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Marr Bourdein comments

Posted in: Man beaten, robbed on street in Chiba Prefecture See in context

Some older folk walk around during the day evening or night scolding people without thought of the outcome. Can't say this was the case but I am pretty certain he was targeted not just an anonymous victim. This story makes little sense. Hope he makes a quick recovery. And for the scum doing this, you can run but you can't hide, too many cameras around these days.

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Posted in: Japan pledges $4.5 bil more in aid for Ukraine, including $1 bil in humanitarian funds See in context

worry about here not Ukraine nor Gaza. Meanwhile inflation is going through the roof here in Japan but hey... let's donate 5 billion dollars to a lost cause, yeah why not.

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Posted in: Figure skating icon Hanyu announces divorce; blames slander, stalking See in context

what a quitter.... he got married in Tokyo with a man he met at a skating competition.

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Posted in: Mexico considering withdrawal from 2025 World Expo in Osaka See in context

Well that just upsets me that the Taco Stands will not be at the expo.

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Posted in: White House asks Congress for $106 billion for Ukraine and Israel wars See in context

Enough is enough!! America needs stop interfering in other countries wars. Why not ask congress for billions to help our veterans and provide Americans with better and affordable healthcare.

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Posted in: Israel vows 'mighty vengeance' after surprise attack by Hamas kills hundreds See in context

Israel will prevail, it's biblical. And for the moderators, I know who you are. We will meet really soon you bastards.

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Posted in: 80 women arrested Jan-Sept in Tokyo's Kabukicho for alleged prostitution See in context

men or women soliciting sex in Japan is not illegal. It becomes illegal when money is used in the exchange. The prostitute (make or female) don't pay taxes so they are illegally employed up to that point. It's a small fine apart from the humiliation that is taken from them. The second time they are caught they can face a larger fine but no prison/jail time for that offense unless they test positive for drugs. If so that can range from fines, jail time and possible deportation (if it were a foreigner) but for the most part Japanese women just get fined.

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Posted in: Former gang leader charged with rapper Tupac Shakur's 1996 murder See in context

Give it up... let TS rest in peace already.

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Posted in: England grind Japan down to win 34-12 at Rugby World Cup See in context

That was a funny game indeed.. nice try blossoms.

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Posted in: Yoshiki's day See in context

He is talented I give him that but so are million other people. I wonder how much he paid to get this done.

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Posted in: Alleged bodies of 'non-human beings' shown in Mexican Congress See in context

And they expect us to believe that BS.

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Posted in: 51-year-old man arrested for allegedly sexually assaulting elementary school girl in Chiba See in context

Everyone is attacking this man and for all the right reasons but we should also be focusing on the upbringing of the child in question and the amount of freedom the child receives from her parents. I'm a father of a 13 year old and I know where my child is at all times. I have control of most issues in her life and we communicate about everything. Communication is key.

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Posted in: China declines to join IAEA system to monitor Fukushima treated water See in context

It's in the best interest of the CCCP to restrain from joining IAEA because doing so will ignite the citizens of China to revolt against the fascist leader Xi.

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Posted in: 1-year-old boy dies after being hit by car driven by father See in context

Kids will be kids and that's that. It's a horrendous event but an accident nonetheless. It's not nice to point fingers at this point because I have kids and I know how things get after coming back home from an outing. It's a little chaotic especially with two small children. At this point we should pour out our prayers to the family.

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Posted in: China launches drills around Taiwan in angry response to VP's US trip See in context

Winnie the Xi got upset so he threw a tantrum. He's so pathetic.

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Posted in: Japan event organizer to press charges in DJ Soda groping case See in context

Then why interact with fans? Most fans in those events have been drinking so their behavior is not rational. Anyhow... it's not like her music is all that any how. She just wants attention.

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Posted in: Fans bid seaside farewell to Sinead O'Connor with songs, flags and flowers See in context

I grew up listening to her music but I have to warn all new listeners... it's not for everyone. Her music is unique to say the least. Can bit too sad or emotional for my ears.

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Posted in: 96-year-old woman killed in hit-and-run in Yamanashi Pref; drunk driver arrested See in context

Two times the legal limit means she drank a 16oz/350mg can of beer. That to me is not drunkenness. The old lady walking the street alone is a crime in itself. Why is no one looking after her whereabouts? Also, the law states NO DRIVING even after a sip of anything alcoholic. Here we have perfect example of ignorance and neglect coming head to head. The results are never positive. Where is this vulgar you dumbass moderator... I'm gonna see you tie to toe mf...

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Posted in: McDonalds’ branch in Kanagawa bans entire school from entering restaurant See in context

This is the result of spoiling kids and lowering the standards of social behavior to fit their attitude. Good on McDs to not just ban one but all for their unruly behavior.

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Posted in: 'Barbie' takes the box office crown and 'Oppenheimer' soars in a historic weekend See in context

That may be an exaggeration but no one is talking about Sound of Freedom and it's almost 200 million dollars in ticket sales. Barbie... what a dung.

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Posted in: Hong Kong steps up radiation inspections of Japanese seafood imports See in context

Good on them. I would test it twice. Releasing contaminated water was a bad choice indeed. We are not going to escape the overspill on this one.

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Posted in: 'Barbenheimer' frenzy hits North American cinemas See in context

Barbie and their affiliates are so in-groomed with Hollywood that a warning is in order. Don't fall for the fake over rated news. It is actually not a frenzy at all other than a small part of Hollywood. My family is from Seattle and San Bernardino, they say it's not all that.

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Posted in: Chinese livestreamers set their sights on TikTok sales to shoppers in U.S. and Europe See in context

products made from cheap and untested contexts. Who knows what's in their products. I recently wanted to see the quality of Instagram fake Rolexes and purchased one. They are of the cheapest quality, not even close when compared to the real thing. If women want to wear cheap stuff on their body that they can at least get a refund, go to the 100 yen shops. If you want to take a risk using who knows what, go ahead. I would recommend a brand with a good reputation and that's tested and approved.

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Posted in: 'Really hurtful': How LGBTQ disinformation ensnares Americans See in context

I personally don't care of others' sexual preference and I believe that EVERYONES' human rights should be protected. Nonetheless the LGBTQ community enforcing their chants of "we're coming for your children" and the indoctrination at schools with their sex education and transgender agenda in the workplace is what really gets to me and probably the rest of the surrounding communities. I'm glad the Tokyo Education elite won't allow the same level of indoctrination in the public schools here in Japan.

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Posted in: South Koreans protest Japan's plans to release treated wastewater from Fukushima plant See in context

This morning at around 0200 the contaminated water made contact with Pacific Ocean water. We will now be having cesium spiked seafood for the next 40,000 years or so. This is sad that the Japanese government is will to accept TEPCOs dirty money to allow contaminated water to be dumped in the ocean. Governments WORLDWIDE are in this agenda. Shame on you all.

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Posted in: Couple in their 80s, son in his 50s found dead in apparent murder-suicide See in context

In Japan all workers pay about 20% if their salaries to a retirement fund system. Unfortunately when it's time to receive its compensation, the amount received is not enough to live on. According to what my parents in law receive is about 80,000 yen per person. My father in law still works but can't earn more than 100,000 yen or else he has to pay taxes and his compensation will be reduced. Having a part time job is now a necessity if you want to live on retirement/nenkin. If the person who wants to receive benefits, depending amount accrued and retirement age will depend on the amount and length of benefits. Be adviced though, benefits are not always paid until death. Sometimes family picks up the tab, that's where things get tough and expensive. The social system here is quite basic and dull because their is no money for everyone retiring. Most of the funds WE put in to this monetary system will never be benefited by anyone other than the dirty politicians.

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Posted in: Awa Odori dance festival to sell premium seats for ¥200,000 See in context

Does this include valet parking, free drinks and a lap dance (or two)? I mean, no disrespect but it's horrendously a high price to when you can pay someone else to borrow their balcony for 1/20th of that price. Money hunger is the thing these days....

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Posted in: Japan to push child care, labor reforms to stem falling birthrate See in context

Like always, TOO LITTLE, TOO LATE.

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Posted in: Koreans protest See in context

The water collected at said facilities has been released little by little. It's from this point on that requires caution. Taking the kids to the beach this summer and the next 250,000 summers will be something to be concerned about. This will affect the sushi market, seafood retailers, marine life as a whole and the populace. The comment that this will have little to no effect is a huge misconception and a flat out lie. Nonetheless TEPCO and the Japanese Government will never take accountability for their decisions and actions.

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Posted in: 'One Piece' creator to undergo surgery; manga to go on hiatus See in context

One of the most overrated comic books.

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