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Posted in: Baby girl taken from car while mother shops in Nagoya See in context

Betterdays got it wrong. To suggest that someone was trying to teach a lesson to the mother, I don't believe. If you wanted to teach a lesson, you could call the police and report an abandoned child.

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Posted in: Psychology, not just technology needed for airport security See in context

In addition, there is also a responsibility of political leaders to do the unthinkable: try to understand why these terrorists do what they do. Understand why is there so much hatred in the world today. And also, most importantly, come up the with solutions!

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Posted in: Obama's failing: Too much head, too little gut See in context

David Kuhn, you say that Sept 11 was taken as an act of war which is correct as far as the Bush Administration was concerned. But in hindsight it could be argued that it was not any country that did Sept 11, rather it was Al-Qaeda, a terrorist organisation which had cells in various countries.

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Posted in: Nuclear warships in Japan touch a nerve See in context

It's about time the USA decommissioned it's aging fleet of nuclear powered ships and designed more environmentally friendly powered carriers/ships using Green energy like bio-fuels, or a fuel that does not pose a danger to cities within it's proximity.

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Posted in: Which side is more insulting to the other: pro-whalers or anti-whalers? See in context

I am in favour of sustainable whaling, after all a whale is nothing more than a big fish.

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