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Posted in: Man gets 8 years in prison for beating wife to death, keeping corpse at home for 20 months See in context

Only 8 years?

This is a sad situation.

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Posted in: Why doesn’t the U.S. adopt the metric system? See in context

I'm American and I believe that changing everything to the metric system would be too expensive. The cost to change our infrastructure would be in the billions.

Big companies such as the auto industry would fight against using the metric system. At the end of the day, it would affect the U.S. economy so the imperial system won't be changed anytime soon.

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Posted in: Japanese educators want to allow students to use robot substitutes to attend school See in context

I think this is a good idea! Many students don't like school because of bullying, anxiety issues, or some type of psychological issues.

Until Japan makes changes in its education system, this could be a good option.

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Posted in: Japan gov't panel proposes introducing joint custody after divorce See in context

Good news and about time.

Should've implemented this policy decades ago.

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Posted in: Chemicals from U.S. base in Tokyo fueling residents' fears See in context

You want protection, one of the prices you pay.

Besides, take a look at the beaches, rivers, and parks. Do you mean to tell me the US military pollutes all those places too?

Oh let's not forget about Japan dumping radioactive wastewater into our oceans. But since they're doing it, they get a pass.

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Posted in: Among Japan's neighbors, fear and frustration over radioactive water release See in context

Japan is releasing wastewater (not the type from rainwater drains) into the ocean. This is treated nuclear water used to cool their damaged reactors caused by an earthquake over ten years ago. The wastewater contains a radioactive isotope called tritium and who knows what other radioactive traces are being released into our oceans?

Now I don't want to write a story, but please tell me how releasing this poison into our oceans won't affect marine life. I also believe the ocean currents will carry this poison across the entire Pacific Ocean. The entire food chain will be affected. From invertebrates, fish, marine animals, and humans. Scientists were able to detect radioactive elements after the 2011 earthquake as far as California!

There is nothing I can do to stop this, especially when there are governments from other countries expressing their concerns about this. All I'm doing is telling everyone to stay aware and be careful out there...

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Posted in: More Nihon University football players suspected of cannabis possession See in context

BertieWoosterAug. 23 07:13 am JST

How can you arrest someone on suspicion of possession?

I know. That's so lame...

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Posted in: Man arrested after threatening police officer with knife at koban See in context

Looking for 3 hots and a cot!

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Posted in: Man arrested for exposing himself in Sapporo park See in context

Tom DoleyToday 07:19 am JST

I'm sure there was nothing to see

I concur!

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