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July 11, 2020

I wish to extend my heartfelt prayers to those who are suffering from this terrible disaster. The pictures taken dramatically demonstrate the tremendous losses and the care and compassion shown by those seeking to assist those who have been adversely affected by this incident.

Although my wife and I live in Honolulu, Hawaii, we feel so sad and wanted to share our Aloha with the people who are suffering from this horrendous natural event.

Thank you so very much.

Respectfully yours,

Mark Kazuo Bradley

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I am curious to know if Japanese Law allows for "Trial in Absentia" for those accused of a crime but are unable to be located? Since the Japanese Government does not seem to have a formal extradition treaty with the Government of Lebanon, this seems to create a significant challenge for the Japanese Government in general and the Tokyo Prosecutor's Office in particular to secure the return of Mr. Ghosn. I did read in an earlier comment that perhaps both the Government of Lebanon and the Japanese Government can reach an agreement whereby Mr. Ghosn could be tried in Lebanon. However, if this does become a possibility, then, if Mr. Ghosn is convicted of the crimes for which he has been accused, including illegally exiting Japan without approval by the Japanese Government, then, how will the Japanese Government be able to move forward (Department of Justice/Criminal Courts of Japan) with handing down a consequence, i.e. Conviction & Sentence?

This case appears to be far from over and 2020 may continue to see the Carlos Ghosn Case in the media headlines, not only in Japan, but worldwide.

Thank you so very much.

Please accept my best wishes for a positive New Year in 2020.

Many thanks,

Mark Kazuo Bradley

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Aloha. I applaud Prime Minister Abe's appointment of Arashi as Japan's Goodwill Ambassador to China because from my perspective as a foreigner, I feel that having a popular musical group is a proper acknowledgement of the influence of "pop" culture on International Relations. Living in Honolulu, Hawaii, I have seen many Japanese Popular Culture Groups visit throughout my almost 60 of life from a variety of musical genres and have seen the positive reaction by those living in Hawaii, both local residents as well as visitors.

Thank you so very much.

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Aloha. My wife is from Kumamoto, and we return home quite often. As a foreigner, I have come to feel very fond of Kumamoto. The natural environmental beauty of Kumamoto is enhanced by the beautiful spirit of the people of Kumamoto. Towards this end, Kumamon is a great symbol for the people of Kumamoto.


Mark Kazuo Bradley, Honolulu, Hawaii.

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President Trump's decision to withdraw from the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty. The decision to pull out is in response to alleged violations of the pact by Moscow, according to U.S. media reports, is a decision that history may record as one of the most potentially dangerous made by our current President. While it may be true that Russia has committed violations of the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty, one poor decision made by President Putin should not be followed by another poor decision made by President Trump.

The United States has the moral imperative to keep its promises, especially those such as the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty that have the potential for worldwide destruction. The apprehension and fear expressed by many of the survivors of the Atomic Bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki is understandable.

Thank you very much for allowing me to comment on this subject.

Respectfully submitted:

Mark Kazuo Bradley

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I was saddened to read about the Pre-Halloween activities that occurred in Shibuya. Traditional Japanese Culture & Society would not tolerate this uncivilized behavior. Engaging in activities that deprive others of their right to responsibly enjoy their life and the destruction of private property is inexcusable in any society. Whether such activities occur in the United States, Japan or any other country in the 21st Century, these activities need to be curbed by the society as a whole. The law enforcement community can only reasonably be expected to successfully do so much to enforce the existing laws and protect the general public from the actions of a minority whose behavior is disrespectful.

Thank you so very much.

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To Those Whose Lives Have Been Disrupted By This Disaster:

Please accept my heartfelt prayers for healing and strength during this difficult time.

The people of Hawaii are thinking of you.

Please take care.


Mark Kazuo Bradley, Honolulu Hawaii

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I am deeply shocked and truly sorry for this brutal attack of the Japanese couple here in Honolulu, Hawaii.

I was born and raised here on Oahu, and cried when I learned about this extremely cruel act that was committed by a person who lives here on Oahu. There are no excuses that can be offered. There is nothing but profound feelings of true sadness.

I would like to extend my apologies to the couple, their families, their friends, and the people of Japan.


Mark Kazuo Bradley

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I am hoping that the meeting between President Trump and the North Korean Leader Kim Jun Un proves to be successful for all parties concerned. I am hoping that the Kidnapping of Japanese by the North Korean leadership is finally resolved and those who were taken are safely returned back home to Japan.

I am also concerned that despite the positive feelings currently, that the history involving North Korea's leaders with respect to keeping their promises is rather dismal. Additionally, given the volatility of the North Korean Leader Kim Jun Un, the outlook remains questionable in the long-term.

I am hoping that all parties involved: Japan, South Korea, North Korea, China, Russia, and the United States will be able to sit down at some point and time and create a new phase in the relationship between these countries.

Thank you so very much for allowing me to share my thoughts.

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I am truly impressed by the innovations that Japan consistently demonstrates to the world. Given the limited land space; the cost of real estate; and the growing number of people in transition, the development of capsule hotels is truly remarkable. I live in Hawaii, and like Japan, we too have limited land space since like Japan, Hawaii is an island chain surrounded by water. And., like Japan, Hawaii also has a high cost of living and a growing number of people who transit from outside of the State of Hawaii, in addition to those who need to have temporary housing. Hawaii also has a growing homeless population. Towards this end, perhaps we in Hawaii need to seek out the wisdom of those who are responsible for the "Capsule Hotel"? Granted, there probably would be legitimate concerns about "privacy" and the ability to keep each resident "safe and secure" which are not really issues in Japan since the Japanese have a different set of cultural values than do most Westerners. However, I feel that having a place to stay is far better than living on the streets.

I have never stayed in a capsule hotel since I stay with my wife's parents in Kumamoto. I am also a large sized man, so to be honest, I am not sure if my large size will fit in the capsule. However, I am willing to try the next time my wife and I are in Tokyo. I am curious to know if the other Prefectures also offer similar capsule hotels?

I would also like to know if any Non-Japanese have ever stayed in a capsule hotel and learn about their experiences.

Thank you so very much.


Mark Kazuo Bradley

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Congratulations to all of those who participated.

Thank you so very much for your dedication.


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From one American's perspective, the scandal involving Prime Minister Abe, his wife, and Deputy Prime Minister/Finance Minister Aso, seems to be similar to many of the political scandals which our politicians have also presented to the American Public. It would appear that longevity in political office tends to breed arrogance in some politicians which in turn, tends to cloud their judgement, and often results in embarrassing scandals. Americans became so disgusted with many of their elected leaders that people turned to alternative political parties such as our Tea Party. Additionally, many of our Congressional members have also complained about the negative environment of American Politics.

I am uncertain whether or not the majority of Japanese voters will eventually become so disenchanted with the actions of their elected leaders that a "Japanese Version of the American Tea Party" would arise in Japan. I don't think that the current "Reform - Minded Political Parties" quite fit the image of the American Tea Party. I would be interested to know if other readers of Japan Today share my observations.

Thank you.

Best Wishes.

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