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Posted in: Tokyo Olympics is looking for volunteers, but may have a hard time finding them See in context

SimondB, Olympics happen every 2 years, not every 4. Granted the summer Olympics happen every 4 and the winter every 4 but at 2 dozen that comes out to 48 years. Math son, math. Still, I would be surprised if this is actually true.

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Posted in: 7 things all Japanese just gotta say See in context

N00b Congrats you've stumbled on to something the rest of us know. If those things bother you just wait it gets better. Respond in Japanese. Tell them how well they use a fork. They don't ask me that sort of thing as tall and white as I am I'm largely ignored cause I kinda sorta blend in by not looking around like a tourist or speaking loud enough for a whole venue to hear me. It did take me back tho. Thanks.

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