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Martimurano comments

Posted in: Japan protests after China, Russia call released Fukushima water 'contaminated' See in context

Japan is slow off the mark when it comes to countering these propagandist claims - the Government officials who should be straight out there, loud and clear, with the facts and figures of China's contribution to the world's pollution, namely 35 % of all filthy emissions which emanate from China, seem to be asleep on the job.

Russia's totally pointless and illegal war against Ukraine, to trying to secure a few more square kilometres of territory, also indicates a willingness to pollute this planet further and unnecessarily, the dictatorial madman wasting valuable resources which we can ill-afford to do.

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Posted in: 64-year-old woman arrested for fatally stabbing 76-year-old husband See in context

The most worrying aspect is that she must have felt comfortable with herself to escalate the violence to such an insane level of actually inserting a knife into another human-being, knowing that the consequences would be catastrophic, indeed fatal.

This shows one thing - life inside jail must mean the rest of her life, nothing less.

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Posted in: YouTube to block Hong Kong protest anthem videos after court order See in context

For all of the reasonable, democratic, peace-loving people of the world, Please stop buying absolutely anything at all from this deceitful, vicious, and depraved country - this is the only way to stop the tyrannical repressive Chinese government in it's tracks, and ensure that China, in it's current mode, fails.

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Posted in: China criticizes U.S. for ship's passage through Taiwan Strait See in context

Time for the head of the UN, the beleaguered Antonio Guterres, to stand up and spell out the situation loud-and-clear in the UN HQ building in New York:

"China, stop the bullying tactics in these international waters, stop the intimidation of the Taiwanese and Philippine people, and behave like a civilised, reasonable and peaceful nation".

Can't be so difficult to get him to act strongly and definitively surely.....

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Posted in: Nearly 200 Japanese to attend Taiwan president's inauguration See in context

This event should be attended by prime ministers or presidents of Japan, South Korea, Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia etc.... to show in the most blatant manner their regional support for Taiwan. Nice peaceful way to show China how civilised countries behave, by supporting each other.

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Posted in: Toyota opens vehicle assembly factory in Cambodia See in context

Toyota opens plants where Toyota makes bigger profits, to make bigger tax-payments to Japanese government.

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Posted in: Brazil's Lula invites Kishida to eat his country's beef See in context

Dagon: ....peregrinations....

This is word of the day, good one !

Pretty much sums up the life and times of Prime Minister Kishida !

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Posted in: Xi heads to Europe to defend Russia alliance See in context

Anyone who believes Xi can be coaxed into abandoning his friendship with Putin is living in cloud-cuckoo land.

Xi is so embedded with Putin as one of the principal suppliers of weaponry and ammunition, (together with Kim and Iran), to keep Putin's tyrannical war going against the independent sovereign nation of Ukraine. In exchange, he receives an endless stream of gas and oil energy supplies at very economical rates from Putin, so there is no danger of this being curtailed. Besides, he'll have Putin's total support once he embarks on the Taiwan invasion: these ruthless Dictators stick very closely together to stay in power.

Between Xi, Putin, Kim and Iran, they are starting World War 3, absolutely no doubt about it, and a totally impotent UN doing less than zero to prevent it.

The rest of the free world needs to wake up to this stark reality, and quickly.

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Posted in: Singaporean diplomat under investigation for alleged voyeurism in Tokyo See in context

I would imagine that this guy is in deep trouble with the authorities now he's back in Singapore, where he'll be subjected to the world's most vicious and sadistic corporal punishment - any acts of homosexuality or deviancy incur terrifying penalties in this disgusting and uncivilised state, especially as it involved a boy aged just 13.

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Posted in: 72-year-old former school sports coach arrested for allegedly sexually molesting student See in context

Excuse me, How Old ?? 72.

The filthy cretin needs locking up indefinitely.

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Posted in: Kishida leaves for France, South America See in context

And, he's off again......

Seems odd that there's so little scrutiny here of what he actually achieves with his never-ending schedule of overseas trips - does anyone ever seem to even vaguely hold to account and provide some analysis of the net-result of all his globe-trotting ?? Sadly not.

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Posted in: Yakuza lieutenant arrested in Tokyo for stealing Pokemon cards See in context

Seems anachronistic in these times that Japan actually allows these low-level gangsters to exist at all, "safe Japan" and all that.

Indeed it's true that Japan has a low crime- rate, and Japanese people generally have a low tolerance to crime anyway.

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Posted in: Raccoon numbers surge in Tokyo, causing damage to crops See in context

Just need to box-up all these pesky raccoons and civets and ship them to China - they eat them apparently, with a side of bamboo-rat and rat-snakes.

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Posted in: Kishida denies he will step down over his party's loss in 3 by-elections See in context

Not even the faintest possibility of him stepping-down, as he honestly believes he's doing a great job, plus he's got so many more important trips planned chatting to the world's leaders, although sadly this excludes Putin / Xi / Kim, the very people he does need to confront, or at least chat to.

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Posted in: Town to block Mount Fuji view from troublesome tourists See in context

It's a shame that such a big fuss has to be made for no rational reason; of far greater concern is that a Moroccan tourist is currently lying in hospital nearby in a coma, after being struck by a car as she crossed the road, whilst visiting this 'prettiest combini'......

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Posted in: From pop to politics, what to know as Sweden prepares for the 2024 Eurovision Song Contest See in context

Not sure why Israel is included in this European competition - last time I checked the atlas they're in Middle East, continent of Asia.

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Posted in: Abe's widow to attend Taiwan presidential inauguration in May See in context

Good that Akie Abe is showing solidarity with Taiwan, but surely Prime Minister Kishida should also be attending the new President-elect's inauguration, assuming he can find time for this in-between all of his other extremely important international visits....

Got to keep sending very strong messages to China, to keep up with the constant Chinese propaganda rhetoric.

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Posted in: Man arrested after walking into police station and punching officer in face See in context

Here's a clue as to what's going on here -

'....and then began speaking incoherently'.

So, guess what's coming next - he'll be claiming the 'I can't remember a thing, I must have been drunk at the time' defence.

Hopefully the police will still press assault charges, and the guy will have quite a bit of explaining to do in front of the judge.

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Posted in: Welcome kiss See in context

It's an old trick he picked up from Berlusconi.....

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Posted in: China sends fighter jets to shadow U.S. Navy plane over Taiwan Strait See in context

The Americans are perfectly within their rights and international law to fly in and around Taiwan, which is a sovereign independent island nation, with absolutely no recognisable connections to China whatsoever.

The CCP react like some annoying yappy little dog, and then retreats quietly back into its' kennel - pathetic really.

China would be garnering far more respect internationally if they took the gigantic steps necessary to stop their disgusting pollution of our planet, (ie: currently 35 % of all the world's emissions), and then stop their deceitful spying and eavesdropping of every single Chinese citizen, who's miserable lives are so needlessly repressed by their tyrannical leader and his acolytes.

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Posted in: Kishida cracks jokes and invokes 'Star Trek' as he and Biden toast U.S.-Japan alliance at state dinner See in context

Once Kishida walks into the sunset himself later this year, his future as a top stand-up star is assured, well certainly amongst his LDP buddies anyway.

As for Biden, he's like the walking dead, hovering at the pearly gates.

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Posted in: Biden meets Kishida over shared concerns about China and differences on U.S. Steel deal See in context

Prime Minister Kishida has to ensure total support and cooperation from the US, at such a critical time globally - Japan is in the unfortunate position of being wedged between three countries which are run by three of the nastiest people on this planet, Putin, Xi, and Kim.

It seems inexplicable how the rest of the free world is unable to make any significant inroads into minimising the damaging effect this Gang of Three are inflicting on the rest of us.

Kishida would do well to urge Biden to get the latest package pledged for Ukraine out of the starting-blocks straightaway, the procrastination is causing enormous suffering.

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Posted in: Steak, cherry blossoms and Paul Simon will be featured at White House state dinner for Kishida See in context

That's an excellent menu and wine-list to enjoy, and being serenaded by the great Paul Simon, this should really take Kishida's mind off all the domestic problems for a while; not so sure about the J-pop duo though, may lower the tone a bit.

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Posted in: New Zealand accuses China of hacking parliament See in context

What is it with the sneaky Chinese and their obsession with total surveillance / spying activities ??

The rest of the free democratic countries of the world need to step-up with their very best and brightest scientists and technologists to counter the menace that is China - they can only be defeated by playing them at their own stupid games.

I've avoided buying anything stamped with 'Made in China' for years now, and always encourage others to do the same.

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Posted in: Man tries to stab tourist in front of A-Bomb Dome in Hiroshima See in context

The irony of it, such futile violence in the Peace Memorial park.....

Another deranged imbecile in need of psychiatric treatment.

It's lucky that someone was prepared to step up and disarm him.

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Posted in: Police officer busted for stealing women’s underwear from several residences See in context

Sure, the police do treat their own softly here, so far he's being suspended from duty for 3 months, but then he resigned on the day that he confessed to the crime.

The real punishment will be handed down once he faces the judge on the charge of theft, but I can't imagine it will be harsh - then after a suitable period of time, he'll probably be quietly reinstated, maybe at a different koban.

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Posted in: U.N. chief urges EU to avoid 'double standards' over Gaza and Ukraine See in context

There is a lot of credence given to the fact that Mossad were aware of the Oct. 7th plot, but Netanyahu pretended to know nothing about this, thereby facilitating the all-out war against Gaza that he desperately sought to activate, purely because he feared being ousted as the most corrupt and inept leader Israel has had.

A bit like Putin really, start a war to keep himself 'popular' in the minds of ordinary Russian people, and stay in power to execute that war.

Why we have so many vile, cruel and sadistic rulers, who are allowed to remain in power, is a mystery to me.

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Posted in: Add this leg massager to your self-care routine See in context

Waste of time, electricity, and the earth's precious resources ...... just keep walking.

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Posted in: Tokyo's controversial Yasukuni Shrine picks ex-admiral as chief priest See in context

Bit disrespectful of the 2nd guy in the line there, turning up in his gardening wellies.....

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Posted in: Japan's Space One Kairos rocket explodes right after lift-off See in context

"We don't use the word failure"......

Why not ? If it's failure, then call it a failure, there's no shame in that. You can still come back with rectification and learn from it, no matter what you call it.

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