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Posted in: Fatally abused 5-year-old girl wrote notes pleading with her mother, stepfather to stop beating her See in context

This is nothing less than horrible. That this angel knew and experienced such a life is beyond description.

This kind of abuse of our children has to stop. As a people, not just as a culture, but as the human race! We need to work as one to protect these innocent angels from harm.

When in doubt, assume that there is no doubt! Report these signals and follow up.

Here in The US, Los Angeles area. An 8 year old boy was beaten, starved, tortured, and things that were inhumane.

At what point will this type of harm to the children end?!

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Posted in: Japanese gov't considers limiting casino visits to 10 per month See in context

Great point, but I think as always, there's a revenue to be made and a politician with his hand in the cookie jar. Casinos are going to be built because people are going to gamble. It just needs to be controlled and supervised. Another one of life's tolerated evils.

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Posted in: Japanese gov't considers limiting casino visits to 10 per month See in context

This is Japan wisdom at work. They see the cost of gambling addiction not just to the families, but to the government. It's the way it should be done worldwide. There comes a time that governments should start to consider the common good. People are just weak. They follow whatever trend is popular at the moment whatever the cost. The latest stupidly seems to be vaping. A friend of mine just lost half of a lung and a portion of the other due to vaping. This casino limitation is very wise indeed. When do you build a wall to protect the population from a tsunami? Before the storm?, or when you see the swell at the horizon?

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Posted in: Wedding day See in context

Now this is a marriage. Congratulations. Be happy for all time....

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