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Mark Forrester comments

Posted in: Japan needs immigrants to boost population: minister See in context

Only when all their social problems are sorted should immigration come into it. If they're lacking people then treat your own people properly and make proper use of them. Immigration will only delay social change and equality. Immigration is just a procrastination, a delaying tactic. If people have stopped breeding, work out what the hells going on, sort the social problems out. There needs to be changes and keeping things lingering on through immigration is the cheap and easy option that will only delay the problems for another day.

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Posted in: Bangladesh asylum seeker deported after working for years in Japan See in context

"attacking police and damaging public property with explosives" asylum? More like evading prosecution.

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Posted in: Ogata urges Japan to do more to help refugees See in context

When I am Weaker Than You, I ask you for Freedom because that is according to your principles; when I am Stronger than you, I take away your Freedom Because that is according to my principles.

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Posted in: Ready or not, Japan on the way to becoming a nation of immigrants See in context

I live in a city that's gone from 0 to most of my neighbours being non English within 50 years and it's disrespectful. There is nothing wrong with the people that have come here, I have no problem with anyone on a personal level, but it's clearly as unfair as any other invasion in history. A migration balance needs to be struck. Europe hasn't got it right so Japan needs to work it out for itself.

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Posted in: Japanese academics join calls for gov't to face up to responsibility over 'comfort women' See in context

Nobody should be forced to apologise for what a minority did 70 years ago. We don't expect Muslims to apologise for things done in their name on a daily basis, why would this be any different? We think in generalisations but we live in specifics. None that are being forced to apologise had anything to do with it. Apply you pressure elsewhere, there are more productive things to agitate for. You western idiots take your white guilt and shove it up your arse, it helps no one.

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Posted in: Women sinking into poverty face bleak future See in context

This is on the same subject, published earlier this year i believe. Net Cafe Refugees | Japan's Disposable Workers http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j5bVWzTyJ7E

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Posted in: How women can manipulate clueless men See in context

This is an awesome article. It really made me laugh. Why are people complaining?

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Posted in: Michelin-star sushi restaurant in Tokyo defends foreigner rules See in context

Totally support them. I love Japan but I take it how it is rather than how I'd like it to be. If they change things out of the goodness of their hearts I'll go along with that, but if they don't I won't complain. I respect their culture. I don't force my own cultures obsessions on them. This isn't out of malice, they just concentrate so much on themselves that they can't fit us in. It's up to them, we have NO right to criticise them.

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Posted in: Is Japan really racist? See in context

We should be careful not to transfer our cultural obsessions to Japan. They don't do it from malice, they do it from ignorance / innocence. It's not their fault that the few of us they do meet fit nicely into pigeon holes most of the time. It's not racism as we put it, stereotypes exist for a reason. For example they must meet 20 Europeans that don't speak Japanese per 1 that does. Its not racism that they don't understand that we expect complete understanding and knowledge of our customs wherever we go. It angers me that we go around forcing our issues on them. Thinking about foreigners must take up a tiny fraction of their lives, I don't blame them for not knowing everything and neither does it offend me.

There are obviously going to be a few complaints here, we're all talking English speakers and that concentrates people that have complaints. Just remember that it's not our place to complain, we're there on their sufferance. Try concentrating on the 99% that do treat you right rather than trying to make them all feel bad for the actions of the few. Its bad enough that whites feel bad in their own cultures without transferring such self hate to a people that are already nice.

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