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It is not just a question of Radiation Level, which is just a quantity. It is important to consider the type of radiation.... Which isotopes are present. Normal Background radiation is largely from isotopes that are not biologically active and therefore irradiate everything generally with low MeV decays.

Many of the isotopes from Fission are biologically active and are drawn deep into the cells of living creatures and can be point source high MeV sources acting right next to or inside of living organisms.

Life on Earth has grown up with the natural isotopes and knows how to exclude them or not use them in sensitive tissues, but these synthetic isotopes have never been on this planet untill 80 years ago.

Living tissues even mistake them as food and incorporate them into cells, then they explode completely without warning. They disintegrate much more energetically than an natural isotopes, and inside very sensitive tissues.

In evolutionary terms life has had absolutely no time to get used to these synthetic time bomb versions effectively disguised as natural elements.

There is no experimental data from previous tests of releasing radioactive waste into a Pristine Planet Earth and seing how it will affect the course if Evolution thousands if years down the line since this last few decades is the first time it has been done.

We have no idea of what changes Nuclear Fall out will make to this planet in future, and all releases are permanently irreversible.

Don't forget that all this is being done supposedly to generate electricity, most of which we use as a luxury not necessity.

We waste most of the electricity we generate...!

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