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There was no vaccine for SARS and MERS because nobody needs it.

Developing a drug costs a pharmaceutical company a few 100 million dollar. In the end, you want and have to sell it and that would be the case with SARS and MERS

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The numbers for tokyo are not that bad. You should rather look at Osaka and how the number of people who require ICU is increasing and doubled within 10 days and already surpassed the current Tokyo situation.

It is in Japanese, but the graph is easy to understand.

That also explains the increasing death rate this month.

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The mortality rate for 60+ is around 19%. Germany has 15 which is doing post mortem testing for corona. So I can't really get your conclusion.

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In Germany more than 50% died in nursing homes. Japan is not testing these people who died out of a sudden there.

In all european countries, after entering a nursing home, corona is worse than the grim reaper himself, but yeah Japan is different.

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