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Posted in: Over 3-meter-long pet python on loose after escaping in Yokohama See in context

I’ve always wanted a Hyena I’ll get the paper work tomorrow, they are good for a laugh.

Cricky, that made me chuckle. Thanks for the laugh :)

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Posted in: Vital medical supplies reach India as COVID deaths near 200,000 See in context

Biden hit the nail on the head when he said just as India had stepped up when other countries needed help, now it was the turn of the other countries to help India back. The one voice of sanity in all of the mess in the world today.

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Posted in: Mother arrested for abusing 1-month-old daughter See in context

Well said Victoria.

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Posted in: If you are a foreign resident (either permanent, long term or short term) of Japan, do you currently feel safer living here amid the coronavirus, or would you prefer to be in some other country? See in context

Anywhere they realise the scale of the problem and can adapt effectively and quickly to the changing situation as a result of the pandemic, whether in the form of a mutating virus or strain on the medical system. In other words, definitely not Japan.

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Posted in: Woman pleads not guilty over death of her 2-year-old daughter See in context

I read an article such as this almost everyday. The only catalyst for change may be for Japan to be shamed at an international level for the abuse and murder of its children by the very persons supposed to protect them. How they are perceived internationally matters a lot to the Japanese, and things do change at a breakneck speed after that.

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Posted in: Bottle-fed babies ingest 'millions' of microplastics: study See in context

Many new mothers consider switching to the bottle because breastfeeding ain't easy! Months of breastfeeding take a toll on new mothers and there isn't nearly enough support from society to encourage them to keep at it. Breast may be best for baby, but for mothers, sometimes a pump/bottle-shaped break can be life-saving.

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Posted in: No jail for parents who left daughters at home while they used COVID cash handout for hotel stay See in context

even animals take better care of their children than those couple...

I do see what you are trying to say, but animals are actually far more 'humane' than some humans are. We use words like 'beastial', 'animal' and such when we come across acts of cruelty by humans, but non-human animals do not have a knack or desire for deliberate cruelty, the way we do.

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Posted in: New tomato yoghurt divides opinions in Japan See in context

Yumm.. raita is delicious, with a spicy biryanis and cold beer. I've had raita with only cucumber, only tomato, and one with both. Also had raita with something like tanuki udon toppings atop a thick yogurt. I'm salivating. I do recall that all raita was savoury though, so not sure how a sugary version would taste.

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Posted in: Pompeo calls Suga 'force for good' during visit to boost solidarity against China See in context

To those saying otherwise in the comments, China was also under the influence of western powers, historically. Call it concessions or colonisation, china was dominated by multiple European powers. Cutting of the Chinese melon? The Opium Wars?

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Posted in: India's COVID-19 fatalities top 100,000, putting it 3rd behind U.S., Brazil See in context

it is the second-most populous country in the world so no surprise that the infection rate and fatalities are higher. As for China, we will never really know the real count, but it is probably right up there, at the very top of the list.

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