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Posted in: Norway killer's manifesto praises Japan for not adopting multiculturalism See in context

Seeking 'multiculturism' is a pursuit of racism. An acceptance of endorsed, if not outright enforced, generalities. It is akin to an invasion led by an unelected dictatorship with no face nor method of blame.

That is, multiculturism seeks to destroy the individual. How can one (or even many) preserve a culture outside of it's source? How can one even hope to define a culture via a subset of itself? It is a few imposing their will on the many; both in terms of their will over 'their' own, as well as over the 'host' nation.

Multicultural-acceptance is two way street that requires those that wish not to be caustic to not overshout their neighbors. To not drive their views so as to divide the public stream. To be civilized is to belong and shape with unity of purpose-- not to cause disruption; not build your future upon the destruction of others or their ways. It is to find the path that makes use of others desires, gifts, dreams in a way that benefits both peoples.

It's is perhaps in the end the recognition that your neighbors culture is a bit of your own and vice versa. It a blending of spices that work together, not a replacement or bitter contrast.

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