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Posted in: Russia asks Pink Floyd's Roger Waters to speak on Ukraine arms at U.N. See in context

The United Nations Security Council is an utterly toothless and useless organisation, ( 15 meetings, and not once condemned Russia), which has to be closed down and replaced with a more representative body of people who want to stand-up to maintain peace and world-order, and take-down the terrorist dictatorships which bring death, torture and misery to hundreds of millions of ordinary innocent people, namely the populations of Russia, China, North Korea, Syria, Myanmar, and countless more.

You only get the one chance of a life on this planet - how shocking it must be to endure the life in any of the above countries.

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Posted in: 40-year-old woman arrested for killing boyfriend, stashing his body in freezer See in context

So many different scenarios could have played out here, but one thing is for certain, violence is Never the answer - it's going to be a long stretch behind bars with any luck for her to contemplate her vicious and uncivilised decision.

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Posted in: Japan probing links between Chinese balloon, past flying object See in context

And for those naive souls who believe it was a perfectly innocent weather-balloon accidentally blown off course, take a look at the flight-path and you'll see how coincidentally it seemed to be checking-out some very important military sites on its' way......

We'll find out in due course the nature of the mission once the wreckage is recovered, but my money's on the deceitful Chinese up to their usual sneaky tricks. After all, the 93million members of the CCP spend their waking-hours on total surveillance of the entire population, possibly making it the most thoroughly repressed nation on the planet.

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Posted in: Japan probing links between Chinese balloon, past flying object See in context

Japan is a very technologically advanced nation, so how come nobody spotted the Chinese spy-in-the-sky balloon cross between Okinawa and Kyushu last Friday, as it made its' way up towards the USA......

This has got to be embarrassing, especially has they have their crack top-team Self-Defence Force on constant lookout, as well as a few Americans helping out - someone's going to be in the firing-line.

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Posted in: China's mega-rich move their wealth, and partying, to Singapore See in context

So the stinking-rich Chinese abandon their Communist homeland for another nasty dictatorship - Singapore, the home of the world's most disgusting and sadistic judicial corporal punishments, meted out to thousands of victims each and every week of the year, even for the most minor transgressions. Check these out on the Internet, but be warned, you'll be feeling sick in no time at all.

But then the Chinese won't even worry themselves for one-second about such trivialities; they care zero about any human-rights matters, as it's in their DNA.

Singapore, Malaysia, and similar countries with vile and vicious policies should be boycotted by all liberal-minded people, left out in the cold by normal democratic countries, until they can learn to behave in a civilised manner.

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Posted in: Republicans criticize Biden for waiting to shoot down Chinese balloon See in context

Having checked out the flightpath of this balloon, it's quite puzzling how Japan were not the first to alert the Americans in this regard, as it passed through the southern reaches of Japan. I'm hoping nobody was asleep on the job in the early-detection Self-Defense Force......

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Posted in: Putin draws parallels between World War II and Ukraine conflict See in context

'Again and again we are forced to repel the aggression of the collective West' said Putin......

No you are not - this is a monstrous lie which he keeps repeating - there is only one country aggressively invading another's independent sovereignty, and that is Russia, a terrorist state ruled by a cabal of gangsters and kleptocrats, of which their leader Putin is the War Criminal-in-Chief.

If he withdraws his ill-disciplined troops back to Russia, and leaves the Ukrainian people to resume their peaceful lives which is their right, the West would leave Putin alone. As he seems hell-bent on continuing his evil murdering of innocent men, women, children and babies, due to his mentally-deranged and sadistic nature, then the ordinary Russian people will have no choice but to effect a regime-change, and hopefully install a normal leader, Alexei Navalny for example. The last decent leader they had was Gorbachev, seems such a long time ago now.

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Posted in: Man arrested over fatal assault of work colleague in parking lot See in context

Well let's hope the prosecution succeed with the argument that the maximum amount of harm was intended in this attack, and perhaps justice can be served with the perpetrator locked away for 'life', whatever that means these days. Call it what you like, murder or manslaughter, an innocent guy has lost his life for no good reason other than the despicable evil intent of another.

He obviously had zero regard for the welfare / wellbeing / right-to-life of the victim, so it follows that the maximum penalty must be applied, especially in order to deter others. The sanctity of life is often the lowest consideration in these cases, whereas it should be the highest.

If this was your Dad who'd been killed, you'd want the criminal dead, simple as that. I don't imagine he'd be missed if that was the case.

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Posted in: Man arrested over fatal assault of work colleague in parking lot See in context

The rules are the same throughout the world - you keep your hands (and fists) to yourself at all times, and do not touch another person inappropriately.

This particular bullying chap will have know that his victim was certainly older than him, although he won't have known if there were any health conditions which the victim may have had, but probably didn't care or stop to think, just goes straight in with totally unreasonable aggression.

Oh well, he'll have decades behind bars to look forward to now, to contemplate his stupidity.

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Posted in: Japan tightens Russia sanctions after deadly missile strikes in Ukraine See in context

Peskov can threaten as much he likes with his unspecified impact on relations with 'unfriendly' Japan - he must learn that Russia has now been downgraded to a terrorist pariah gangster state, in which he and the vile War Criminal Putin are heading for elimination by the Revolution which has to come from the ordinary Russian people, who are all sick and tired of the trashing of their once-proud nation by these despicable, bloodthirsty, sadistic leaders.

Who the hell do they ( Putin, Lavrov, Peskov, Prizhoghin ) think they are, that they can carry on with their ruthless, savage, barbaric, uncivilised behaviour, without being challenged by the leaders of the civilised world ??

Japan should firmly double-down on Every Single Russian Sanction which she can, and maybe become acknowledged ( in time for the upcoming big G7 meeting) as a very strong country which is able to make the strongest possible stance against such evil. Imagine the kudos Kishida would receive.

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Posted in: Trial of Abe shooter to face issue of sympathy for church 'victim' See in context

I have zero sympathy for the killer - the carefully planned public execution of any human-being deserves the maximum penalty available to the court, which will probably be a full-life tariff. If he can kill someone so cold-bloodedly in this way, who's to say that he'll kill someone else if he's ever released. It matters not a jot that the victim was an ex-Prime Minister.

The court will certainly listen to the mitigating factors of the parasitic nature of the Unification Church and the devastating effect it had on the killers' family, however the paramount overriding factors are that this man is far too dangerous ever to be allowed to walk the streets again.

Lock him up, throw away the key, and I'm pretty sure he won't be missed.

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Posted in: Wuhan turns page on COVID, three years on See in context

Yes, this is pretty poor journalism - would have been interesting if there had been an in-depth look into the actual nefarious activities of this infamous market, just to see if they've still got the cages stacked high full of dead snakes, civets, rats, birds, bats, pangolins, cockroaches and other delicacies, blood oozing between the various offerings in line with their zoonotic crossover infections which put them on the map......

Although realistically, between their disgusting markets and their dodgy insecure bio-labs, they don't give a damn really how much death and misery they inflict on the world's populations.

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Posted in: Japan to allow unlicensed electric scooter riding from July See in context

Ironic that safety-Japan should be giving the green-light to these dangerous machines, just as Paris is about to conduct a referendum on whether they should be banned or not, following 22 deaths on their streets caused by these inconsiderate pests.

In our densely-populated cities, the sidewalks should strictly be limited only to pedestrians and mobility-models for the incapacitated - the utmost consideration and care should be taken by everyone to prevent to devastating deaths and injuries which are far too commonplace.

It makes me wonder how many people will lose their lives on the streets of Tokyo before the authorities put a ban in place, which sadly will be too late for many - so short-sighted. The sanctity of life is paramount.

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Posted in: Russia's Lavrov compares West's approach to Russia with Hitler's 'Final Solution' See in context

Putin, together with his vicious deputy Lavrov and the other acolytes, have transformed Russia into a pariah terrorist state. From his humble beginnings as a lowly KGB enforcer, from knuckle-dusters to novichok, he has risen as a veritably toxic and benign leader, who has brought nothing but misery, discord, and deep embarrassment to a once-proud Russian people.

It's hardly possible to believe that almost one year on since he declared war on a totally innocent sovereign nation, he and the other mentally-deranged cabal are still there in-post - how the hell has this been allowed to happen ?

Change will come, and the most likely source for this will be the populace uprising, an insurrection on an extremely bloody-scale. The Ukrainian people just have to hang on long enough for this to come about.

The West should launch a far more penetrating cyber-war against Putin and Co. purely by informing the ordinary Russian people directly that regime-change is now long overdue. Ceaucescu once thought he was safe, but once the momentum built, his time was over - exactly the same must happen in Moscow, only this time we need the War Criminals transporting to The Hague.

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Posted in: Japan to roll out plans to back Ukraine at 'appropriate time,' U.S. official says See in context

When is 'The Appropriate Time' for Prime Minister Kishida ??

Well, it's almost a year since the Russian terrorists embarked on their murderous mission against the innocent men, women and children of Ukraine, so all of the urging / eyeing / considering / and other procrastinating tactics which the Japanese Government is so good at must be at an end by now, surely.

I've often wondered if Fumio Kishida is a man or mouse - I think we know the answer now, pass the cheese....

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Posted in: Greta Thunberg carried away by police at German mine protest See in context

Nobody knows how temporary the energy difficulties are going to last for Germany, so with the agreement which they had in place for mining for just 7 more years at Leutzerath, following which the village would be fully restored and 'naturalised', then it seems a just about acceptable arrangement.

If Greta and her followers really want to go after the massive polluters, I'd be the first to applaud their efforts once they arrive in China where 20 to 30 new coal-mines are currently in the process of being opened and exploited for the next 27 years....... it would be interesting to see how successful they are against the real polluting enemy. Somehow I can't see this on her agenda anytime soon.

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Posted in: Japanese company defends Van Gogh ownership after lawsuit See in context

Strange that the lawyers acting for the heirs of Mendelssohn-Bartholdy family should be suing for its return in the US, being as the painting is firmly staying on display in Japan. It last left it's home gallery in Tokyo 21 years ago for an exhibition in Chicago, and the Japanese lawyers and insurers were careful enough at the time to slap a non-seizure agreement on it by the authorities there.

Looks like substantial legal fees are going to accrue in the defence of Sompo Holdings retaining their seemingly-legitimate ownership of this fabulous work. I've been lucky enough to see all 5 of his Sunflowers series, just epic art.

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Posted in: Kabul's mannequins, hooded and masked under Taliban rules See in context

The reason that the Taliban remain firmly in power is that there is no choice - if the people of Afghanistan (or Pakistan, or Saudi, ) were offered a choice between some medieval sadistic warriors / ruling-clans, or a chance of a regular normal democracy, I think I know which most people would opt for.

The fact that Sharia law is inflicted on the people of these unfortunate countries is regrettable, as this religious repression is the raison d'etre of the powers-that-be, and anybody who disagrees can expect to be eliminated in their usual vicious ways.

Avoid these vile countries like the plague - only by totally isolating them can change come about.

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Posted in: China's 2022 growth seen as its lowest in 40 years See in context

I really hope the Chinese economy collapses spectacularly, as this would serve as the only justice the world's likely to receive for their greatest gift to the world, their Chinavirus.

Their totalitarian attitude to concealing the real facts, their deceit and disrespect to the rest of the world's population, added to which their constant threats and harassment of their neighbours, their repressive stifling of democracy, really add up to the fact that they are nowhere near being considered as a normal civilised country.

I've been avoiding anything 'Made in China' for years now, as this is the only way to ensure their demise. My health has suffered due to their despicable and wilful release of their virus, and my requests for apologies are met with a wall of silence. In short, China is a disgrace.

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Posted in: Toyota pushes zero-emission goals by converting old models See in context

Apart from a nice day out for the office ladies, they're there to make those dynamic thrusting business execs look just that, rather than the staid image which would come across if the girls weren't present......

A bit anachronistic in these times, like the obsession with the car industry for high-speed / rallies / racing etc..... nowadays, slow and careful considerate driving should be the mantra, when you think of the daily worldwide death-toll on the roads.

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Posted in: Prince Harry says UK royals got into bed with tabloid press 'devil' See in context

The pair of narcissists thoroughly deserved each other. He seems hell-bent on trashing his family, she's completely disowned hers (apart from her Mum), so I hope they remain happy in their conflict-ridden existence, although I can't imagine it's a suitable environment for bringing the kids up normally.

He's admitted drugs-usage, which may or may not continue in their household, but had the American authorities been aware of this then he wouldn't have been granted permission to remain in the USA.

He's admitted the killing of 25 Afghans, which now means he's a legitimate target for a lone-star martyr looking for glorification. He could be running out of countries which will allow him to settle in due to his indiscretions - he's certainly going to be rejected back into the UK now that public-opinion has turned massively against him.

What a waste of such privileged life.

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Posted in: Harry’s claim he killed 25 in Afghanistan draws anger, worry See in context

Shows how deluded and mentally-unbalanced he is, when stating his tally of 25 Taliban deaths - it's like he's just signed his own death-warrant, as there are bound to be a line of candidates waiting to take their revenge.

As for other tittle-tattle featured, he's certainly taking the Pulitzer-prize this year for the special-category of Cringeworthiness. It's as though he's had a ghost-writer prompting him from beyond the grave to recall all of the terrible things which happened to his mother during her brief life.

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Posted in: Kishida says he has been invited to visit Ukraine See in context

Well here's the big opportunity for Kishida to rise and shine on the world's stage, time to make a name for himself ahead of his G7 summit, to show the world that he can have genuine influence in what could possibly turn out to be a prequel for a much wider conflict.

I've every confidence in him to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with President Zzelensky, to share the solidarity with him and the long-suffering and innocent people of Ukraine. He can offer to mediate and negotiate, he can promise a lot more support both in terms of equipment and financially, he has the chance to look like a leader who means business.

So we'll have to wait and find out if Kishida is a man or mouse; in truth, I hope he doesn't waste his chance. He must act and look important, or else he'll end up just looking impotent.

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Posted in: Kishida urges wage growth to revive Japan's economy See in context

Kishida sure looks like he means business..... you have to admire his new Chief of Security marching along there, with a bucket on his head, some smart clogs on and carrying a very large shoe-horn. Can't see anyone messing with him.

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Posted in: 72-year-old man arrested for killing wife, says he can’t remember doing it See in context

Oh well, he's not going to remember too much when the rope drops.

Sounds like a thoroughly unpleasant and uncivilised individual, who I doubt will be missed.

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Posted in: Season's greetings See in context

I'll second that sentiment from JT (and the respondent above), and look forward to peace arriving in the darkest places of our planet sooner rather than later.

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Posted in: Shells pummel Ukraine's Kherson; 10 dead, 55 injured See in context

What is needed right now, today, Christmas Day, is for every world leader to go on TV and deliver their total and emphatic condemnation in the loudest and most resounding terms of the vile and mentally-deranged cruelty and suffering being inflicted on totally innocent men, women, children and babies in Ukraine.

Furthermore, their "Christmas Peace" message must include a reference imploring all normal Russian people to turn against their vicious and sadistic regime, in the hope they can bring this barbarity to an end, and depose their despicable war-criminal leader as soon as possible - the Revolution must begin now.

How atrocious does the situation have to become before all of the world's leaders speak out loud-and-clear, today and everyday til this is over ??

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Posted in: China's stretched health system braces for peak in COVID infections See in context

More than 3 years since the deceitful Chinese presented their gift to the world, Chinavirus, and still it keeps on giving.

I feel immensely sorry for those who've lost their nearest and dearest during this repugnant episode, which could so easily have been averted. Currently more than 6.5 million deaths worldwide, over 3 billion people infected.

I'm still coping with the after-effects of a serious Omicron infection, which I picked up on a flight back from Crete earlier this year, fully-immunised and masked...... Like so many people, I want compensation for the damage to my health and the suffering and distress caused - zero chance of this happening. The CCP just carry on regardless, as though they've done nothing wrong at all; just imagine the hell which would break loose if this had been caused by the Americans, or a European country - at least we may have received an apology.

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Posted in: Pageantry evoking Churchill greets Zelenskyy in Washington See in context

It's fine that Zelenskyy travels to the US to spell out in detail the utter despair of the Ukrainian people and the devastation which their country is suffering, and Biden responds with the appropriate platitudes and offers further financial assistance, but meanwhile the rest of the world continues to wonder how the hell is Putin still there, how can this murderous barbarity which he has personally commissioned be allowed to happen to millions of innocent men, women, children and babies.

We, the responsible freedom-loving adults of the world, are seriously letting the children down - from a very young age we teach our kids the difference between right and wrong, between goodness and evil, and yet on the most blatant and vicious scenario which we have witnessed daily in our lifetimes, we feel utterly impotent when it comes to Putting A Stop To This Madness....

For crying out loud, there has to be a figure who can stand-out and stand-up, someone with world-status and influence, whether it's someone from the political sphere, the sports or entertainment sphere, a media person, even a Pope, Anyone who can take on the mantle of grasping the mettle and Make The Difference.

During World War 2 we had Churchill who was ruthlessly determined to take down Hitler and the Nazis, then during the 1970's we had John Lennon, who was on a mission of peace, then we had Bob Geldof and his colleagues to try and feed the world, not forgetting Nelson Mandela and his fight to end apartheid - who is there today ??

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Posted in: North Korea slams Japan's military buildup; vows counteraction See in context

Japan has every right to step-up the defensive requirements it needs, especially when you consider it is wedged between the most repugnant and vicious neighbours in the world - North Korea, Russia, and China, all 3 of which have expansionist aims, launching weapons indiscriminately, invading neighbouring countries, and causing massive destabilisation in the region and throughout the world.

Japan has essentially pacifist aims, but it is entitled to defend itself against any level of aggression - Japan is doing absolutely zero to disrupt the status quo, and is becoming the party considered most in danger should relations deteriorate in this region. For this reason, good-housekeeping and forethought are essential, to never allow the bully to even think they have the upperhand.

As for Kim Yo Jong, she looks dead behind the eyes.

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