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Posted in: 60-year-old man arrested for stealing ¥1,000 from shrine donation box See in context

if he did this for nutrition and criminal intent is at its' least, why not have him apologize and that's it. Here in this country, people can do just about anything and apologize and go on with it. I think it's all stupid to shun an old person like that, what's the point of Christmas if everyone is gonna act like Scrooges.

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Posted in: Jazzy 'Charlie Brown Christmas' swings on after 57 years See in context

Charlie Brown needs updating to better reflect America's demographics in 2022

all we need to ruin Charlie Brown, what are gonna do add a trans-kid, a couple of gay kids and a other-than gender. No we need to stop that kind of thinking and enjoy what we do have.

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Posted in: Iran leader says 'enemies' may target workers as protests rage See in context

Iran is me the most beautiful countries to visit. The people are nice, the history is deep but the government is draconian and savage.

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Posted in: Hong Kong actor Anthony Wong wins at Taiwan's Golden Horse film awards See in context

Wong in this picture looks like he's getting an enema whilst posing for this shot, congrats.

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Posted in: Princess Nobuko undergoes successful breast cancer surgery See in context


well I'm sure being a royal gets you better top notch treatment. Remember, we are all considered peasants so we get poor treatment. And yes, it's great the princess is doing better. Our taxes paid for it.

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Posted in: All Blacks set to give Japan a tough test in Tokyo See in context

this a high testosterone sport, too much if you ask me. It's over-rated and the sport itself does not match with the Japanese culture.

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Posted in: Gov't ordered to pay ¥1.65 mil over death of Cameroon man in detention center See in context

That's only about 11,000 USD, is that the current value of human life? Should have been at least 100,000 USD and an apology letter. This just makes no sense, just adding insult to injury.

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Posted in: Chinese moves on Taiwan rattle remote Japanese island See in context

Whoever is in charge of choosing the headline titles should be replaced. One... two, any increase of military presence is something to fear. Being so far away from the main island puts everybody on pins and needles.

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Posted in: Woman, with only ¥10 on her, arrested after leaving restaurant without paying bill See in context

So sad to hear such news, too much drama when a helping hand could have gone much further.

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Posted in: Snickers owner apologizes after referring to Taiwan as a country See in context

I agree with many of you, Taiwan is a country. In fact it has its own culture, it's own flag and in most cases it's own rules and regulations. China is just butting in and interfering in Taiwans way of life. China is the thug of Asia.

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Posted in: Osaka makes triumphant return, will face Gauff in San Jose See in context

Is it just me or is she gaining some serious weight. She's a phenomenal player but she needs to control her eating so that she can play better.

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Posted in: Beyonce releases new album 'Renaissance' See in context


Til someone post something with truth and can back it up.

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Posted in: Beyonce releases new album 'Renaissance' See in context

She's over-rated and her albums sucks. I downloaded it (for free) and it's dull and tasteless.

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Posted in: Lawyers say church caused suffering for Abe's alleged killer See in context

mark it is spelled Cult not Colt.

The church is in fault of lord of evil in the present church but the actions of Yamagami were only fueled by his accusations which may or may not be in direct fault of there of. Therefore the UC is not at fault for Abe's murder but the culprit is. What should be amended is new laws outlawing their presence in government and to have their money returned to the senders or lesser... have the pay taxes. Why are they exempt in the first place?

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Posted in: China wary Kishida may take hard stance following election win See in context

Poor Winnie the Poop... it bothers him that his neighbor is taking a stance on his bullying. I say good on Japan to try to defend itself.

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Posted in: Many medications affect more than one target in the body; some drug designers embracing 'side effects' See in context

Stop taking meds altogether and focus on natural remedies. This think that we need big pharma is the goal governments want us to depend on. There is a plant for every sickness. All you have to do is research. In fact, there are many channels on YouTube and various TikTokers promoting them.

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Posted in: Nintendo Japan officially provides spousal benefits to same-sex partnerships See in context

Personally this thing about letting same sex partners equal rights like normal married couples is so wrong o so many levels.

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Posted in: Man turns himself to police, saying he killed woman in love hotel See in context

as I say it over and over, the wages of sin is death. There are many parts to this story we don't know. For all we know she promised him the stars and she didn't deliver. And he took things to a different level. I only hope that he's ready to live with that shame forever. She was too young and she probably didn't deserve that way to die but we can only speculate. Only he and God knows the real story.

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Posted in: Japan honors Abe with highest decoration; wake held in Tokyo See in context

Out of respect to the former prime minister, the national flag should fly half staff nationally and a moment of silence is in order.

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Posted in: Doctor arrested for voyeurism after filming 40 students with pen-type camera See in context

They should indite the assisting nurse as well, she should if caught on for sure.

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Posted in: Tokyo man arrested for putting brother’s skull out for recycling collection See in context

It's sad that in Japan if you die in your room no one will find until you're stinking the neighborhood or someone finds you accidentally. This country needs more love.

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Posted in: Queen Elizabeth 'humbled' by cheering Jubilee crowds See in context

it looks like she's not well, her eyes look drained of life.

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Posted in: U.S. naval officer in Japan faces prison over deadly crash See in context

Unfortunately the laws in Japan are a bit draconian. When a foreigner decides to drive in this country, he is automatically siding with the autonomous laws of Japan. If anyone decides to live here they must abide to the laws and customs of this country. In this case if it were the latter, I'm certain the family would be asking for a very tough sentence. Three years is a slap on the wrist considering he killed two bystanders.

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Posted in: Japan aims to block sex offenders from jobs in schools, child care See in context

i hear from an investigator that they are also checking records from country of origin including offenses in Japan if you're a foreigner applying for a teaching position employers are granted a website to check that kind of history through the local police. I personally give it a thumbs up.

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Posted in: 3 stabbed at University of Tokyo ahead of entrance exams See in context

Japans' social stresses are phenomenal by any standards. Can't get a good job these days unless you know someone or come from a prestigious university. And even then you have to belong to a leading politic sector, it's really messed up.

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Posted in: Celine Dion cancels North America tour due to health troubles See in context

So does that mean anyone buying tickets gets their refund? Some artist pull that at times, post a tour/sell tickets/this never showing up. That should be punishable by law, it's theft.

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Posted in: Man arrested for strangling woman, robbing her See in context

So it's premeditated attempted murder and aggravated robbery, pretty serious charges. It doesn't look like he's getting off easy.

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Posted in: Tourist site theft: Unique plate marking junction of three prefectures vanishes See in context

I live about a ten minute walk from there. Very peaceful eerily quiet place

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Posted in: 9-year-old boy, father drown in river in Tochigi Pref See in context

Really sad to hear this type of news. Rivers are not to be messed with. Under currents can be strong at times without warning. Rest In Peace.

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Posted in: Paralympian arrested for assaulting hotel security guard See in context

All he could have done was apologize and all would be good but pride and ego got in the way and now he's packing his stuff to go home. Not worth it aye?

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