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I am amazed Japan is so far behind with the whole vaccination program. The UK is hardly advanced but I have a digital vaccination pass I can show on my phone for attendance at large events and for travel. This virus isn’t going away and the sooner we learn to adapt and live with it the better for all

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Hotel prices have dropped dramatically, and will again as availability soars. We are due in 2 weeks and I have rebooked all my rooms with the big chains to save money. Any Roykens I have reservations with I’ve left and will pay the price I originally agreed. It’s a buyers market!

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As someone due to fly out from the UK in 3 weeks, presumably along with lots of other travelers for blossom season, the reality is for me that it’s either under control within 2 weeks or the Japanese gov will need to declare a state of emergency across a number of areas so that the relevant foreign governments advise against travel, so people can claim on their holiday insurance. If it’s not under control by the end of March and visitors arrive it will spread. If the British foreign office don’t issue a “don’t travel” warning we will have to travel or lose all our money. Most European counties now have a problem, not as big as Japans but it’s multiplying rapidly and mostly linked to Italy, before too long it will be ubiquitous.

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