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Posted in: IMF's Lagarde urges Japan to increase women's participation in work force See in context

Lagarde ... so equality of gender comes from working not being confident staying at home and happy looking after kids?

They need more slaves.... for sure.

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Posted in: Glitter starts wearing off for aging 'parasite singles' See in context

I don't think there is something wrong with children at old age living at home. I think is a PR campaign to get them out to spent money for the economy therefore the bad press about it. What is wrong with family living together? As long as they are living in harmony, who cares?

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Posted in: Singapore, Tokyo, Kobe, Yokohama, Osaka voted top Asian cities for expats See in context

I love to live in Singapore with my kids. Yokohama was great too.

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Posted in: Hooterville See in context

Do we really need more American culture? Isn't it enough that all culture loosing their identity?

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Posted in: Have a good time See in context

I hope she is happy, life is to short to hide all the time.

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Posted in: Hashimoto cancels trip to U.S. See in context


He should face the music.

.... but I don't think anyone would want to meet him....

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Posted in: Uniqlo not ready to join global pact to protect Bangladesh factory workers See in context

I like Uniqlo but will not buy any cloth anymore if they do not help to improve the working conditions. Personally I think it should be the government of that country to set the standards.

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Posted in: Newly released sardines disappear after 2 days in Kobe aquarium See in context

Hilarious! Calling in the Thuna Squad.

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Posted in: Where do you shop for high-quality French bread in Japan? See in context

Paul in Azamino

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Posted in: Tokyo Metro manner posters confuse and delight commuters See in context

I never meet rude Japanese on a train. Maybe I live in a different Japan...

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Posted in: Japanese travelers abroad lack street smarts See in context

Three of my Japanese friends got robbed in Europe from gypsy kids.

I love Japan for it's safety. I first arrived in 2006 and couldn't believe all mobile phones were displayed without security. Today it's different, unfortunately....

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Posted in: 8-year-old boy run over, killed by truck at crossing See in context

I have kids and in a big city like this every morning I tell them: "Be careful when crossing the road". I am so worried. We have a very dangerous junction. Every day I see cars driving over the red light. I cannot rely on the traffic lights and go.

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Posted in: U.S. court calls Sea Shepherd modern-day pirates See in context

I love whales but I hate Sea Shepherd.

Just imagine, Indians start a aggressive group like the Sea Shepherd with the slogan "Save the holy cow in US". American should not eat beef!

I want to see your reaction.

Peaceful should be the answer to everything. I do my part in not eating or buying whale meat. This is the only thing I can do as foreigner. I also do not see every Japanese eating whales and prejudge them.

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Posted in: Anti-whalers say Japanese fleet heading north See in context

I do not see whale meat in our supermarket shelves in my area in Japan.

We do not eat whale and I do not know anyone who does.

I heard from people that whale was eaten long time ago in schools. After WWII there was not so much food. Today sometimes old people eat whale for nostalgic reason. Usually young people do not eat whale.

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Posted in: Youth gets 5-8 years for killing 3 with car See in context

I thought Japan is stricter. Only 5 years for this?

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Posted in: Foreign media in Japan without piracy - Part I See in context

Yes, I want to watch a show were I can laugh and understand my humor. I need my relaxing time without Japanese TV. I cannot even talk about Japanese TV, except the weather part after the news, quite accurate, fascinating for me.

So thanks for the article!

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Posted in: Singapore rejects 'comfort woman' statue See in context

Agree with hidingout

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Posted in: Yamanote line accident horrifies commuters See in context

Jumping in front of a train in such a big city is like a signal... sad

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Posted in: Plane carrying Algeria hostage survivors and dead arrives in Japan See in context

So sad and indeed unusual that so many Japanese died. Very very unusual...

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Posted in: French woman who fled Japan after 3/11 sues NHK for unfair dismissal See in context

I sympathize with her.

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Posted in: Increasing number of Japanese men opt for bachelorhood See in context

I am happily married and I think everybody misses out of the ups and downs shared, children, family. There is nothing better than going home to someone who loves you and vice versa. Although if someone is unhappy married, get out and run as fast as you can. Never be attached to someone and you are not happy.

Never give up on romance ...

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Posted in: Gov't to require quake resistance checks for large buildings See in context

It is about buildings built before 1984 ....

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