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Posted in: Former sex slaves hold 1,000th protest outside Japan's embassy in Seoul See in context

What is the point of a "forced apology"?

Who are they asking to apologize anyway? The Japanese government or the Japanese people? Are these the same ones from World War 2? Or wait did they already been prosecuted for the their crimes? Just because my skin color, my eyes, my hair, looks like the my forefathers, doesn't mean I am them.

LIFE IS TOO SHORT!!! You can either spend your whole life being a victim or live a conquering life. Nelson Mandela was in prison for 27 years and when he became president, he didn't ask for compensation. He just forgave. Hate will only create more hate. Apology or not, alive is alive. Those 60+ millions killed from World War 2, I never think died in vain (on both sides). We are at peace now (at least 90% of the world is) thanks to them.

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