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A lack of children & population critical mass will (and is) destroy a culture more surely & thoroughly than any bomb or foreign power.

In this case, recalcitrant stupidity is the enemy, and it is defeating Japanese culture with moronic decisions like this.

Just wait another five years when the aged farmers exit the labour market & domestic production of fruit & veg plummets, prices skyrocket, & Japanese labour becomes harder to hire & more discerning & demanding - then these clowns will really have something to squeal about.

Good luck to this "Canadian" dad that has given his entire working life to Japan. I hope he has HUGE win on behalf of all the Japanese parents who have been rogered by this kind of idiocy in the past.

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50 years of successive governments doing near nothing to correct plummeting birthrates & an a woefully unbalanced labour market are coming home to roost, by the boomers & aged enslaving younger generations with absurd financial burdens they have no hope of paying.

Furthermore, they will brazenly flog foreigners with another thinly-veiled tax gouging chance like nenkin as mentioned by others, & resist ever providing it to those that stay & keep most of it for those that leave.

Expect at least another two x 2% increases in the next decade or so, & also expect a severe price spike in domestic produce as the old farmers age out of farming, with no-one left to replace them.

Birthrate adjustment? Epic FAIL

Food security? 73% in 1970 & around 25% now. Soon to be 10%? Epic FAIL!

Radical policy change to address huge structural & policy problems? I like Abe, but many others seem to do little more than keep the seat warm while Japan slides into oblivion... perhaps we should let a few foreigners in (that we can control) for a limited time on slave visas so that they can do the dirty work we are too precious to do - things like food production & caring for the old buggers that allowed these perfectly preventable, slow moving, & highly visible national disasters from occuring in the first place!

I do love Japan, but decades of government have failed in the most fundamental ways on THE most critical issues!!!

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@ Melissa Shimosato.

If they can be found on Alibaba, then order cartons of them and sell them at a reasonable price to parents. That will upset those with a gouging vested interest and help other parents at the same time.

Could be a winner!

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What? They could not predict that with two continental plates meeting off the coast & tremors (or worse) nearly every day in Tohoku, that there WAS going to be a tsunami etc? It was only ever going to be a matter of time.

The bottom line is they got caught not doing their jobs property but poncing around thinking they were something special.

There should be NO uranium reactors in such a geologically active country like Japan as it is too dangerous. Those that permitted the reactors in the first place are the real culprits as they should never have been there. Yes these execs did not do what was required. Indeed, no-one tapped them on the shoulder & provided an exact date & time, but anyone with a brain in Tohoku more than a week could tell you it was inevitable.

This is what Japan should have developed & built instead of 50+ Uranium reactors (that can spiral out of control) on top of three tectonic plates in one of the most geologically active places in the world.

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Posted in: Man in his 40s dies while in police custody See in context

Obviously the work of some cowardly thugs...oh he was where?

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South Korea & Japan would do better to work together in industry & enjoy some regional sporting events, rather than this carry-on.

The past is regrettable in some instances, but there is no need to ruin every moment thereafter.

Let's move forward people.

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Posted in: Japan encourages foreign tourists to buy travel insurance due to surge in unpaid medical bills See in context

I have seen old people pay as little as 78yen to visit a doctor at a hospital while the rest of us pay a LOT more.

They grizzle about foreigners, but the financial burden is a result of absurd, unfair, & financially irresponsible domestic health care policy for the aged.

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