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Mark Quijano comments

Posted in: Ben Carson pulls ahead of Donald Trump in national poll See in context

I noticed that Ben has been criticized by many because of his boring speeches and his religion. Many of you here hate Ben, but he got 26% and is leading the race. There's something about this man. Sometimes things happen in a mysterious way.

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Posted in: Japan returns boy to Germany under new child custody treaty See in context

I wish the government will also look into the cases of parents coming from third-world countries. They are usually left behind and their rights are often ignored. They cannot even get a driver's license here in Japan because their country doesn't belong to G20. How about their rights to their kids?

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Posted in: Tomita denies stealing camera at Asian Games See in context

This issue is personal and should not drag the two countries into whatever misunderstanding. Let the court decides based on evidences. If the athlete is lying he should go to jail, but if Korean police cannot prove that this man stole the camera, then truth must be revealed here.

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Posted in: Woman found dead in car; 11-year-old son also found with stab wounds See in context

I am sick of this kind of news. Japanese government should do something about it. We've seen abenomics on TV almost everyday, but I've never seen any (life-is-important) campaign from the government. I think there are so many hopeless Japanese people here right now. And because they are hopeless, they think killing their children, parents or friends is the best way to get rid of this hopelessness.

This is a nightmare for the boy, but I hope he could forget this tragedy and live his life happily.

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Posted in: New daycare centers held up by residents opposing noisy kids See in context

Japanese people who hate kids' noise coming from the day care centers should move to the countryside. They can maybe move and live in Fukushima, it is so quiet there now.

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Posted in: Father of girl who murdered classmate in Sasebo found dead in apparent suicide See in context

The news said that the mother of the girl died last year and her father got married to his second wife. The girl was living alone in her apartment at the age of 15 prior to the incident.

I condemned the crime she had committed. But, I somehow got some clue of the possible reasons why she ended up in this unforgivable act. First, she lost her mother. Second, her father left her alone and married to another woman. It means, she lost everything. I know losing loved ones at a very young age can cause mental problems. It made her think that nobody cares if she think or do something bad to herself or to anyone else.

I don't want to blame the father. But his death cannot justify nor fixed the problem her daughter had fearlessly done. He could have lived with her sometime after the death of his wife, or left his daughter to some relatives for supervision, proper care and guidance.

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Posted in: Chiba woman kills 13-year-old daughter See in context

For Japanese people, being poor is so shameful. They cannot accept the fact that life is not always same as what they had some 20 years back. The Government also fails to support its jobless and hopeless people. To survive even with almost nothing is really a big challenge for Japanese people.

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Posted in: Woman gets 8 years for fatally beating 11-yr-old daughter with golf club See in context


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Posted in: Some ALTs have a background in education, while some never even studied a foreign language before. Some are doing it just to earn money, while other ALTs are working because they really want to teach See in context

"Some are doing it just to earn money, while other ALTs are working because they really want to teach the language"

Common sense...you are not writing because you want to write, but you want to earn money.

"If English becomes a proper subject in 2020 and the education ministry doesn’t provide some kind of training, it may cause confusion with the teachers".

2020 is actually to late, why don't start it as soon as possible? And besides, government should make a clear standard of teaching. Some ALTs are just decorations inside the classroom while some are working harder than the homeroom teachers.

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Posted in: If you're low-income, here's what you're doing wrong See in context

Well, people with low income should avoid spending too much buying unneccessary things. They should also stop coming to the pachinko. It is usually our lifestyle that pulls us down. But offcourse, we can improve our encome by doing our job well so we can get promotions or find another part time job that can give us extra income.

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Posted in: Imperial palace receives Fukushima rice at emperor's request See in context

The Empreror showed empahty to the people in Fukushima. One thing I liked about the Emperor.

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Posted in: Japanese women list their foreign husbands’ odd behavior See in context

My Japanese wife would like to say something about me here.

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Posted in: Abe warns China on use of force as jets scrambled See in context

Obviously, there are many Chinese here. I wonder if Chinese jet fighters fly over the USA's airspace and do no wrong, just flying...what would be the reaction of America?

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Posted in: 13-year-old Tokyo boy killed by train in suspected suicide See in context

Very pity. He should live longer and enjoy life. If this is a suicide case, there are two possible things happened before he committed such act. He might have suffered depression caused by family related problems or he's just a victim of bullying at school.

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Posted in: Father drowns trying to save 2 sons off Kanagawa coast See in context

Father's love....so sad. His kids will miss him so much but they must be proud of their father.

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Posted in: Japan to pay $3.1 bil to relocate U.S. Marines from Okinawa See in context

Japan should start building their own defense now because China is ready to conquer countries in Asia. Removing US bases in Okinawa would not only affect their local economy but it will also give direct impacts on the national security.

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Posted in: Foreigners show their Japanese singing skills on 'Nodo Jiman Za! World' See in context

I saw him on TV. I think he's a good singer with high range and a feminine voice color. By the way, how to join in this contest? Can anyone give me the website of the TV program? Thanks.

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