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Posted in: Tears and cheers as Matsuyama Masters victory thrills Japan See in context

This was a brilliant hard-fought win for Hideki - he held off the challenges well, and is a highly-respected professional and very worthy winner.

Just one thing though, in all of the effusive tributes in the JT report here, it was a shame that there was no mention of the success achieved last week by Tsubasa Kajitani, who won the Augusta National Women's Amateur Championship - which would have been nice in the new gender-conscious Japan. Just saying......

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Let's be realistic - China may call itself a great Communist state, but even this is a lie: it's a vicious totalitarian dictatorship, which ruthlessly rules its' 1.4 billion people with a rod of iron.

It spies and eavesdrops on them at every city/town/village level, it demands total obedience from them, and controls every single aspect of their miserable lives. It's industrial expansion is so carelessly vast that the people are forced to breathe the disgusting polluted air, which leads inevitably to massive numbers of early-deaths.

But history tells us in the 1940's and '50's under Mao and his acolytes, during the massive famines of The Great Leap Forward and the Cultural Revolution, which brought about 30 to 50 million deaths, which the elites cared not a jot about. This evil leadership should be overthrown, and maybe the country is ripe for another Revolution - we can all make an effort to bring this about by totally boycotting China. It will be a horrendously bloody fight, but it's one that has to happen.

First you face up to the bully, then you take him down......

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I genuinely feel very sorry for the Japanese people, who are putting enormous efforts into showcasing every aspect of their culture in every region of the tour, if it all ends badly for them at the last-minute with a "Sorry folks, show cancelled" .

To think that all of this has been caused by their biggest disruptive neighbour, from which this malificent plague emanated too, carefully choreographed by the disgraceful CCP itself of course..... I'm guessing the feelings of resentment towards them can only grow.

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It's interesting to see that this makes the national news coverage here - Japan prides itself on being a clean and considerate place, which we always respect.

It's a good job this guy's not posting his trash in Malaysia or Singapore, or he'd be facing their horrendously vicious corporal punishments for sure.

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I like the design-concept of the helix structure, with its' dual function of offices and external climbing-tower, but does the development include the 3 tall blocks around the helix building - wasn't clear from the report......

If so, it's another big Amazon presence planned, they're certainly taking over !

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympics hit by yet another scandal over demeaning comments See in context

Seems like the whole Olympics fiasco is seriously doomed now, with the despatch of another one of the old muppets - which is probably the source of his great inspirational suggestion, the fabulously charismatic Miss Piggy !

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Posted in: COVID-19 inoculations in Japan off to snail pace start due to vaccine, syringe shortages See in context

You really have to hand the Gold-Medal to them, the World's Masters of Procrastination !!

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