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Noel looks to be a very diligent dog - I just hope he doesn't burn-out coping with the terribly long-hours.

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It's going to be bad news for the Emperor and his wife - due to security concerns, the number of individual cars is being severely limited, so unfortunately they're going to have to be bussed-in to the funeral on Monday. Apparently the meeting point for the coach will be the Royal Chelsea Pensioners Hospital - have your tickets ready !

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I really don't get it, what's going on in Japan these days..... nearly every day there's another case of abandoned and dead babies - WHY is this being allowed to go on ?

The powers that be have got to get a real grip on this, no mulling / considering / urging or forming a committee - it needs a massively proactive dynamic approach from all the legislators and professionals involved in this area, especially the educators with meaningful life-lessons.

No-one wants to read or hear of another unnecessary death like these again, so for Christ's sake Japan, just get it sorted.

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Doesn't matter how much pressure or scrutiny you're under, you would never have seen the Queen react like Charles did..... Decorum is everything when it comes to the Royal Family.

He's been very badly advised over the redundancies, not just the extremely insensitive timing, but the fact that The Firm could and should have taken time to redeploy these people in other parts of their hugely wealthy organisation.

Like it or not, every single aspect of The Royal Family is watched and commented on constantly.

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These comments are not insults - they are cast-iron facts.

Both Putin and Xi are dictators, they are responsible for killing innocent people, today and everyday. They are fake leaders, and hopefully can be eliminated. They care absolutely zero about the sanctity of a human life.

You should read widely about what goes on every day in both Russia and China, life is cheap there, torture is the norm.

For Putin the storm clouds are finally gathering, and the paper-structure of China's economy is about to fall, so both of these could be gone in a heartbeat with any luck.

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Let's hope there's a suitable welcoming committee for when this evil duo arrive in Uzbekistan - preferably the officials from the International Criminal Court in The Hague, assisted by Interpol. This pair should not be free to walk the streets, let alone stride the International political stage; they are personally responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people, and the sooner our Leaders of the Free World wake up to this stark fact, and stop treating them like important statesmen, the better.

Putin looks dead behind the eyes, and Xi as slippery as a rattlesnake - I can not wait for their demise, the celebrations will be held the world over.

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It makes me sick to read of all these commenters complaining about the way Japanese people want to arrange a Japanese State Funeral - let them alone to do things the way they want to.

To think this guy, who was a long-serving public-servant, with all his attendant faults, was publicly executed in such an horrific manner, and all some people can complain about is money. Try thinking about his family, friends and relatives, about how bad they feel at this time - it's called empathy.

It's the first State Funeral for a PM in 55 years, and $11 million is not a lot of money for such a wealthy country as Japan.

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Further to my earlier post in which I put forward the views of Japanese People..... not us foreigners - those Japanese who I know and speak to on a regular basis, they actually feel very sorry that such a terrible and public execution of a man who was universally liked could have taken place in Japan..... so on behalf of these people and their views, we should be more respectful, and not criticise the send-off which they're planning on giving him.

Sometimes we must set aside the me - me - me, and start thinking about how the Japanese people like to do things.

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I think we have to respect firstly, the deceased, a thoroughly decent man in the eyes of the Japanese, secondly the Japanese want it to be officially recognised in his passing in such horrendous manner (a public assassination), by holding a state funeral for their most successful Prime Minister (again in the eyes of the Japanese) of recent times.

If it costs around $11million, so be it, Japan's a very wealthy country.

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It is extremely unlucky for Japan to be wedged in between the 3 most reviled, ruthless and nastiest dictators on this planet. It is incumbent on Japan therefore that she toughens up and stands up for herself, until such time that the world is rid of these pathetic, pernicious individuals - their demise can not come soon enough.

Why the hell, in this day and age, should the civilised world be tolerating their despicable and repressive behaviour, especially towards the 1.6 billion people who suffer daily just existing in those regimes ?

You get one chance at a life on this planet, and everyday I thank my lucky-stars that I wasn't born in China, Russia or North Korea - I just feel so sorry for those who are.

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and when another country demands the same for let's say, the leader of the United States?'

Well, last time I looked, I don't think President Biden has committed mass-murder or favours the use of torture, or rules the USA in a totally repressive manner, and nor did his predecessors Trump or Obama.

The International Court of Justice in The Hague, working in conjunction with Interpol, have arrested, tried and imprisoned many evil people from around the world, most recently the Bosnian-Serbs Radovan Karadzic & Ratko Mladic, the Ugandan Dominic Ongwen, and dozens of others, most of whom will not see the light of day again. Their terrible crimes pale into insignificance when compared to those of Putin and Xi - these evil little Dictators are akin to Hitler in their aims, methods, and sheer sadistic cruelty meted out to millions of people.

This is why they should be apprehended at the earliest opportunity, and brought to justice, to answer for their despicable barbaric behaviour. Why should people's lives be destroyed so worthlessly by them ? Just imagine living in either Russia or China right now - you would have no freedom whatsoever, which you currently enjoy today I'm the free democratic countries of our world.

There can scarcely be anyone on this planet who can not wait for the likes of Putin, Xi, and Kim Jong-un to be eliminated, for all the suffering they are causing each and every day throughout the world.

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Here's the plan - millions of people to flood the Interpol and International Court of Justice websites demanding that these two mass-murderers are taken into custody the minute they land in Bali.

They should not be able to walk the streets, let alone stride the world's stage - Putin is a vicious Dictator who has wilfully sent over 45,000 men to their deaths in an illegal war, plus he runs Russia as a terrorist state, where torture is the norm in the police-stations and prisons.

Xi has overseen the deaths of over 5-million people by releasing his Chinavirus gift to the world, not to mention more than 2.9 Billion people infected, millions of which will have shortened lives through illness. His genocide against the Uighurs and his 11 separate international disputes really place him as World's Enemy No. 1.

Their demise can not come soon enough.

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the Fu:

Err, what's the 3rd sentence.......

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Well that's a lot better than Nutty-Rocketman's record of 11 holes-in-one, which included a brilliant ace by chipping over a windmill !!

He should take the game up professionally.

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Won't be too long before the Japanese people start to rebel against the influx by stealth of the Chinese, once they set up their disgusting 'wet market' cesspools from which the next global pandemic-virus emanates - Chinavirus has now killed 6.4 million worldwide and infected 2.4 billion people, and the Chinese carry on regardless without a care in the world, like mass-murder is the most normal behaviour..... but then back in China life is cheap, their moral compass is set collectively to zero.

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Very clear in Japan that the penalty for this crime is execution - the vast majority of Japanese people support this, so who are we as gaijins to criticise this......

The deterrence factor in the capital punishment scenario is what keeps the crime rate so low in Japan - this is what the Japanese people like and appreciate.

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Putin should be arrested and despatched to The Hague - he is an A-listed War Criminal.

Where are the world's leaders / authorities / Interpol etc. who are supposed to be taking care of these things, when a War Criminal is allowed to travel and conduct himself as though he's done absolutely nothing wrong ??

He's continuing to murder tens of thousands of ordinary innocent people, men, women and children, and yet the normal, Liberal Rest-of-the-World seems to just look away - what the hell is going on ??

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Would he have been arrested if he'd just used duct-tape, or blu-tak, or maybe tied on with a red-ribbon......

Sometimes you just have to think outside to the box, just to throw the over-zealous officialdom

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Dennis Moore would have been impressed, well, once he'd handed the lupins to the poor......

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"Kishida eyes attending NPT review conference in New York in August".

Seems like Kishida eyes up anything which involves a foreign trip which enables him to strut the world's stage looking important - I think he has far more pressing problems to sort out at home before he pretends to solve the problems of the world.

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How much longer will it be before the Chinavirus, China's gift to the world, finally comes full circle and brings about the end of the dictatorship which is the CCP......

Xi is apparently trying to extend his reign shortly, so I'm hoping the time is ripe for Revolution there - it has to come.

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Jim: " It's also a good time to look at South Korea or Singapore for not only these English teachers or foreign students"......

South Korea is a 'Yes', Singapore is a massive 'No' - study their disgusting human rights laws and judicial punishment systems, and Avoid this country (and its neighbour Malaysia) totally.

If everyone boycotted these terrible places, they may just change enough eventually to rejoin the civilised world.

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I hope the Carabinieri are looking into this method...... Italy is riddled with these criminal menaces, and really don't seem able to move against them in any significant way in decades.

It's completely anachronistic that Liberal democracies should have to put up with their criminal activities and corruption, which have caused hundreds of deaths and misery for thousands more.

There is absolutely no place for gangs whatsoever in a civilised society.

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Another big non-drama for the top-lawyers to reel-in millions of bucks, over such a dreadfully tedious pile of hogwash - you couldn't pay me enough to waste 2-hours of my life sat in front of.

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"Having a hard time imagining Putin dropping dead because some Japanese person put a curse on him."

Well actually there is a germ of a very good idea here - if all similar-minded people were to take a screen-shot from the video of the wara ningyo, and had a hundred printed-off, cut them out and stuck them to every lamp-post in every town or city in the world, this would have an incredible impact, especially when the ordinary Russian people realise what is actually happening in the world. The power of the Internet can bring about change.

Just imagine, the Japanese could take all the credit for this, as a world-famous peace-loving nation - they would have succeeded where our dreadful UN and governments have failed so miserably.

I'm getting my copies run-off now and look forward to spreading the word.....

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Shouldn't even be going to this disgusting country (or it's neighbour Malaysia) - the home of the world's most vicious and sadistic judicial punishments.

When will the free and democratic countries of this world realise that we can not deal with these nasty uncivilised places (including parts of Indonesia, Brunei, Pakistan and the Middle East) until they take the necessary steps to update their laws and start safeguarding the most basic rights of all human-beings on this planet.

It's not difficult, just boycott them - it worked against South Africa, although it took decades, otherwise they would still be running their apartheid system there.

But then again, what are the chances of Kishida making a stance on something extremely Important like this - think how famous that would make him appear on the free world's stage.

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It's not the religious aspects or the right to enjoy dancing and fun-filled festivals that concern me, it's the skewed impression that certain commenters have made here about what a nice pleasant place Malaysia is...... Nothing could be further from the truth.

Every single day there is someone being viciously and sadistically caned there, (or whipping as they call it), and yet the rest of the civilised world conveniently and totally ignore the fact that this heinous and barbaric system is able to be administered with impunity. Mostly, this is the penalty for crimes committed, which can be as petty as graffiti or visa-overstaying. Even their schools carry out terrifying punishments, especially the secure-facilities for juveniles.

Take a look on the Internet, although you'll need a strong-stomach, as it is physically sickening to see the way their corporal punishments are carried out in their prisons every single day, and also in neighbouring Singapore. The unfortunate victims are invariably always the poor, the dispossessed and underprivileged sectors of their society; many are left in a crippled and incontinent state following the punishments.

These countries should be boycotted 100% until they abandon their repulsive systems, and maybe then they can rejoin the civilised world. This scenario must be stopped sooner rather than later.

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I remember when emails first appeared, my French friend would always say 'courriel electronique'.... now I think the French just say email like the rest of us.

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Chibakun: "Should have been Hunt as PM"

I don't think so, he has as much charisma as a dead slug..... Boris has it by the bucket-load, which is why he's fundamentally popular everywhere he goes. People like a maverick, he's prepared to think outside the box, he cares zero about the media-induced political noise, and just waits calmly for it to abate.

Although he has his detractors within the Conservative Party, a lot of these are puffed-up nobody's just making mischief, and there's always the chance that he can win them back over in the future, as the next general-election looms, because guess-what, he's the only one who can win it for them, the rest are a pretty moribund lot.

Careful what you wish for in UK politics, they nearly had a former International Marxist elected at the last election there.

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No-one's explained yet, why is this not murder ??

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