Islands belong to them.

What you must realize is that: The Japanese government knows this as well, and merely uses this as a political weapon. Although the Korean government is also guilty of using this issue as a political propaganda to gain votes, it doesnt change one fact: Korea has been administrating the Island for 50 years and probably will continue to do so as long as the US doesnt intervene.

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Why were the Japanese politician consider they were a threat to the state, did they think that they will commit Jihad? LOL

I hope they will take it to a court of law in the highest order within Korea to see the legitimate ruling of being banned.

As i said, its a very "vague" law which is subject to interpretation. However, the reason why the Korean government is doing this is political: the Lee Administration is trying to gain "patriotic" support and popularity from public now. Its very sycophantic how Korean Politicians are when it comes to this, but so are the Japanese lawmakers who are trying to go there: the Liberal Democratic party(Conservative) is now trying to gain support from its conservative followers by conducting this sort of "patriotic" action. However, since the leading party is the opposing Democratic Party(left), the Japanese government is a bit timid on this issue.

But as far as what I know, A Korean Citizen can go to the Liancourt Islands as he or she wishes, while a Japanese citizen cannot. This is the down-to-earth fact. Although I respect Japan's policy of peaceful resolution over the issue, they havent been able to convince the International Committee, or even the United States. If they manage to convince them, or the United States, then I AM SURE that Korea will step back(since we all know SKorea listens to whatever the US says :( ) But now, as far as Korea has military presence in the islands, Japan's claimed land may be said to theirs.......except they cant go there.

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South Korea has 3,853,000 personel in its military, 13,361 vehicles including (2429 tanks), 1568 aircraft, and 170 ships.

Japan by comparison has 297,329 personel in its military, 5220 vehicles including (902 tanks), 1953 aircraft and 110 ships.

Given the age of the aircraft in the JASDF it is fair to say that even though they have the numbers they are outclassed by the South Koreans. And one important factor, what happened last time Japan embarked on a military adventure to claim land.

Actually, Its like this: ROK Army > Self-Defense Army ROK Navy < Self-Defense Navy ROK Air F < Self-Defense Air Force

So if ROK ever tries to invade Japan, its Ships and Aircraft will be blown before they reach the coast. And even if the Japan Army reaches the beaches(easiy btw), they will be overwhelmed by the sheer number of soldiers and Anti-aircraft, Air-ship ordinance.

So whatever country invades first, has the most casualties since the military structures of both countries are so disimilar.

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Ban their entery to the country, on what ground? I've asked this question numerous time without any definitive answer from either of you.

Completely out of touch with reality like the S.Korean foreign ministry official mentioned within the article.

According to the Immigration Law Article 11, "Any Individual who may potentially prosume a threat to the interest or safety of the Korean Public is subject to boycott from any entrance to Korean Territory"

Its a very "vague" law, but the Korean government is doing this for a few reasons.

The 4 lawmakers are "relatively" nobodies, so it wouldnt do much to harm Japan-Korean relationships.(or so they think) Right now, the Lee Presidential Administration NEEDS some kind of support or accomplishment for their regime, so they told the media to report this. The Japanese governemnt doesnt care at this point either. All they can do is just "protest" by boycotting Korean Airlines for flying over the islands

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Posted in: S Korea lodges protest with Japan in islands dispute See in context

So waaaaait if Takeshima is Japan's territory, then why cant they just go there through the Oki Islands? Why are they having so much trouble to go to their own island by going to Korea, then travel by boat to there? Simple. Those 4 lawmakers are just going at their own will(probably to gain support for the next election), and the Japanese Government isnt backing them up.

If they cant go to Takeshima trhough Oki islands because ROK Navy has ships that patrol the island, and If Japan really cared about the islands, they should have had military presence there from the beginning.

Its not about whether some international law says that its Japanese Islands. Its about military presence on the Island, which Japan (could have) can easily have, but just won't.

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