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Posted in: Australia, New Zealand, U.S. sound alarm on China plan for South Pacific See in context

OKuniyoshi - 'what is going on there now, is just a new player'

Wrong !! There is no way you can equate a Chinese takeover of the Solomons and 4 other potential islands with anything which may have taken place in the past, by which I think you mean as 'colonialism'.

In any event, the fact that colonisation took place in hundreds of different countries in the past, means that we have to avoid making the same historical mistakes now.

The 'assistance' being offered by the Chinese is certainly not for the good of the island-peoples - why on earth would they do this ? Their aim is to establish a powerful military presence in the region, with the deep-water harbours construction and runways extended into the ocean. Then they move into other aspects like training the police in their sinister and repressive techniques, introduce eavesdropping and video-surveillance of the whole populations, detaining any dissenters who try to criticise the new regime, until the Sinocisation is complete, just like they've done in Tibet and Hong Kong, where any hint of free-speech and democracy has been extinguished. They've already declared that Taiwan is their next target / victim.

It is imperative that the deceitful CCP is stopped very quickly in its' tracks, as such activity is very de-stabilising. You have to remember that they current have 11 separate international disputes ticking away, they are rotten to the core, sneaky, and never to be trusted.

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Posted in: Australia, New Zealand, U.S. sound alarm on China plan for South Pacific See in context

These paradise islands may have some social difficulties, but at least they have their freedom - this will be the first and most significant loss they'll feel the second they allow the sneaky pernicious Chinese to inveigle their way in to this region, with their total oppression and sinister way of life via surveillance and eavesdropping, and military bases.

I hope the status quo remains in Oceania, and that any needs can be met through the cooperation of Australia, New Zealand, and all of the other small island-nations in the region - definitely NOT the Chinese: you wouldn't wish what they're offering on your worst enemy.

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Posted in: Japan hosts Quad summit seeking unity on countering China See in context

It is perfectly acceptable for this group of 4 to sit around the table and discuss the elephant in the room - everyone in the world should worry about China's obsession with aggressive expansionism. If these tendencies are allowed to proceed, we've learned nothing from the lessons of history, which have clearly shown us that empire-building or colonialism doesn't work, is a thing from the past, and should be avoided at all costs in the future.

Their sinister Belt-and-Road policies serve to enslave the nations on which China inflicts this modern colonial attitude - say what you like, but the Aussies and New Zealanders were asleep at the wheel when the deceitful Chinese sneaked into the Solomon Islands and got them to sign their special secret deal; now their Foreign Minister is calling by this week to tidy up the details for the new deep-water harbours for their warships and surveillance-ships to drop in, and the extended runways constructed into the ocean for the military aircraft, plus to check-out 4 or 5 other candidate-islands which they think need Chinese 'assistance'.

China's a very big country which needs fixing first before they continue with more land-grabs - 90% of its population live at basic subsistence level, there is ruthless repression of any dissent whatsoever, the 93 million members of the CCP spy and eavesdrop on the rest of the 1.3 billion population, China currently has 11 separate international disputes throughout the region, and as for quality of life issues, take a look at Chongqing with its' 150-plus grey tower-blocks each of which house over one thousand people, living in a constant smog.

China needs to sort its' own backyard out first before it starts dictating the new world order it so desperately seeks.

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Posted in: More turn to UK food banks as food and fuel bills soar See in context

Sven Asai:

You're correct in identifying China and Russia as the cause of all the world's food supply and associated problems, however IF Russia had behaved like a normal country and not invaded it's neighbours in Ukraine, then there would have been no need for the NATO expansion which you mentioned..... indeed, Sweden and Finland have resisted joining NATO for decades, but now feel forced into doing so, just like if your neighbours were burgled, you'd feel it necessary to beef-up the security at your property.

The real enemies are the two dictators, and removing these should be the civilised world's top priority: once Putin is taken out, Europe will return to normal. China's a harder one to fix.

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Posted in: Japan OKs plan to release Fukushima nuclear plant wastewater See in context

gogogo: put up a prize for figuring a way of cleaning it.....

Great idea, there are so many talented and dynamic young scientists and technologists in the Japanese universities, this would be a good route to unlocking this conundrum - the answer always lies in the science, we just have to work it out.

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Posted in: N Korea reports 6 deaths, 350,000 ill after admitting COVID-19 outbreak See in context

The reason it's possibly so bad there is because they've probably been given the Chinese vaccines, which have proved to be totally useless...... just look at China with their insane total lockdowns, although those really reflect their usual repressive tendencies.

It must be a living hell in North Korea, mass starvation, massive C-virus infections, totally cut off from the outside world, and ruthlessly repressed by The Fat Controller.....

When will their Revolution come ??

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Posted in: Kremlin warns of retaliation after Finland moves toward NATO See in context

Just shows how stupid and arrogant Putin actually was, thinking he could just move into Ukraine to declare 'a take-back of the motherland', and now his chickens are really coming home to roost with neighbouring countries Finland and Sweden being forced to seek the protection of the NATO umbrella.

But then when you think about it, he was just some thuggish KGB enforcer, certainly no intellectual, and coupled with his sadistic tastes in mass-murder and bloodlust, plus his deranged mental condition brought on by the steroids, he's actually just a pathetic sub-human who really needs taking-out as quickly as possible - once Putrid is dead, its all over.

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Posted in: Microbe-based faux beef could save forests, slash CO2 See in context


You're right, I saw that last week, a British company has discovered that 90% of the methane emissions come from the front-end of the cow, rather than the rear-end; consequently, they've developed a really ingenious device which captures and converts the gas to carbon-dioxide, and this is worn over the cows head and covers the nostrils, in the same way horses wear blinkers.

The answer as always lies in the science and technology to overcome such difficulties....... humans just have to be smart enough to work this out.

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Posted in: Xi warms up China's economy, but virus narrows options See in context

I've managed to live without anything which has 'Made in China' stamped on it for a few years now - in fact, the only thing I've had from China was a nasty dose of Chinavirus.

Now the number of deaths worldwide are recognised as being over 15 million, well that's 15 million reasons for avoiding anything at all to do with that deceitful country, and unsurprisingly still no hint of an apology to the rest of the world's population.

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Posted in: Western multinationals congratulate Hong Kong's new leader See in context

The total-repression which the CCP represents will squeeze the life-blood out of Hong Kong, a place which thrived financially due to it's liberal and dynamic approach to business. The brain-drain is already underway, the last vestiges of democracy and free-speech eliminated, and with the new Bad-Cop on the block in charge of 'security' sent to do the Pooh-Bear's bidding, this can only spell disaster for the HK people.

Shame really, but time to get the hell out.

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Posted in: Japan, Pacific nations share concerns over China's pact with Solomons See in context

The difficulty in inviting the Chinese into your islands is that it comes with a lot of Chinese baggage - after all, they really only want to have a handy southern base for their warships and surveillance-ships to call in to anytime after they've put the deep-water harbours in place, and then extended-runways built into the ocean for their military aircraft and Spy-planes. This is the sort of 'infrastructure' and 'help' which they have in mind.

And when it's too late, and the Islanders have woken up to the aggressive Chinese expansionism, and then start protesting, they'll experience the full-force of the evil repression which is the Chinese normal modus operandi.

Can't help feeling that they would have been a lot happier as a nice quiet island-nation, sharing congenial relations with all their neighbouring countries in that region.

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Posted in: Morrison defends management of Australia's relations with Solomons See in context

"Mr Sogavare has entered into a secret arrangement with the Chinese government "

So that's a totally done-deal, and the Aussies only have themselves to blame for their ineptitude in being asleep to the aggressive expansionist policies of the extremely deceitful Chinese.

It's going to be near-enough impossible to walk this one back, because once they're settled in nicely there, in go the deep-water harbours for the surveillance-ships, the extended runways built into the ocean for the military aircraft, and then the Sinocisation of the Islanders just unrolls without let or hindrance - welcome to the neat new repressive Solomons society.....

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Posted in: 47-year-old woman arrested over attempted murder of boyfriend See in context

I put it out there how nasty and uncivilised it was that one human-being should be viciously attacking another, which could easily have lead to murder, and 3 commenters offer a down-vote in this regard.

Either they support this sort of behaviour, and see little wrong with this, in which case it's quite sad to consider there's so much mental illness out there. Or they'd like to elucidate their support so we can all benefit from such wisdom.....

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Posted in: 47-year-old woman arrested over attempted murder of boyfriend See in context

OK, so it was a petty argument that got out of hand, so why not just talk about it, maybe shout about it, and walk away...... far better to do this than taking a knife and sticking it into another human-being, extremely uncivilised, and in different circumstances she may have been facing a murder charge depending on the severity of the wounds, and proximity to the jugular-vein......

Very nasty incident, the lesson of which is: violence is never the answer.

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Posted in: Russian invasion shows urgent need for U.N. reform, say scholars See in context

The UN has for a long time now been totally unfit for purpose - it really only exists to support it's own vast bureaucratic 'club', who's members enjoy huge salaries and expense accounts, first-class travel and hotel-stays, and are generally puffed-up with their own sense of self-importance. Reform isn't the answer, abolition possibly is.

What's needed are teams of extremely dedicated and dynamic mediators and diplomatic negotiators, who are capable of responding to all and any issue which evolve between neighbouring countries. They don't need to be housed in expensive office-buildings, and can operate on a regional basis throughout the world, and most importantly can respond quickly and firmly when the situations arise. There are many different ways in which resolutions can be reached in all of the different regions of our world, not one size fits all.

A civilised society is measured by the peaceful manner in which all disputes are resolved, thereby making the declaration of war not just a last resort, but 'no resort' at all. It is up to every free and democratic country to encourage the creation of a new world order in which war is never an option - our future on this planet depends precisely on this.

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Posted in: U.S. official: Russia plans to annex parts of eastern Ukraine See in context

And so the atrocities, horror, and misery continue unabated, as encapsulated in the series of attached photos - for how much longer can this happen?

Last week, a valuable opportunity was lost by the hopelessly inadequate Sec-Gen of the UN - him and his team had finally left their Ivory Tower in NYC and half-heartedly ventured into the fray. His first mistake was to visit The War Criminal-in-Chief Putin first, instead of visiting Ukraine and the actual scene of the crimes which he has committed; there he could have taken a hundred photos of the extent of the horrendous terror caused, bodies in the streets and being exhumed from beneath crushed apartment blocks, and then laid them out neatly on Putin's long-table to confront him with the reality, and to ask him if he's pleased with his work, if these are the actions of a normal human-being.

But no, he meekly sat there listening to the pathetic lies and platitudes of the madman, thus achieving absolutely zero.

Time for the UN to be abolished and a new dynamic and proactively anti-war movement to be established, one that will actually stop any war before it breaks out. The UN is totally incapable of this, and yet all the taxpayers of the world are paying their vast salaries and expense-accounts, for what ??

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Posted in: Kishida arrives in Thailand to talk about investment, Myanmar See in context

kyo wa heiwa dayo na:

"And name one country that sincerely is a friend of Japan's that's not being enticed by money".

*Great Britain.

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Posted in: Singapore executes disabled Malaysian convicted in drug case See in context

Barbaric disgusting place, Never go anywhere near this dump, or Malaysia, the home of the world's most vicious and sadistic capital and corporal punishments - these places must be totally boycotted until they can prove that they're fit to rejoin a civilised world, where the most basic and humane treatment of every citizen is respected, rich or poor.

The evil leaders of these States must realise that times have changed, and if they can't live with this, then big changes WILL take place to provide a more peaceful, normal and congenial environment for everyone.

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Posted in: Biden to visit S Korea, Japan May 20-24 to discuss China, N Korea See in context

Top of the list is curbing the aggressive expansionist policies of China - a clear policy statement of the tough stand to be taken if China makes one move on Taiwan.

Then they've the Solomon Islands issue to tackle, the deceitful Chinese having closed a deal with the Islanders to take care of all their 'security issues in the region', whilst the rest of the world were watching the despicable Russian atrocities taking place in Ukraine. Expect there to be deep-water harbours for the Chinese patrol / surveillance warships, runways extended into the ocean for their military aircraft, and then the indoctrination of the Islanders themselves to complete the Sinocisation process.

Yes, it's a whole different world that Biden is having to face than Obama ever did, his presidency was a stroll in the park by comparison. Not so sure that Biden's up to it though.....

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Posted in: Australian opposition party promises to train Pacific armies if elected See in context

It's a mystery why the top Governmental and Diplomatic officials in Japan and Australia missed this deceitful Chinese move on the naive Solomon Islanders last week - someone's dropped the ball here massively and should get fired.

Now they're furiously back-peddling to reset the discussions over the future protection of the Solomon Islands, but unfortunately the Deal has been Sealed.

Within 2 years they'll have deep-water harbours for their naval-fleets and aircraft-carriers, man-made runways extended into the ocean for their surveillance and combat-air craft to come and go at will, and then the repressive training will be begin to change them all into subservient Chinese automatons, just like they're doing in Tibet right now.

Try escaping from this, you'll just end up dead.

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Posted in: Russia warns of World War III ahead of Western summit on arms to Ukraine See in context

For crying out loud, can't Someone in Moscow eliminate Putin, and put an end to this horror - how can it be so difficult to instigate a plan, and just rid the world of this worthless evil tyrant.

Who the hell does he think he is that he can inflict such horrendous atrocities on totally innocent indefensible men, women, children and babies. This is 2022, not a throw-back to uncivilised warmongering times - the whole world is united against this terror and desperately seeking peace.

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Posted in: Japan to scrap licenses for electric scooters See in context

All these e-scooters and e-bikes should be banned, period.

They are a danger to all pedestrians, especially children who often make sudden movements on pavements, and to the elderlies too who are unable to get out of their way quick enough.

They have caused so many deaths worldwide and seriously injured tens of thousands, they are causing totally avoidable misery.

What's wrong with just walking, or go jogging if you want to go a bit quicker; take the bus or train, and above all else, just Think about the safety of others.

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Posted in: Boris Johnson to face MPs' fury over 'partygate' See in context

Johnson will brazen this out with any luck - the only ones who are keeping such trivia going, are the woke-lot at the BBC - their over-zealous obsession is embarrassing to all concerned, hardly ranks as professional journalism

Most people in the free Western democracies are far more consumed with the horrendous atrocities in Ukraine which are continuing unabated, the world's recovery from the Chinavirus plague and its' aftermath, and the worrying domestic fuel-prices and supply-chain issues in their economies.

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Posted in: Yoshinoya beef bowl chain exec dismissed over sexist remarks See in context

If this was genuinely his attempt at humour, then a very deep bow will be required before anyone hires this oaf again, otherwise I fear he may have fallen on his literal sword....

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Posted in: Japan, U.S. hold navy drills off Koreas See in context

Such a shame that Japan has the world's worst set of 3 neighbours, with the most vicious and repressive regimes, Russia, China & North Korea.

No rational liberal-minded person would ever chose to live for one-second in one of these disgusting countries - but the answer doesn't mean that the freedom-loving democracies of the world have to bomb the hell out of them. Change can only take place by revolution within these countries, however difficult this will be, and all Western allies can be smart by infiltrating with the propaganda and cyber-messaging to aid the revolutionary struggles ahead. From revolution comes evolution......

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Posted in: French court jails Chilean man for 28 years for killing Japanese ex-girlfriend See in context

The decent thing to do would be to apologise to the family, reveal the whereabouts of her remains, and then quietly kill himself...... closure for the family, savings for the taxpayers.

But then, he seems like a total lying coward, so we shouldn't expect the decent thing being done anytime soon.

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Posted in: Biden to make 1st visit to Japan as president in late May for Quad meeting See in context

I set out in a post above the case against the two mass-murdering dictators alive on this planet today, clearly stating their significant crimes against humanity - this seemed to attract the casual down-voting of several readers, who didn't seem bothered about enlightening us all as regards their obvious support for the pair. Perhaps they'd care to share their wisdom on why they could possibly imagine that both Putin and Xi and their actions are absolutely fine, when most people of the world would like to see them on trial, or worse.

Speaking personally, if any of my friends suggested to me that such evil tyrants deserved to be treated decently and accepted in the world community, I'd advise them to get urgent psychiatric help, but I suppose I must be thankful that I have such nice friends.

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Posted in: Japan OKs asset freeze on Putin's daughters, 396 other Russians See in context

The sins of the father most definitely should be passed on to all members of Putin's family, plus his close friends and acolytes, as these are the only ones who can speak to him in the strongest possible terms to pull-back from this madness, and make him hear the details of each and every persons life which he has caused to end, of every man, women or child horrifically maimed.

I can't understand why the plot in Moscow to have him liquidated is taking so long, but it has to happen - the steroids have made him impervious to reasoned discussions about his actions and his sanity.

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Posted in: Biden to make 1st visit to Japan as president in late May for Quad meeting See in context

If Biden can pressurise Modi to state explicitly India's condemnation and revulsion of the atrocities being committed by Putin in Ukraine then this would be a start; so far Modi has sat on the fence on this, which is pretty pathetic - it's unfathomable that he can't recognise the appalling massive loss of life and suffering which Putin is inflicting on totally innocent men, women, children and babies.

Biden's right in regards to not taking the eye off the ball where China is concerned, vis-a-vis China's insistence that Taiwan will be taken into Chinese ownership.

He'll also need to have a strong word in the ear to the Australian PM regarding China's recent quiet comandeering of the Solomon Islands; they sneakily managed to convince their President last week that it would be best if China stepped in to help them out in anyway possible - which is a euphemism for building a gigantic military outpost in Oceania, uncomfortable for the Aussies for sure.

It's extraordinary to think that in this day and age, two formerly great world powers can be causing such catastrophic suffering - China gave the world its Chinavirus killing 5.5 million people and infecting over 3.5 billion people, plus they're involved in 11 separate international disputes. Russia is invading an independent sovereign nation and ruthlessly, sadistically murdering and maiming its people by the tens of thousands.

And both Putin and Xi (plus a few hundred other psychopathic imbeciles) think this is just fine, carry on, no problem at all.

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Posted in: Leading Japanese pizza chain Pizza La now delivers…for your dog See in context

Nice idea, as there are a lot of Japanese elderly's who live alone just with their dog, and occasionally they may like to settle down in the evening, maybe for film-night, watching Hey Duggie, and sharing a nice pizza......

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