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Some comments to this article which give absolutely uncorrect informationand answers to some posts:

Regarding sales of iPhone 3G in Japan : the correct data is : on 391 500 new mobile phone subscribers in July, Softbank got 215 400 new subscription, which means 50% of all market !!!! For more details, read this : Regarding visa and subscription with iPhone : if you are already Softbank subscriber (maybe also if you're switcher, but I can't confirm) and that your payment is done by credit card, YOU DON'T NEED ANY SPECIFIC VISA DURATION (except you can't be "tourist visa"). My visa expires in Sept (and I only starts renewal procedure after I took my iPhone), and I was able to take my iPhone 3G 2 weeks ago, with a 24 months contract regardless of this fact !!!! I don't know why such rumors regarding the visa are going on the internet... Also, it would be "normal" that Softbank "protects" itself ungainst people who would buy in iPhone on 24 months contract and live Japan soon after, regarding that the payment of the iphone itself is divided on 24 months... As for information, notice that you can buy the Iphone at his "full price" (around 90 000 yens) at Softbank Shop and then you'll get a discount of about 1900 yens per month on your total bill during 24 months (so the cost would remain the same than if you purchase it with a 24 month instalment payment).... Martin

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