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Posted in: British carrier strike group to make port calls in Japan in September See in context

I am somewhat amazed at the expressions here of support and confidence in the British carrier strike group. It is a somewhat pitiful gesture in my view.

I ask readers to recall the last time a British strike group entered Asian waters to strike terror in an adversary, at that time the Japanese at the beginning of WWII. The Prince of Wales and the Repulse now reside on the bottom of the sea for that effort just 3 days after Pearl Harbor.

Has everyone also forgot how fortunes turned against Japan when it lost 4 aircraft carriers (plus planes and pilots, etc.) at Midway?

Aircraft carriers today are the battleships of WWII. They are monstrously expensive anachronisms symbolically extending power. Since WWII the US Navy has seemed to show their efficacy by helping to win tactical victories against such naval behemoths as .. North Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, and Iran. And don't forget Panama and Grenada.

However a new generation of aerial and submerged weaponry possessed by the major powers coupled with the will to use it will see every one of those American or British or Chinese flattops littering the bottom of the oceans on which they are attacked. It is folly to place an aircraft carrier within striking distance of land-based aircraft, missiles, and home-based submarines.

Someone above said Japan should build aircraft carriers?! Why? Japan IS an aircraft carrier only solidly in place and securely docked.

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Posted in: U.S. ambassador meets families of Japanese abducted by North Korea See in context

You'd expect more from a Trump nominated ambassador

I would agree that's an asinine comment.

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Posted in: Japan aims to achieve full barrier-free access at major stations, airports by 2020 See in context

It's for unicycle wheelchairs.

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Posted in: Chile reception See in context

Looks warm enough to me...

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Posted in: Trump on Florida shooting: 'I'd run in there even without gun' See in context

I like the picture choice with the article. Looks like he's carrying a snub nose.

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Posted in: Duterte visits emperor See in context’_war_ondrugs%E2%80%8E/1331323

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Posted in: Duterte visits emperor See in context

Allowing him in the presence of the Emperor does not seem to be a good PR move for the Imperial Household. He could have at least tightened his necktie.

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"casual" usage of just once a week increases risk of old age dementia by 87% compared with rest of general population

I don't suppose you'd mind sharing a link to that research would you? I find it hard to believe in a "5-7 year period" a finding like that could be accurately determined.

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Posted in: U.S. military in Japan unveil Global Hawk surveillance drone See in context

Five of the giant drones have been deployed to Yokota until October to avoid typhoons that often strike their home base of Guam during the summer.

Really? To avoid typhoons they need to be deployed here until October?

These things can fly 12,000+ nautical miles and stay aloft for 34 hours according to the USAF specifications.

When I was in the USAF we moved our planes from Okinawa to other safe bases whenever a typhoon threatened to hit and flew back in a matter of days.

Sounds like a weak cover story.

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Posted in: 91-year-old man, driving wrong way on expressway, dies after head-on collision See in context

91 is the new 70:

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Posted in: SDF trying to stop members from going AWOL See in context

Quite an appropriate accompanying photo for the article. I take it that's 5 guys escaping from a helicopter and taking off for parts unknown?

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