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Posted in: 28-year-old man arrested for abusing 10-month-old son See in context

To actually slam a baby's head against the armrest of a sofa is normally regarded as Attempted Murder.

And the police are questioning this total inadequate retard about 'suspicion of abusing' the poor defenceless little boy.......

The fact that he is still unconscious suggests that there could be encephalous injury / severe brain-damage even - it just doesn't bear thinking about, other than a lengthy incarceration coming up.

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Posted in: High-fat flight is first jetliner to make fossil-fuel-free transatlantic crossing from London to NY See in context

Progress of a sort, but the smallest tip of the iceberg really.

Problem is that the world's top scientists and technologists are just not working hard enough (or smart enough ) to develop the future for synthetic fuels, e-fuels or bio-fuels.

Far too much time and money has been wasted on wars that are totally unnecessary, and pandemics which are totally avoidable.

Mankind needs to wake up and realise the insane wastefulness of our rapidly dwindling resources on this planet.

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Posted in: 56-year-old woman gets 13 years in prison for fatally abusing 5-year-old boy See in context

I hope they have a review system, which would flag-up an over-lenient sentencing in this case - it can't be the case that these sadistic killers can escape with nothing less than full-life imprisonment.

In any case, who the hell would want these vermin to be free to walk the streets again, and possibly commit more crimes.

Also, it would have been informative if the article could enlighten us all, as regards what legal arguments were aired that lead to the charges "fatally abusing" against the defendants rather then murder. Most people would imagine that by flinging a 5-year old child around a room many times would be classed as murder.

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Posted in: Malaysia arrests 7 Japanese men suspected of phone scam operation See in context

These 7 idiots have landed themselves in very deep trouble, in the worst country in the world for the crimes they're facing, namely immigration violations and fraudulent-scamming......

Malaysia, together with Singapore, inflict the world's most vicious and sadistic corporal punishments on tens of thousands of criminals every year, which they call 'whipping'. These judicial punishments have been outlawed by the UN Committee for the prevention of cruel, degrading and unusual punishments, which have been totally ignored by these 2 countries for decades. How could these 7 Japanese nationals not have known how dangerous it would be to commit any crimes there ??

These places should be totally boycotted and ostracised by every country until they can abandon their vile punishment regimes, and rejoin the civilised world.

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Posted in: Reports say Russell Brand interviewed by British police over claims of sexual offenses See in context

Unfunny, unwitty, brash imbecile, not more we need to add to this, other than the fact of predatory sex-pest.

Hopefully they'll throw the book at him.

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Posted in: Japan, Australia, South Korea begin World Cup qualifying this week See in context

Japan should cruise through their Group games, against Myanmar, Syria, and North Korea.

Should be interesting to see how many NK players try to defect after their match against Syria in Saudi - not a very welcoming country to slip away and hide in.....

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Posted in: Kishida plans Latin America tour in January See in context

I get the fact that Kishida undertakes numerous overseas trips to bang the drum for increasing Japanese investments and exporting opportunities to improve the Japanese economy, and also to counter the very extensive 'belt and road' Chinese 'sales initiatives', but there must be some accountability taking place back in Tokyo - someone must be crunching the numbers to assess that his endeavours are actually reaping the expected returns, and quantifying these.

We hear very little about these achievements, and question that they may not be producing the sort of results which would impress the general Japanese population, which suggests why his domestic popularity levels are at an all-time low. This is an easy conclusion to draw, which explains why there is so much criticism of his international jaunts - the sad thing is that Kishida himself seems unable to recognise this connection.

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Posted in: Environmental change threatens what's left of Japan's cormorant fishing legacy See in context

Reminds me of the elderly Ama women who still dive unaided for the abalone and sea-urchins - these old customs seem to survive somehow, and just get passed on to the next generation, wherever that is possible.

One of the most inventive fishing techniques is to be found in Papua New Guinea, in which the fishermen create a lure-bait made of wound-up webs from the Orbweaver spider, dangled into the water on a line supported from a kite - the needlefish get snared onto the bait, and pulled in on a second line by the fishermen once alerted by the kite being tugged along.

Mankind has always shown extraordinary initiative when it comes to catching food.

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Posted in: Knife-wielding man shot by police after Osaka apartment quarrel See in context

Where did the bullet eventually land ?

It didn't, it burnt-up on re-entry to the atmosphere.

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Posted in: 'Like a video game': Japan's gangs hire online See in context

Whichever way you look at this, it is basically just thieving - the fact that there is total disconnection and an impersonal modus operandi is possibly what attracts the recruits to commit such crimes, but it's still shocking in a country where people go to great lengths to reunite others with their lost possessions, a level of honesty based on the most basic premise that someone else's lost property is certainly not yours...... one of the many things I admire here in Japan.

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Posted in: G7 nations call for 'humanitarian pauses' in Israel-Hamas war See in context

Now the Israelis are in Gaza, a pause would help their image as it would make them appear concerned about humanitarian aid getting through to the suffering masses there. In any case, the Israelis are looking to occupy these areas now, no rush for them to leave until they believe they've got the job done in eliminating Hamas.

In a way, this would help the ravaged ordinary Palestinian population, who have been brutally repressed by Hamas for decades, which is kind of ironic from an Israeli perspective that they can help out their 'sworn enemy' the Palestinian settlers.

This fight's been going on for two thousand years, so there's little chance of it being resolved in a month or two.

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Posted in: New island emerges after underwater volcano eruption south of Tokyo See in context

Global warming, climate change, act of God ?

Nope, none of the above, just the geology of planet Earth; the article mentions a resumption if magmatic activity.

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Posted in: Man arrested after fatal stabbing inside commercial building in Aichi Prefecture See in context


Excuse me, I am not about to 'lynch' anybody at all, at any time, and nor do I wish to 'torture' anyone.

If you are to respond to someone's post, please refrain from using intemperate language.

Your suggestion that the perpetrator seems to have 'some mental issues and Lord only knows what else' appears to be an irrational assumption; on what this is based is unclear. The majority of all murderers do not suffer from mental illness.

The article states that he has admitted to killing the victim, and I'm sure that the due processes of law will follow, in which every aspect of the event will be forensically examined.

My post was stating the case that, on conviction of murder, the perpetrator will be ordered to serve a full-life sentence. As you may know this is not always the case here in Japan, as evidenced by the number of people awaiting execution on death-row, some for as long as 20 years.

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Posted in: 25 alleged fraudsters detained in Cambodia to be extradited to Japan See in context

Credit due to the Cambodian authorities on this one, working in close cooperation with the Japanese police...... it's a pity there isn't more of this taking place, to at least try and rid the world of international scammers and thieves who always prey on the vulnerable.

The internet has made this far too easy, with virtually no safeguards to prevent the billion-dollar 'scamming industry' worldwide.

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Posted in: Man arrested after fatal stabbing inside commercial building in Aichi Prefecture See in context

What on earth could have been of such monumental importance that required the use of this horrendous violence, in which one person has had his time on earth terminated in such a savage manner ??

As for the perpetrator, nothing less than being condemned to spend the rest of his days incarcerated in a dark cell would be acceptable - a long, slow deterioration, with no light at the end of the tunnel.

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Posted in: Kishida says policies necessary; doesn't care what names he's called See in context

""Now is the time to focus on the economy" said Mr Kishida.....

*Well, he's certainly going to need those tax-hike glasses for this task.

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Posted in: North Korea confirms embassy closures See in context

Well Fatboy-Maniac (aka: The Dear Leader) will be back in the money soon, having sold over a million shells to his best-friend the psychotic ogre next-door, presumably to kill another 100,000 innocent Ukrainian citizens.....

When is this madness going to stop ??

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Posted in: Biggest Chinese Antarctic fleet sets off to build research station See in context

When you see the phrase "China rejects suggestions that it's stations would be used for espionage", then it's a racing certainty that that is exactly what their intentions actually are.

The fact that they plan to assess environmental considerations there is a sick-joke, as they and the rest of the world's population are fully aware that China creates 35% of all of the pollution on this planet.

All of their efforts should be ploughed into making China a decent, trustworthy and clean country, rather than continuing with their spurious and nefarious activities in Antarctica.

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Posted in: Kishida to visit Philippines, Malaysia from Friday See in context

He would gain greater respect and kudos from the Japanese people by actually introducing policies which activate the sluggish Japanese economy, following plenty of due consideration and mulling of course.

Economic-boosting schemes to provide incentives to raise manufacturing, encourage growth in exporting excellent quality Japanese products to the world - the very things which made Japan a great economic powerhouse, albeit many years ago.

As for the proposed trip, this could easily be done over a couple of zoom meetings, a lot more efficient use of his time, especially as they all meet together next month anyway.

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Posted in: Chinese grabbing up Tokyo real estate See in context

Never, ever trust the Chinese - the CCP are perfectly comfortable with the fact that they allowed the Chinavirus to be released as their gift to the world, killing approx. 7 million people, infecting 4 billion people, with no possibility of an apology being offered, ever...... pretty much hands them the award of the most deceitful bunch on the planet.

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Posted in: G7 calls for immediate repeal of bans on Japanese food, pressing China See in context

It's all very well for the G7 hierarchy to "ask, advise, or urge" China to lift its ban on Japanese seafood imports, but what they really should be doing, and with a strong sense of urgency, is to get the facts out there loud-and-clear about the massive Pollution being discharged into all of China's coastline of the waste-water from their nuclear-plants by China.

And then go on to stress the fact that China is responsible for over 35% of all global Pollution, from their thousands of coal-fired power-stations, and other filthy industrial activities. They alone are the world's largest polluters, creating global-warming / climate-change without a care in the world for anyone.

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Posted in: Putin arrives in Beijing to attend Belt and Road forum See in context

Surely, in a country of 1.4 billion people, someone can take the grossly overdue step and take out these two grotesque and evil dictators in one fell-swoop - they are an embarrassment to humanity in their uncivilised and dictatorial, depraved behaviour, that the normal reasonable people of the world deserve far better from supposedly 'world leaders'......

One is a wanted war-criminal, the other has just as much blood on his hands in regards the vast numbers of ordinary innocent people killed by the Chinavirus.

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Posted in: Japan to give $10 million in emergency aid to Gaza Strip civilians See in context

Ten days into this hell-hole that's been created between the two sides, and absolutely not a single sign of Humanitarian Assistance being brought in (or allowed in) yet - why aren't the Red Cross and Medecins San Frontieres, and United Nations Peace-keeping Forces, being deployed ??

All we hear is War - War - War, nothing at all being done to help the poor innocent people of this region, no talk of Peace anywhere to be seen or heard.

It's totally unacceptable and beyond comprehension in this day and age, that human-beings can behave towards each other in this way.

For Christ's sake, Just Stop Fighting !!

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Posted in: U.S. Marine arrested for assaulting passerby on street in Kawasaki See in context

"The article tells us nothing".....

Incorrect - it states quite clearly that a US Marine caused serious grievous bodily harm to another human-being, resulting in the victim's hospitalisation and medical-stitching of the wound which the assailant caused.

The military training of the Marine should have been uppermost in his mind, regardless of his condition at the time, which meant that he keeps his fists to himself at all times, and behaves with decorum, never forgetting that he is a guest in this country, and as such representative of the US people and their supporting services.

Certainly jail-time and deportation, at least then we can rest assured he won't cause any more harm to anyone here.

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Posted in: After U.N. meeting, countries brace for COP28 fossil fuel fight See in context

China will continue to do exactly what China wants to do - simple as that. It will continue to use fossil fuels for decades to come, including building hundreds of new coal-fired and oil-or-gas- fired power-stations without let or hindrance, whilst sticking two-fingers up to the responsible countries on our planet who are pledging to achieve net-zero at every instance.

Then they demand that the rest-of-the-world buy all of their goods and products - No Thanks, I've managed to get by nicely for several years now without buying anything at all with 'Made in China' stamped on it. It's not easy, but we'll worth the effort.

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Posted in: Japan pharma startup developing world-first drug to grow new teeth See in context

Although the science on this is still in its' infancy, I hope they are successful in due course. There's a danger that the promotion of the 'tooth-buds' could mean many new teeth popping-up in the gums, leading to a smile as wide as a crocodiles.....

For myself, I've taken advantage of the advances in implantology, and have been more than happy with the results, which included the use of bone-hormone inserted into the jawbone to provide sturdy foundations for the titanium posts.

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Posted in: North Korea calls South's leader a 'guy with a trash-like brain' See in context

So the North's Korean Central News Agency states:

' KCNA said it's "quite natural" and a "legitimate right" for neighbouring countries to keep close ties with each other' .....

This would be an interesting ironic anecdote, if it weren't for the fact that it is tragically serious - Kim Jong Un would do well to heed the spirit of this announcement, and try to repair the damage of the last seven decades of attrition against the South Korean people, and follow a different path towards peaceful co-existence, for the sake of his own 26-million population, as well as contributing to world peace.

Then there wouldn't be any need in trading childish insults across the world.

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Posted in: China's Xi welcomes summit with Japan, S Korea at proper time: report See in context

When Xi says it's time for neighbourly talks, it's a sure-fire sign to indicate he's losing his grip on the dictatorship he's built-up, and that he needs to show his people what a 'respected statesman he actually is' .....

The problem is with the deceitful monolithic CCP, they can never be trusted on any issue in the region, and he only seeks to consolidate his own position to prevent him becoming another pariah leader like his dear friends Putin and Jong UN.

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Posted in: Petition filed against felling thousands of trees in historic Tokyo park area See in context

Mayor Koike could add some real kudos to her green credentials if she was to make a positive stand against this very unnecessary development.

Her failure to do this would signal only one thing - that she has her nose in the trough just like the rest of them.

It's hard to imagine this happening in any European capital city, so short-sighted.

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Posted in: 400,000 nuisance calls made to Japanese Embassy in China over Fukushima See in context

How many calls are made I wonder to the Chinese Embassy complaining about the amount of nuclear-plants waste-water being discharged into the sea by China, every single day, or about their disgusting air-pollution in the region (which accounts for 30% of the world's worst emissions from their filthy coal-powered power-stations and associated industries)......

Time for the Japanese government to step-up their PR campaigns to rebuff the deceitful Chinese endeavours - Japan seem too timid in this regard, they have to tackle the Chinese much more robustly.

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