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Posted in: 16-year-old boy hit and killed by train in Kanagawa See in context

Every time this happens the line in the media is always the same, Oh what a shame !! , everyone is concerned about 9000 commuters being inconvenienced , and yet, are not concerned about why a 16 year boy took his own life , the second child this week, the other being a 12 year old girl who jumped from an apartment building. I have a son and a daughter roughly the same ages as those two children, my heart bleeds for those children, and I don't give a damn about how many commuters are inconvenienced. Society has to tackle this epidemic of child suicides now , it's a national disgrace that we as a society can not protect our children, something is sadly wrong with the system. Children are screaming out for help and no one is listening or taking them seriously, so the only answer for them is to take what is the only precious gift we have , life itself. I don' t know how I would react if someone came knocking on my door with the news that all those parents have had to face, losing a child. Instead those same parents are subjected to the shame of how inconsiderate of the children, inconveniencing all those commuters. I rarely get angry , but this hits home every time a life is lost by suicide, especially children.

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Posted in: Trump says new sanctions on Iran to start Monday, but he wants to make a deal See in context

"Military action was "always on the table," the president said, but he added that he was open to quickly reaching a deal with Iran that he said would bolster the country's flagging economy." oh really !! and who installed sanctions on Iran to try and choke its economy. Cause a problem , then seem to fix the problem you created, Trump and the WH asylums inmates modus operandi .

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Posted in: Trump says Iran made 'big mistake' by shooting down U.S. drone See in context

I said, he said, American says it was over international waters, Iran says ii was in Iranian air space, so who do we believe. America having a drone flying in possible disputed airspace, is not the most brightest thing to do , unless you want to try and test the waters for a conflict, Iran on the other hand ,knows if the drone was in international airspace, it will play into the hands of the US and muddy the waters with the remaining countries left in the Iran nuclear deal. The world is watching , knowing that the US is looking for a conflict, pressured by Israel and the Saudi's. America is playing the media, which we all know favor the US and not the Iranians. In one week we have two incidents were the US and its media blame the Iranians, evidence shown to the world, that could have been staged by many actors, but not proved without a reasonable doubt. Trump needs a war more than Iran, Trump and his NEOCONS started this fiasco by withdrawing from the Nuclear deal, which was working. The middle East has seen enough of US meddling, far to many innocent people killed or displaced in its actions. All the time the rest of the world has let the US charge ahead , well now is the time for the international comunity to stand up, and say enough is enough, and force both players to come the table and reach a workable dialogue were no more live are lost. Iran is not a threat to the US , neither is North Korea, China or Russia, this is just ongoing American political theatre to appease the huge US military complex , the true rulers of America and its political system.

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Posted in: Palau changes ocean sanctuary plan for Japanese trawlers See in context

Maybe Palau was threatened with the withdrawal of foreign aid. I wonder how the Palaun's themselves think of this move. It certainly looks like money was a huge incentive, but to whom.

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Posted in: Photojournalist reveals unheard voices of 'Japanese wives' in N Korea See in context

Interesting article, this is still happening today, many mixed marriages were one partner sacrifices leaving his or her country to start a new life with their new partners, not knowing what awaits them, love is a crazy emotion.

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Posted in: G20 to tackle ocean plastic waste as petrochemical producers expand in Asia See in context

People have to be educated, it's people that throw away the plastic, people need to change their buying habits and start to refuse items that are plastic wrapped or in plastic containers. Supermarkets and convenience stores are the worlds biggest contributors. For all those of my generation will remember that shopping was a social experience, the grocer, butcher, baker, fish monger, fruit and veg store, newsagents, all run by family concerns, who talked and laughed with you, new all your family, milk with fully returnable bottles, cokes, fruit juices came in glass bottles, your meat and cheeses were sliced in front of you to your thickness and liking, fish was cleaned and wrapped in old newspapers, same with the vegi's and fruit, oh! and the aroma or small whichever description you choose, of these shops.. So what do you have today, a clinical social society that is run by smart phones, supermarket ,corporations, online selling, telling you how and what to buy and how you have accept the amount of wrapping that comes with these products, look at amazon, and I buy from amazon, the packaging is way over the top, you almost have a heart attack trying to free the item you bought from the packaging. So the solution lies not only with these corporations, but also the consumer, he/she have to stand up and make a difference , otherwise the rhetoric and excuses will continue from these politicians and the huge corporations. Surely, with all the knowledge that is out there in the tech industry today, that a biodegradable product can be found to replace plastic, that not only benefits society and the world but also those in the manufacturing industries. The legacy we leave our children and grandchildren, doesn't look promising.

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Posted in: U.S. blames Iran for attacks on 2 tankers near Persian Gulf See in context

Firstly all facts accusing another country of aggressive acts should be presented to congress under oath by Pompeo , Bolton and any other security apparatus , and then the UN before making these fact less claims to the press. The Trump administration lies with impunity, the American people and everyone who follows the news knows that the US wants a conflict with Iran, you could say that acts of aggression against other nations is in the American governments DNA. The main stream media and online media is also to blame by printing these ridiculous claims just in order to either gain sales or more clicks per view and I certainly don't want to hear so called guest commentators giving their opinions when I can search the internet and find critical alternative to their rhetoric.

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Posted in: Facebook to cut off Huawei to comply with U.S. sanctions See in context

Trumps sanctions against Huawei , were both illegal and political and without providing facts, America is losing the technological race, and we all know how America reacts when it's losing. . Now is China's time to play the ace card and stop the supply of rare earth minerals, sanctions against Huawei and tariffs against China would soon be lifted. We have just seen the circus over Mexican proposed tariffs, Trump has taken credit for not implementing the tariffs , but in reality the republican party and business pressure was the real reason, surprise the republican party found some cohones to act against Trump. Funny how America still doesn't know how Asia works, I think this time they will lose against China.

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Posted in: Civilian deaths in Afghan war hit record in 2018: U.N. See in context

More innocents deaths in the name of war. The US certainly has a lot of blood on its hands, past and present, looks like they want to continue their blood lust in Venezuela. At present just listening to Noam Chomsky - 'History of US rule in Latin America' historical facts that cannot be ignored, but never exposed in the main stream media. I wonder when it is all going to end, from the day I was born until the present day, armed conflicts have prevailed somewhere across the globe, politicians and main stream media talk of peace , but in fact its quite the opposite, lies and deceit , lack of respect or human decency, for what ?? Peace worldwide is just a dream.

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Posted in: Man gets 15 years in prison for strangling woman, dumping body in lake See in context

Tax evasion is considered a crime against the government, any other crime where the government is not considered the victim is treated more leniently, every day I'm open to learning, so will someone please explain logic , in this sense.

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Posted in: Fatal traffic accidents involving over-75s on rise in Japan See in context

The above article only reaffirms my decision not to renew my driving license last year. The decision I made was something all over 70's should consider, not just for themselves but consideration of the rest of the population.

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Posted in: Tokyo to shoulder all costs for temporary Olympic facilities See in context

Every four years we hear from the chosen Olympic venues, winter, summer and Paralympic the same words, 'Temporary Facilities' a special building, stadium, track, etc for those special athletes chosen to represent their countries for those two so called golden weeks of sport, to be taken down on completion of the games. Fortunately the cost seems to be the same a permanent structure, a cost that always to be payed from local taxes, a burden that most host countries cannot afford, which also seems to escalate one the winning bid has been announced . Lets just build permanent structures and let the local population enjoy them, the same way as those Olympic athletes .

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Posted in: Abe unveils plan to amend Constitution, put it into force in 2020 See in context

Seeing any change to the constitution has to have a national referendum , a sign of arrogance from Abe and his buddies once again .

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