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'including one 7-year-old boy who is in a state of cardio-respiratory arrest'

Please tell it as it really is JT. The poor kid died at the scene. In this case it is highly unlikely that a doctor's official declaration is really necessary . . . . RIP poor 7-year boy, a victim of atrocious driving.

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A truly awful disaster. My heart goes out to those who have lost loved ones . . . I've just been looking at a nautical chart of the area of the accident and the sea is surprisingly shallow (around 50m average depth or so). This will mean it will be comparatively easy to recover wreckage and most importantly find out what caused this terrible event.

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Guiness tastes like crap! Oh dear - I think you got the wrong way round. Budweiser tastes like crap (except for the 'real' Budweiser that they brew in the Czech Republic). I would prefer Happoshu to the watered down taste of American Budweiser!

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This has been discussed in the media and in so many books about Japan. Power lines are above ground in this country because it's cheaper that way and for no other reason. In an earthquake (particularly as well demonstrated in the Great Hanshin earthquake) fallen power lines prevented easy access for emergency vehicles and more than on person was electrocuted from live broken dangling wires. Overhead lines are never a good idea - both for practical, safety and aesthetic reasons. Look at cities in developing countries like Manila or Jakarta - festooned with wires. They'd love to bury their wires if they could afford to. In Japan power lines remain above ground because of lack of will on the part of the authorities and ordinary people here know no different.

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