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Posted in: Brittney Griner released from Russia in prisoner swap for arms dealer Viktor Bout See in context

So much being tough on gun control. This is like trading me for Aaron Judge

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Posted in: Taylor Swift hits out at 'excruciating' Ticketmaster tour chaos See in context

back in the day the 70s you would go to the auditorium concert hall stadium box offices buy tickets. if you could not get there a friend would get the tickets. of course there was scalpers who jack up the price. now we have ticketmaster instead

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Posted in: Trump launches 3rd campaign for U.S. presidency See in context

haven't we suffered enough. is there anyone else except old white guys. Michele maybe

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Posted in: Inflation brings end to beloved 114-year-old Japanese candy See in context

Amazon 8.95

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Posted in: N Korea fires 2 more ballistic missiles toward sea See in context

hey if we keep getting him mad he just run out of missiles

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Posted in: Tornadoes devastate U.S. south, killing at least 11 See in context


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Posted in: No indictment for cop in New York chokehold death See in context

How is this not just a simple case of the police officer going to jail for murder. first the man was selling loose cigarettes so why was there such force? it seems a warning might have been given. also the choke hold take down is illegal in New York city. this case will serve there is no justice in America.

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Posted in: N Korean leader's 'traitor' uncle executed: KCNA See in context

wow who saw this coming. it is like in the old USSR when a leader caught a cold next thing they would die. or maybe the uncle liked Jordan better than Rodman.

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Posted in: Sandman See in context

I love the sculpture, but I feel there is more than just a hug going on.

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Posted in: Obama traces slave route in Senegal See in context

isn't Obama the first mixed race president? but in the article he says he is an African American president. but it is a tragic part of the shameful history of the world. but what have we learned as people are still being in slaved.

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Posted in: Marcos clan wins big in Philippine elections See in context

this just shows throughout the world over people do not vote according to need but greed. if you spend enough you get voted in. I am sure we will hear very soon of missing people, and money and corruption raining down on I ILocos Norte.

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Posted in: Boston bombing suspect to be buried See in context

I think the cemeteries are concern about vandals. as for the protesters they have that right to protest the scum that took the lives of innocent people. setting up bombs to kill people, gets you no respect and no rights even in death. he is not a hero but a zero.

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Posted in: U.S. boosts missile defense as N Korea warns of nuclear strike See in context

and all this after the Rodman visit. or was it that President Obama did not call? little Kim needs to take a chill pill.

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Posted in: German customs seize Justin Bieber's monkey See in context

Like the Beatles sang "Everybody got something to hide, except for me and my monkey" but seriously, no one knew the laws of bringing any animal into any country.

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Posted in: Dennis Rodman: N Korea leader wants Obama to call See in context

It's a bit sad to call the young one "zero". He has proven to be highly intelligent in school, and if a call from Obama will help improve the situation for everybody, he'll get his call

Hmmm highly intelligent makes all of the difference. if that be the case Hitler was highly educated, Stalin was highly educated. you cannot ignore the way he bows to no one but the daddy and grandpa. so I guess I was wrong he is less than ZERO. and Rodman is know as the worm that would make little Kim a slug.

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Posted in: Dennis Rodman: N Korea leader wants Obama to call See in context

Okay here is what little Kim should do while waiting for the call from Obama. HOLD YOUR BREATH. why would the leader. of the free world call the zero of the underworld. of course we have not heard from Rodman in a while. as they say, even bad press is still press.

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Posted in: Obama honors sacrifice made by veterans See in context

except for the death of Daniel Carlson in Afghanistan. so maybe facts should be checked.

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Posted in: Sea Shepherd fugitive Watson says Japan after revenge See in context

Good one Farmboy.

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Posted in: French shooting suspect dies in jump from window See in context

I agree do not kill this man, it is not a matter of a eye for a eye. making him a martyr would not bring peace. the police know where he is and he is not going anywhere.

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Posted in: Palin to embark on East Coast bus tour See in context

Palin should not use the bus she should just Take A Hike.

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Posted in: This way See in context

it seems the question is who wants to be the leader,raise your hand.

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Posted in: High stakes See in context

Ha Ha Heads of State,

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Posted in: Newt Gingrich joins 2012 presidential race See in context

REALLY, well Thank You and the GOP for the second term for President Obama. the GOP keeps putting up these good old boys and like last time crazy women. get with the program the world has changed since the fifties.

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Posted in: Tornadoes kill at least 290 in six U.S states See in context

first RIP to all of the souls that were lost. there was a time when in tornado areas, people built storm cellars. but not so much now. this is not about climate change as it is about weather cycles. and politics has nothing to do, with this. lets take a moment to pray for those who lost lives as we pray for the survivors. and still pray for our families in Japan.

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Posted in: First female candidate for U.S. vice president Ferraro dies at 75 See in context

A very classy lady, would have made a good VP. Palin could learn something from her.

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Posted in: Whale wars See in context

lets see the last time one of these sea Shepard boats came up to a Japanese vessel they put a boy on board. so I can see the reason for the water cannons.

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Posted in: Bone-chilling cold grips U.S. Northeast See in context

hmmm seems to me December in the northeast is COLD and it sometimes snow's so how is this news. of course here in the northeast people like to whine about everything too hot in July too cold in December. get over it you jack wagons.

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Posted in: Obama makes last campaign stop in pivotal Ohio See in context

what really gets me is how these parties DEMs or the GOP can raise all this money during election time but can never find it once in office. good luck to Obama,he needs it now.

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Posted in: Trick or treat See in context

A couple of lounge lizards

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Posted in: COP10 See in context

What form of biological is she?

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