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Mark House comments

Posted in: U.S. experts urge Japan to get strike capability over N Korean threat See in context

America is THE largest arms dealer in the world.

Trumps plan A

Arms sales bolstered by proxy (N. Korea threats) methods.

Knocking down a nuke over water or land is not a winning game as the results will shock and awe!

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Posted in: AI 'boy' granted residency in central Tokyo See in context

AI will be soulless. This is a robot that cannot be elevated by its soul. It may simulate soul characteristics but the mechanic even if it bottles human brain tissue will remain without a soul.

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Posted in: AI 'boy' granted residency in central Tokyo See in context

KURZWEIL: Human-Level AI Is Coming By 2029

Actually the Singularity of AI by 2029 is coming.

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Posted in: Gov't to spend Y47 bil on Fukushima water crisis, including ice wall See in context

The video you've been waiting for from Patrick Flanagan about Fukushima. Please rate on the page and share .


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Posted in: Gov't abandons hands-off approach to Fukushima clean-up See in context

All of Fukushima radiation can be neutralized according to Dr. Patrick Flanagan.

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Posted in: Facebook users in Japan losing interest See in context

Saturation of ideas and culture occurs on social networks. It's inevitable.

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Posted in: Japan donates $5 mil to U.S. for tsunami debris cleanup See in context

How will the debris be disposed of?! Important consideration.https://www.facebook.com/groups/391748190893768/?bookmark_t=group

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Posted in: Toshiba unveils robot for helping in nuclear disasters See in context



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