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Posted in: Tokyo police crack down on cycling violations See in context

Headphones are my favorite "infraction". Of course I can hear the cars around me.

Are you going to fine the guy with the loud car stereo? I don't think so. Someone explain to me how this is any different than the cyclist who needs a little workout music.

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Posted in: North Korean TV confirms leader Kim is married See in context

Why does JT always put the "World" articles at the bottom, despite these being some of the most newsworthy? I guess "newsworthy" is a matter of (my) opinion.

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Posted in: Amazon Japan profiting from slaughter of whales, dolphins: investigation agency See in context

This is a newswire story, so I'm not going to blame JT... but this article doesn't even mention " couldn't be reached for comment", let alone any quotes from Amazon = pretty one-sided journalism to me.

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Posted in: Kumi Koda's first album since getting married reaches No. 1 spot on Oricon chart See in context

I can't believe I am correcting this, or even know this, but

Nazotoki wa Dinner no Aro de

Is "Nazotoki wa Dinner no Ato de".

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Posted in: TEPCO to raise electricity rates for corporate users by 17% from April 1 See in context

Datacenter costs skyrocket = taihen

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Posted in: Truck driver arrested over fatal hit-and-run in Saitama See in context

CrazyJoe, very nice. Do you have a source? Real numbers start real dialogues.

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Posted in: A dictionary that understands grammar See in context

That's a cool feature/idea. Calling it an "incredible twist" is a bit of a stretch for me, though.

Does the search support romaji? For true beginners, a romaji search for "tabenakatta" would be good, if that worked.

Disclosure: I am one of the developers of a Japanese vocabulary study application, Japanese Flash, so I guess this could be competing with a portion of our app... but I welcome healthy competition - so welcome!

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Posted in: TEPCO internal report says quake caused little damage to Fukushima nuclear plant See in context


"Tokyo Electric Power Co (TEPCO) has released an interim report"

What part of that is leaked?

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Posted in: U.S. eats: A taste of America in Tokyo See in context

I'm from Chicago (there right now) and have been to Devil Craft.

It's ma-ma. Their beer is good but not sure the pizza alone warrants a trip.

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Posted in: Renowned chefs join American Airlines' culinary team See in context

They need to do something about the economy class cabins, too. The pizza they serve between NRT-->ORD needs to go, I turn it down every time now...

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Posted in: Tokyo gov't agrees to take 1,000 tons of debris from city in Iwate See in context

I was in Iwate prefecture earlier this month. Out of interest, I calculated it: it is 170km from the Fukushima plants to central Tokyo; it is another 165km beyond that to Kamaishi-shi, where I was. Recalling from the map, Miyako is even further north (~60km from Kamaishi), it's clearly further away.

I'm not sure I understand the reasoning behind the comments on radiation.

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Posted in: Noda gets approval rating of 63% See in context

@Yubaru, you'd be surprised. When I took statistics, I was also very surprised to find that surveys -- if the group is truly randomly selected -- starts to become statistically relevant after only 30 data points. 1000 is sufficient to have a +-5% error.

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Posted in: Strong yen spurs int'l travel, currency trading See in context

Serrano - they're not just buying and selling -- they are setting the price. Their "job" is to create a market.

If you had JPY and wanted to buy USD, and there was no one to sell USD to you (e.g. buy your JPY), how well do you reckon the world economy would function?

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Posted in: 5 steps to topgrade your company See in context

@electric2004, topgrading relates to human resources, not engineering; I think it's a bit of a stretch to link the two. Furthermore, the plants held up well to the earthquake - the obvious mistake was not the plants' construction or design, but where they were located.

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Posted in: Japanese Flash integrates Twitter to create public 'learning feed' See in context

smithinjapan, I'm one of the developers as well (with rsharrott above).

If you want to see an example, you can see my pre-release tests (I was tweeting words while studying):

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Posted in: New iPad browser app makes reading Japanese websites easier See in context


When we make one. The screen size is really an issue, and we're trying to figure out if it's worth it or not (is there demand for it??) Anyway, I've put the idea on our site, - hopefully someone will vote for it.


Yeah, we don't want to stay solely Apple; we're not total Apple fanbois. That said, they have/had the best technology in the past few years for these sorts of apps. That's changing with a lot of the new HTC phones.

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Posted in: New iPad browser app makes reading Japanese websites easier See in context


Thanks for the feedback. I'm Mark, one of the developers. I'm sorry to hear you're having trouble.

The dictionary source is EDICT (Jim Breen's dictionary, WWWJDIC), which has approximately 150,000 words. It has 後回し、無関心、警察庁.

We noticed that there is a "bug" with the way Apple's browser selects text that causes the problem you're experiencing.

If you use the left marker (the blue ones) to select text, it will return no data!

However, if you tap on the start of the word and drag the marker to the right to select, the "Rikai" button should return the dictionary result.

Unfortunately, this issue is in Apple's code, not ours, but we are looking for a work-around (other than this mentioned above).

And, thanks for Awesomely trying out Rikai Browser! We want to make it awesome, so if you or anyone else finds any further issues, please feel free to tell us:

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Posted in: Let's Smooch! iPhone application to be launched See in context

the general media fascination with anything "i" is tedious.

iKnow, right?!

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Posted in: iPhone tool Japanese Flash opens up 'social learning' See in context

Kinda like pooled ignorance, I'd say.

Wikipedia being another example of a pooled ignorance?

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Posted in: iPhone tool Japanese Flash opens up 'social learning' See in context

Generally, Apple doesn't openly support refunds in a stated policy (Android has a specific time limit, I think it's 24 hours), but if there is a good reason, they'll do it. As motogaijin suggests, part of the reason it's not clear is that the laws vary country to country.

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Posted in: New language learning tool, Japanese Flash, launches on App Store See in context

My2sense-- hey we didn't make the data just the tool :)

kujirani- yes-- definitely not the first app in the category... Interestingly it was the shortcomings of some of those other apps (remain nameless) that encouraged us to actually do this.

We want to keep the software updated and usable-- we want everyone that finds it useful to help us make it better -- let your voice be heard --

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Posted in: New language learning tool, Japanese Flash, launches on App Store See in context

taj- I'm one of the developers; we're not connected to this site - but we're happy that they feel our app is as newsworthy as we feel it is.

smithinjapan- we based the app off of the EDICT dictionary, which is around 150,000 words Japanese->English. Most of the other apps out there sport the same data source. That said, a properly edited, "real" dictionary certainly will cost in excess of 1000 yen - it's a valid point.

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