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Pardon me, but America did not invade China.

Now on a different note, Japan needs ti except what happened and move on. Embarrassed about the past? So what! Change it by excepting it! America for one did. In American textbooks they say Anglosaxons (Americans), SLAUGHTERED the NATIVE AMERICAN creating a MASSACRE.Why can't Japan state this? It is fact, fact, fact. The Japanese military raped 10~15 yr old girls in both Korea and China to entertain their troops. Even soldiers that have recently perished said this. Korea and China both will back off if they say this in the textbooks. It is SO easy to fix. It amazes me that Japan tries to be humble in most activities in their daily life, but when it comes to their militarism, they shy away saying that had reason to rule just like Hitler.

As for Dokdo, ha Korea! It is part o Japan and even has been mapped out after the war. Takeshima, Senkaku and parts of northern Hokkaido are all Japanese territories. Korea, YOU need to become friends with your northern neighbors if you want more land. China, go west for your land, NOT east. Also your country is big enough,

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Posted in: Japan mourns victims of Tokyo firebombings See in context

Don't forget who started the war!

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Posted in: China urges Japan not to lose its conscience over WWII guilt See in context

China should quit digging this up everytime it wants to hold talks with Japan. Isn't one apology enough. What else? Now in regards to the Japanese officials claiming sex slaves never tooj place, try telling that to your own soldiers from that era that admitted to it. Also turn the victims from Korea and China that were abused. Instead of being ashamed from it, admit to it and move on.

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Posted in: Goto's mother expresses sorrow over his murder See in context

I hate to say this but America has lost some innocent people to this heathen from hell ISIS group too. My heart goes put to all individuals who have lost their family members to this chicken-hearted radical group. Al Qaeda even hates this group.

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Posted in: Mother holding 1-year-old baby jumps in front of train in Tokyo See in context


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Posted in: Tokyo’s Haneda Airport becomes fourth airport in the world to be awarded coveted 5-Star rating See in context

Fukuoka is better because you don't have to be bused to your plane.

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Posted in: Practical tips for dealing with stalking in Japan See in context

Warning to females on the trains, stay away from males that have their phones out. Males, be leary of using your phone on the train. Warning to females be aware of your surroundings, avoid dark alleys, never enter a parking lot by yourself without something in your hand as defense should something happen. Males avoid walking by a female alone on an open road. Take the opposite side of the street to avoid superficial claims. And females don't post fb pics of slumber parties, you are only baiting those perverts.

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Posted in: China: 2020 Olympic success will depend on how Japan faces its history See in context

China can't handle the fact that Japan has moved on. Vengeance will kill you and China your attitude of the past continues to bleed your soul of bitterness and anger. Face it with a new look at the future and you would help the Far East a stronger place to be. Join Japan and mkve forward.

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@sillygirl AMEN!

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@Gaijin desi

Don't think so. Facebook has and will continue to surpass all socal sites. Be thankful that it is the only true thing we can get for free in this world. MC has made a mint with his expertise, and he is the only one that the government can't buy!

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It is funny, we haven't been able to afford restoring a lot of infrastructure but all of a sudden we can afford the Olympics. Watch, if Tokyo loses the host bid, then the Tokyo Governor will say again to the country, cut back on your spending because the city is broke.

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Posted in: Toyota Corolla: World's most popular car See in context

sfjp330 I agree.

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Posted in: Tornadoes rip off roofs in eastern Japan See in context

The tornadoes here are nothing like the F5 from the Midwestern twisters that are average. As far as this year goes it is nothing like 2011 was. One of worst on records here.

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I have been living here for 20 years and I have never witnessed a summer like this in Kyushu. Just to add, only 2 typhoons hit this whole summer. What's up with that? Usually we see at least 4 within a 20 day span. Granted, back home in Nebraska this summer in Japan is average for them.

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Posted in: 2 youths arrested for dumping body in Fukuoka See in context

If found guilty they should have the book thrown at them.c

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I agree with Maria, a very dignified statement.

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No thankful. This is gross. 僕は、抹茶と茶道は大好きですけどこのビールと抹茶混ぜて?おいしいくない。抹茶とバニラアイスクリームはおいしい!抹茶とごはんはおいしい!バッテンビールといいしょ?

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Life goes on even though it is tragic for the families that lost a member.

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@OssanAmerica. CrazyJoe is right. Before critizing Japan and not rending forgiveness, China the big bully in the East needs to shut up and quit ruining the environment in the name of progress. The reason China is going to the sea for territorial matters is because they are depleting their natural resources. Did you notice the government isn't expanding in their backyard but trying to evolve in their front yard. You are right though about the atrocities of war that Japan engaged in. That was then though and life needs to move on. If you want to mention atrocities, what about what Iraq did to the Kurds? About what Australia did to the Aborigines (true Aussies)?About what England and France did to the Africans?Hell what the Anglosaxons did to the American Indian? To top it all off, about what Hitler and the Germans did to the Jews?In order to move on, forgiveness needs to be given. The first move has already been done to heal the war wounds through financial support by the Japanese. In my opinion, it is China's turn to move in a positive direction. Have you ever been to China? Not the most relaxed place. The food is awesome! The people are kind! BUT the Communist Government sucks!

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Robin China is polluting the world in the name of industry. Study your recent history. China pushes the Dalia lama and other surrounding countries uncluding Taiwan! The Chinese government needs to learn some manners. The Chinese people are great but the Communist government sucks!

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Posted in: China blasts Japan ahead of legislative session See in context

China is just greedy because they outsourced themselves. ****

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