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Posted in: Tens of thousands urged to evacuate as heavy rain hits western Japan See in context

....and the only difference to earlier years is that now everything is labelled as "climate crisis", whereas before it just was "weather", or "natural disaster". Got to hand it to the power of propaganda media.

You forgot the other "small difference" that new, all-time national disaster stats (e.g. amount of rainfall, heat records, number of wildfires, storm strengths, intensity of droughts, etc) are getting recorded virtually across the globe on a pretty much weekly basis.

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Posted in: Tens of thousands urged to evacuate as heavy rain hits western Japan See in context

warn, fear, warn, fear

if you look closely you’ll see the news is basically two words these days

Well, absolutely. But that's because you can sum up the entire world with those two words lately - it's an absolute flaming mess.

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Posted in: Immigration agency admits to mistreatment of Sri Lankan before her death See in context

"The Nagoya bureau at that time lacked awareness of its responsibility to ensure the safety of people and respectfully engage with them."

That might be one of the most id*otic statements I've ever read.

Translation: They weren't aware they needed to be humans.

It's a deeply sick society where officials need to be reminded to behave like humans, instead of being deranged monsters.

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Posted in: Teacher arrested over video voyeurism in girl’s toilet at elementary school See in context

People involved in the care and education of small children should be examined very carefully in their jobs, the vast majority choose those occupations for a real desire to help raising children to become better adults, but some exceptions like the one in the article do it to satisfy their twisted desires.

I know a thing or two about psychology, and this issue is a lot more complicated than it would seem. Some of those dudes might really think that they can have their cake and eat it as well (i.e. help the students learn, while secretly taking care of their own quirks as well). Other guys might simply have a weak mind and so they succumb to the temptation. Third group might start off with the best intentions, but then they slowly get deranged, step by step, through the process. And then, for sure, there might be a bunch of other dudes as well, who have specifically wicked intentions since the beginning (but I don't believe that their numbers are very significant among those "fallen" teachers).

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Posted in: Tokyo's infection spike after Olympic postponement sparks questions See in context

A lot of you guys in this comment section don't seem to realize that unlike the Chinese CCP government, the Japanese government isn't lying on purpose, but they are simply hiding their heads in the sand and practicing active self-deception, just because they are not prepared to face the reality with the related embarrassment and pain. The government simply doesn't have the guts to find out the truth even for itself (i.e. if I don't look, I will not see....and so I can live happily ever after, in peace).

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Posted in: Creepy clown sightings spook America See in context

It actually started already 2 years ago in France...so it's nothing new there in USA...

Sadly seems to be just another sick form popular trend in the West, to frighten people (especially children), with a creepy clown costume...


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