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Posted in: Jan 6 committee prepares to go public as findings mount See in context

the worst attack on the Capitol in two centuries,

Well, I guess it depends on how your measure an attack.

On March 1, 1954, three men and one woman entered the visitor’s gallery above the chamber and quietly took their seats.  Around 2:30 p.m. they indiscriminately opened fire onto the House Floor and unfurled a Puerto Rican flag in a violent act of protest meant to draw attention to their demand for Puerto Rico’s immediate independence.

Five Congressmen were wounded in the shooting.

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Posted in: Hikaru Utada announces new album, streaming concert See in context

I like it, even though it sounds nothing like Conrad Birdie's song.

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Posted in: Japanese woman finds wallet with ¥1 mil, does right thing, then something even better See in context

If a foreigner return lost item to koban they'll be interrogated for almost one hour while they'll be asking to fill many form of papers.

This is untrue, based on personal experience. It only took a few minutes and the paperwork I filled out allowed me to keep the 20,000 yen I found after it was unclaimed.

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Posted in: Osaka pachinko parlor used as vaccination site See in context

Within a week, Japan's per capita vaccination rates will surpass those of the United States.

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Posted in: Mizuho Bank suffers 5th Japan-wide system failure of 2021 See in context


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Posted in: Mass vaccinations in Tokyo, Osaka get into full swing; Kobe opens large center See in context

Where are the other sites for the rest of the 492,431 daily doses?

"Vaccination venues vary with each municipality. The vaccination voucher sent from local governments will list the available venues. Municipalities are planning to use public facilities and gymnasiums, for instance, as large-scale vaccination centers. Local clinics may also offer shots as well."

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Posted in: Mass vaccinations in Tokyo, Osaka get into full swing; Kobe opens large center See in context

15,000 doses per day is a small portion of the total daily doses.

For example, 497,431 doses were administered in Japan on Thursday, May 27.

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Posted in: Vaccine chief Kono blames drug approval system for slow inoculation drive See in context

Meanwhile, Kobe will dump 960 coronavirus vaccine doses after a storage temperature error, and in Ikoma, Nara, a hospital mistakenly gave a saline solution shot instead of COVID-19 vaccine.

The vaccine roll out itself is a logistical embarrassment, which has nothing to do with the approval process.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 399 coronavirus cases; record-high 719 in Osaka See in context

Kyodo reports Osaka Pref. has a record 719 new Covid cases.

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Posted in: In landmark ruling, Japanese court says same-sex marriage ban 'unconstitutional' See in context

Details, as reported elsewhere...

"In the landmark ruling, Presiding Judge Tomoko Takebe sided with the couples who claimed the government was violating Article 14 of the Constitution that ensures the right to equality, describing as "discriminatory" the government's failure to implement legal measures to offer "even a degree" of marital benefits to same-sex couples."

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Posted in: Fly me to the moon: Billionaire Maezawa seeks 8 passengers for lunar trip See in context

Didn't 27,722 women waste their time with Maezawa's previous contest, which Maezawa then called off?

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Posted in: Finding a home doesn’t have to be a pain. Foreigner-friendly can help See in context

I see. is not located at Why would you name your company after a domain name that you do not own?

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Posted in: Finding a home doesn’t have to be a pain. Foreigner-friendly can help See in context

The site seems to be dedicated to the sport of soccer, not housing.

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Posted in: Japanese approval of Moderna's COVID-19 vaccine unlikely until May See in context

120 million doses, starting in February, from Pfizer would be enough for 60 million people, or roughly enough for every person in Japan 55 years and older.

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Posted in: Nissan rolls out new electric crossover to boost image See in context

Ariya-derci, Nissan.

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Posted in: Snow White manners See in context

The most dangerous thing on this train, besides the poisoned apples, is the absence of hand straps.

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Posted in: Warning over surge in demand for cosmetic surgery in Japan See in context

"What is "double eyelid surgery"?"

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Posted in: Restricted viewing See in context

It's difficult to tell from the photo, but it looks like they are forcing everyone to walk on the concrete roads, rather than in the open areas, which would be the opposite of social distancing.

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Posted in: Batman stage show coming to Tokyo with Batman Ninja battling Joker Daimyo See in context

"Huge hit"? It reportedly had only $3,691,235 in sales.

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Posted in: Yomiuri to play pre-season games in empty stadium over weekend See in context

Pre- season, not pe- season.

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Posted in: Kyoto starts new 'Empty' tourism campaign to attract tourists during coronavirus outbreak See in context

"a drop in tourists so dramatic that local shop owners say they haven’t seen anything like it in 30 years."

The early 90s was a great time to live in and visit Kyoto.

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Posted in: Virus death toll in China rises as U.S. prepares evacuation See in context

Not yet peer reviewed, but informative.

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Posted in: Woman’s body found in love hotel room in Saitama Pref See in context

Erotic asphyxiation is very dangerous.

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Posted in: Model home provides model wife and model daughter so you can feel the joy of family life See in context

Selling point: Regardless of your height, you can cut your head open on one of the six 90 angles built into our steel staircase.

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Posted in: Mother of 7-year-old girl missing since Sept 21 asks public for help See in context

Wouldn't it be better to have a picture of the missing child, rather than one of the mother?

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Posted in: If you live in Japan, do you know where you need to evacuate to in the event of flooding or an earthquake? See in context

I didn't know for sure, and this questions prompted me to check.

Unsurprisingly, my evacuation center is the elementary school down the street.

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Posted in: Do you have an emergency survival kit for use in the event of an earthquake or some other natural disaster? See in context

Yep. Food, drinks, extra water to flush the toilet. I learned from my friends after the Kobe quake.

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Posted in: Rugby World Cup, F1 and typhoon: What could happen? See in context

A very windy Saturday night predicted for Tokyo.

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Posted in: At Fukushima plant, a million-ton headache: radioactive water See in context

Minister of the Environment Shinjiro Koizumi should work diligently on a solution that is "cool" and "sexy".

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Posted in: AKB48, Japan’s biggest idol singer group, apologizes for selling 'Date Tickets' See in context

It literally was compensated dating.

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